Welcome to my 3rd Sims 3 Legacy challenge blog

For this legacy I will be following the same rules as I did in the Seraphine Legacy and will once again be shaking things up again:

  • The heirs can be male or female. 
  • I will be following the aphetical naming schemes  again which means each child that is born is named using the next letter of the alphabet
  • I will not be recording my points as even though I will be following the Legacy Challenge rules, I will be bending them for the purpose of the story

In the first generation legacy we meet Allie Starr.   Alison was born a drama queen so it was only expected when the moment she turned eighteen she changed her name and headed to the bright lights of Bridgeport to pursue her dream of becoming a Superstar Actress.


In the second generation we meet Bella Starr.  Bella has always been in love with the beauty of the world, immortalising her vistas in paintings and photographs.  But there is something else she loves too and he has a very bad reputation. For someone who sees so much she has suddenly become very short sighted!  Will she be able to open her eyes again and become the Visionary she so greatly desires? Click on Bella’s image below to find out.

Heading up the third generation is Carter Starr. Carter has an addictive personality, always trusting, always excitable and always able to be led astray.  So when he selects Mixology as he profession of choice is it really the art and science of cocktail making that appeals to him, or is there a darker more sinister force that’s driving him to work around the intoxicating allure of cocktails? Click on Carters picture below to read on.

The heiress to the fourth generation is Esme Starr. Esme always knew what she wanted in life and nothing would stop her from getting it.  Good or bad, it did not matter to her. It was the thrill of the game that drove her and the love of a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Will Esme ever be able to get on the straight and narrow?  Click on Esme’s image below see…

In the fifth generation, Georgia Starr has inherited the Starr throne. Georgia has always loved fashion from the day she knew how to hold a pencil.  She fell in love with the simplicity of romantic designs and tailoring and made it her mission to make-over all the kids at Bridgeport High. But she soon realised there was more to life than fashion and discovered fate, the universe and falling in love.  It’s just a shame the person who she thinks she is fated to be with is her best friend’s boyfriend!! Click on Georgia’s image below to see what happens….

154 Responses to Welcome

  1. Pineapple275 says:

    How come all your legacies have a last name starting with S? And how did you make the banner, its cool!

    I have a small request too. Could you maybe make something that would show who the founder is and then her kids and so on? Sort of like a family tree but an equivalent to that would be nice. I always get lost over who’s who, y’know?

    Congrats on finishing Meila’s story too 😀

    • StarSarah says:

      Hi Pineapple. Its because my name starts with an S so i like to keep it all linked

      I will try to make a family tree but they are sooo time consuming they usually take me away from making the actual story x

      • pineapple275 says:

        OK, thank you! It’s the thought and attempts that count. It doesnt even have to be a family tree just something like it to make it a little less confusing on who is who and stuff.

  2. billy says:

    AWESOME first comment and its the same billy from seraphine legacy XD i have been waiting for this, great start to this and great ending to the tale of a vampire oh and did you know that the next expansion pack is sims 3 SEASONS !!

    • StarSarah says:

      Thanks Billy and i did not know that about the expansion pack. Sooo excited xx

    • Glacia says:

      I know this was a comment from a while ago but the next expansion has been confirmed as The Sims 3 Generations. Sorry, but we all are waiting for seasons.

      • StarSarah says:

        Generations???? I wonder what that will include! Where did you see this? x

        • Anonymous says:

          The Sims Wiki has now retracted its statement that Generations is confirmed as the next EP, and trailers that I previously watched on Youtube (as of yesterday) have been taken down due to action by EA. However, assuming Generations is in fact the next EP (and EA just doesn’t want to announce it yet), it includes things like home movies, prom night for teens, pranks, and features that seem to focus more on different things to do for each age group-watching families grow through generations.

          There was also a trailer up for an EP called Unleashed, though this EP has not been confirmed either. It would add pets, including dogs, cats, and horses (assuming it is confirmed/is real).

          • Glacia says:

            Actually I have seen the rating for generations by the ESRB. If you look at the trailers again you will def notice that they are not fan made.So if EA made the trailers why would there not be a game. I just checked(literally) and they are still on Youtube.

            • amujune says:

              Generations comes out in June 2011 and its like Ambitions only with kids and stuff and Unleashed comes out in Xmas 2011 and its the same as Sims 2 Pets x

    • Kawaii :3 says:

      Hey Billy, the next expansion isn’t seasons, its generations. 😛

  3. Slushie says:

    Yay! A new legacy! And it’s on my birthday too… well not
    really, it’ll be on New Year’s Day, but at 12:00 PM it will be! So
    this is basically my present… thank you! You rock!

  4. rockit4 says:

    yay! new obsession! 😉

  5. Jeannie says:

    YAY your back with the legacy 😀 does that mean you have
    finished the vampire story?

  6. gabbyg says:

    yay! so far off to a good start! i noticed like on the tale of a vampire you were still deciding whether to do a normal legacy like the Seraphine legacy, or a rinbow legacy. What is a Rainbow Legacy???

    • StarSarah says:

      A rainbow legacy is where your sims are different colours. So they start off being white then then get together with say a purple sim and the next generation is purple and so on with lots of different colours x

      • gabbyg says:

        wow, glad u didnt do that, that does seem a bit unrealistiic, lol. i tried that on my 2nd generation and all of the kids came out blue, but the whole 3rd generation came out tan/ beige again. love the legacy so far!!! x

  7. Berry says:

    Allie is very pretty! 🙂

  8. risastorm says:

    You are so amazing! its 1am and i have to read your first
    chapter!! <33 happy new year!

  9. Esmee says:

    Happy newyear ❤
    and here i am again, haha.
    I wasn't a big fan of the tale of à vampier story, it isn't in the list of things i like, i do not mean that i didnt like it in the way you wrote it, but i just dont like sim stories… Only legacies, haha. Well, i prefer legacies. So its not personally, but , yeah, how to say, i just like your legacies more haha.

    But, About the legacy; i like Allie (ll) she's beautiful. Just need to read the first chapters, then i'll comment again. Can't wait to read it, And i even Can't wait to see how the legacy turns out.

    Still one thing to say; that idea of pineapple is not so bad. Every new generation, and then most of the times in the middle of the (new) generation, i'll forget About some brothers, sisters, aunts and nieces and stuff… Oopsh. Haha… I would love to see à family tree (or something).

    Keep up the good work (Lll) i love your legacy already. And i still did not read à chapter haha… One last thing, sorry for te bad english again.. Im still from the netherlands hah.


  10. Jillian says:

    Allie is gorgeous! I think she’s prettier than the founders from your first two legacies. I think it’s the freckles. It’s very small-town/wholesome, which is what I love to write/read about.

    I’m excited to get started on reading this legacy!

    – Jillian

  11. Jenny says:

    Yay, a new legacy blog! Love the start and looking forward to reading more!

  12. Esther says:

    Oh so cool you started another legacy blog!! I’m loving it already!! 😀

  13. prettyone27 says:

    Hello, can you help me with your links please?

    • StarSarah says:

      Thank you Prettyone27.

      For the code to do the links on the forums you need to do this: [url=http://www.com]Text here[/url]

      Does that makes sense. Therefore i wanted to add the link for this site i would do this: [url=https://thestarrlegacy.wordpress.com/]The Starr Legacy[/url]

      Hope this helps and you keep reading xxxx

  14. prettyone27 says:

    Thank you, it makes sense, no wuzzies 🙂

    I’ll have a go on one of my story pages 🙂 Thanx so much!!!

  15. prettyone27 says:

    It wont work :/ Oh well, I’ll live. Thanx anyway!!

  16. aziaziazia says:


  17. sundancer16 says:

    ADDING YOU!!!! Allie is striking. I LOVE your Seraphine Legacy so I definitely need to read this one. Can’t wait! My Honeycutt Legacy is on hiatus right now until I can get the bugs worked out but you’re welcome to read generations 1-5 of what I have so far!


  18. I love, love, LOVE your legacies! It would be an honor if
    you voted for the founder of mine! 🙂
    http://simsincorporated.wordpress.com/ 🙂 Once again love every one
    of your legacies!

  19. MissJDD says:

    Hai! I’ve read all of your legacies so far, and they are so amazing. I’ve re-read the seraphines a couple of times. I’m thinking about making a sims 3 story and im just wondering, How do you make your welcome page as your homepage? I have the same theme as the Seraphine legacy and it doesnt let me put anything on the homepage other than the posts.
    Unless im just being really dumb and missing something -______-
    I love Allie, so much!x

  20. grazya says:

    Hi Sarah. I’ve got a quick question- how do you format the Family Profile’s page so it has the picture then the text next to it? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  21. Sorry if this has been asked before – But in all your Legacies you have a different colour background in Create A Sim, do you edit this in the photos or is it a mod?

  22. Saquina says:

    Oh wow, a new legacy! How did I miss that?! 😛 Glad I found it though, I always enjoy your stories! 😀

  23. madzo13melanie says:

    Frickin lovin this legacy! Keep it goin StarSarah. I read the Seraphines twice already; you’re my favourite Sims 3 Legacy writer.

  24. Glacia says:

    yea your my favorite sims 3 legacy writer too! I have read the shenstons 3 times and the seraphines twice!

  25. Mia :) says:

    Oh wow! Yay! I will be definately reading this! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. Poodle says:

    I was looking at the similarities between Allie and Bella, and i noticed the lips,nose,eye shape are the same as her mothers, yet she looks soo much like her dad

  27. Coraleaf says:

    Hey StarSarah, My friend recommended me to your legacies. I think she says people call her sea or something like that. Well, anyways My names Cora, I’ve read all your legacies, AMAZING!!. I want to start one of my own but I don’t know how to work wordpress could you e-mail me how or something. I’ll give you my email. Thanks a Billion
    🙂 Coraleaf

  28. Esther says:

    Sarah, can you help me with making links? I have my own wordpress site ( it’s a dutch legacy ) and I want to make links to downloadsites and stuff, but normally I use this:
    [ url= (Url here) ] Name of site here [ / url ] but it won’t work. How do you make links? Sorry for bothering you so much!

    • pineapple275 says:

      type what you want it to be called, then there is a little link button, scroll over and it will say link. highlight what you want to have a link and then click the link button. then it opens up with all the info you can/have to include. hope that helped 🙂

  29. Angel Mcmullen says:

    Very creative, funny and interesting. Keep up the great work

  30. lckygrl1975 says:

    Nice welcome page I will read the legacy 🙂

    By the way thanks for reading mine and here is the link to my new one


  31. Poodle says:

    Was Allie, BIG (born in game)??

  32. Auryyy says:

    I freaking love your legacy. 😀 I first read your vampire story the other day and loved it! And then I notice you had a legacy and I thought that maybe I should read it. I love it! Is simply amazing and I can’t wait to read the next chapter. Oh and another thing you sims are so BEAUTIFUL! ❤ xo

  33. Esther says:

    Are you British? LOL I didn’t know. 😀 I love British accents. The English we learn at school is supposed to be the real British english. But if you heard the results you would go like LOLLOLLOL 😀 I especially love how British people pronounce the word ”tomatoes”. It’s like tomaaaatoes 😀 It’s cute 😀

  34. Esther says:

    🙂 Lolzzz

    I have one question: Why are you supermember on Peggyzone if you can also get them for free on Paysitesmustbedestroyed?

    • StarSarah says:

      I am quite divided on the pay sims sites. I do think that the people who make the CC put a lot of effort and time into it so why not charge if that is what they chose to do. I normally do contirbute and pay as if i didn’t maybe they would stop making it as it is not worth their efforts. I do not support sites who steal other people’s work and upload them for free if the creator does not support this. There are some sites who are wrong and some who are right. Anyway, i could go on forever on this subject… x

  35. Esther says:

    Yes, we can go on with this subject forever, and you really are right at some points, but since the meshes are created by EA themselfs, I think it’s not fair to ask money for it. Please correct me if I am wrong about the meshes though 🙂

  36. bananablitzz says:

    i love your legacies! about to start this one 😉

  37. Esther says:

    I am now re-reading the Seraphine Legacy for the second time! I just can’t get enough of your legacies!!! 😀

  38. Dreamy Underwood says:

    I’m a bit confused at first Lee was Roger then Lee than Roger and Lee and has been Lee. I’m still a bit confused.

  39. STARZ says:

    When i go on sims to load my family this comes up
    ‘A serious error has occurred while loading ‘Sunset Valley.Sims3′. It is strongly recommended that you restart the application.’
    What do i do? 😦 i thougght i would ask you as, you have cc and mods, downloads etc. i dont have any, but it still does not work 😦 help???xxxxxxxxxx

    • Miss Harlequin says:

      I’m not Sarah, but I googled it and found this which worked for the person:

      “Have you tried this: “Find the sims 3 saves folder usually in Documents/Electronic Arts/ The Sims 3/ Saves. Find the most recent sims3file. Then find the one that is a sims3.backup file. Change the name of the most recent one to Sunset Valley.sims3.bad and then rename the backup to Sunset Valley.sims3 (no period after sims3). Then whenever you play the game make sure to use “save as” (just number them, 1, 2, 3 etc) instead of save and be sure to save often. Mine crashes too (I have soft crashes, just to the desktop) but I can usually go back to my last save backup with no problem.” Just to be clear, this was a tip from a another person, not me. “

  40. Star Sarah lover says:

    Chapter 3.7, please!

  41. nightrain17 says:

    errr Sarah, I hate to point this out but on the family profiles you’ve put Esme’s gender as male. sorry to point it out

  42. Glacia says:

    Sarah, this might sound wierd but you should have a page where people can post who thier favorite heir out of all your legacies is. Just for a week. It might be fun! Oh, and then once you have seen who is the most people’s favorites you could make a short story about them! 😀 Like I said it is a really wierd idea but you really should consider it. (My fav. is Riley from The Seraphine Legacy!) 😀

  43. zimmya says:

    Could you help me? I was wondering, how do you get the tears for your sims? You know like the ones used for Allie in her heartbreak (gen1)

  44. zimmya says:

    I know you get them from lemonleaf and you need google translate, but once I download them, I don’t know what to do!

  45. burlusconidynasty says:

    Just added your legacy to my links, really enjoying it so far!

  46. amujune says:

    How do you make the picture a link to the beginning of your legacy? i want to use it for mine. You’ve inspired me to make one! x

  47. amujune says:

    Hey! Check out my new legacy! I only have Chapter 1.1, and it will never be as good as yours, but here’s the link anyway!


  48. amujune says:

    OMG I just realised that Bella looks like Allie with Tom’s hair and Esme looks like Carter with Anna’s hair! wow. Can’t believe it took me that long to realise…

  49. Elisa says:

    Amazing! This is the best legacy i ever read!

  50. Loei says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could put Esme up on the exchange please.

  51. auryyy says:

    I was wondering, what is Esme Life time wish? :O

  52. I’m back and I love this new legacy to bits!!!!!!!! I also love the casting calls.

  53. Callie says:

    All of these submissions are really good, I’ve almost downloaded every single one of them into my game! I particularly like Michael Harrison, Charlie Schott, Brett Garcia and Peter Samson!

  54. miroDreamer says:

    Hey Sarah! Love your story! I’m writing a Sims story myself, but I can’t make the pictures larger on the posts like yours. I insert the picture in the post using the button, but it comes out very small, and it isn’t affected by the theme. I’d be very grateful if you’d help me out.

  55. amujune says:

    Hey Sarah! Is it okay if I feature you and your legacy in my sims magazine with a link to your blog? I’m not sure when i will be ready but instead of making a legacy story I have magically decided to make sims 3 magazines! x

  56. Dreamy Underwood says:

    Esme would be perfect for the sound ‘Good Girl’ by Alexis Jordan. Just thought a little Ironic Joke.

  57. Minty says:

    Hey Sarah I was wondering if you could add my legacy to your links page. I added yours to my blogroll because it is one of the ones I enjoy the most.


  58. kajka1999 says:

    Niceee one Sarah…! Cant wait for next chapter 😀
    I was wondering if you’d like to read my legacy ..? : http://thesmithlegacy.wordpress.com/ I’ve only started it :L But i hope it’ll b as good as yourse once..!

    Kasia xx

  59. victoryrock says:

    Hi Sarah – I just started my first legacy and was looking to WordPress for examples, found your legacy – and couldn’t stop reading! Anyhow, I’ve put you on my links list. I’m embarrassed to say that right now it’s the only link, but that will change as I read more legacies, I’m sure! It’s here if you care to have a look (awondrouslegacy.wordpress.com). Actually, I’d love it if someone could fact-check my overview of the legacy challenge, so I don’t spread around incorrect info.
    (and here’s hoping the above html works!)

  60. spongeb0berz says:

    Hey Sarah! Just wanted to let you know that my heir vote for Rained is up! Wouldn’t want you to miss the vote! It closes tomorrow 🙂


    Here yah go! Made it easier 😉

  61. auburn101 says:

    Hey, i just discovered your legacy, and it looks really neat! I didn;t have a time to catch up on all the chapters, but slowly I’m making my way to the most recent chapter. I’ve already added you to my blogroll, and I was wondering if you can add me to yours? Also, if you have twitter, you can follow me @AuburnLegacy !

    I just started my legacy, and I posted the very first chapter today. I would really appreciate it if you read & commented on it! The Auburn legacy. http://auburn101.wordpress.com/

  62. Roxy says:

    Hehe I saw Georgia’s picture and I thought the manican behind her was part of her hair 😛 I didn’t realize that it was a manican for like 2 minutes. haha. I just thought her hair looked weird lol

  63. Brogan says:

    I love how different all the different heirs look. This time the genetics just seem more varied!

  64. Lexi says:

    This has nothing to do really with the Starr legacy, but I don’t know where else to ask it.
    I was wondering if you still had Vanessa Seraphine saved somewhere. I’ve just reread the Seraphine’s I loved Vanessa’s hair color; it’s so unique. If you still have her saved somewhere can you upload her to the exchange? Thank you 🙂
    And I also noticed you uploaded Howie and Amy, can you upload Georgia too? Sorry if I’m a bother, all of your Sims are just toooo pretty.

    • StarSarah says:

      I will have a look for Vanessa for you. I have been trying to upload Georgia for the last few nights but she just wont upload! Not sure what to do!! Will keep trying x

  65. zimmya says:

    I got great news, my legacy is back on!!!!
    I decided, after a loooot of thinking, that I’d carry on the legacy. I’m going to remake the people/house as well as make a TRIPLE (yeh, that’s right LOL) chapter!!! The characters will have different genes, but hey, who said it would be simple?
    Zimmya x

  66. Sherlister says:

    Hey Sarah! I really love your legacy 🙂 All 3 of them!
    You inspired me to create my own ^^ if you like to check it out it’s here : http://terrylegacy.wordpress.com

    I only have one chapter up though~ Added you to my blogroll C:

  67. Katie says:

    Heyyy, I love your legacy. The first night I came across it I read the whole thing in just a few hours. It’s addicting. I was just curious if you could put Kiki up for download, or if you could tell me where you got her hair from? I love it. Thanks!

  68. thesearestories says:

    Georgia’s picture doesn’t have a link…

  69. Bubii says:


  70. gabbyg says:

    hi starsarah, i just want to say that i LOVE this legacy! its inspired me to start my own legacy blog, which hopefully i can start on soon….
    anyway, i was wondering if you were going to put Georgia Starr on the exchange, or up for download or something. Your really good at making sims and i’d love to have her in my game someday!

  71. Bubii says:

    When this legacy is over, will you write more legacies?

    Thanks! 🙂

  72. zimmya says:

    Hey! Sims 3 fashion just got better! Check out the sims 3 fashion site here: http://abiali.wordpress.com/

  73. spongeb0berz says:

    Hey Sarah, my legacy is having a heir vote! (: Would love you to vote, if you haven’t already.


  74. Hello. Im new to this website but I’ve read your first legacy and it was awesome! I love how you made the story telling so realilstic! So anyway, I just want to know how you write these legacies. Do you let your Sims do whatever and then write the story to go with it? Or do you write the story first and then make your SIM do it to get the picture? Thanks in advance!

  75. Anonymous says:

    Is there a chapter out today?

  76. sherlockthedoxie says:

    No D name ?

  77. Hghsims97 says:

    Hey 🙂 So our legacy is having an heir vote and we would be honored if you would vote 🙂

  78. I’m not trying to insult u I just noticed tho why not Darlene for the fourth generation. I honestly don’t mind I just thought it was alphabetical

  79. Purpleia3 says:


  80. zimmya says:

    Hi! Got a new avi ’cause…new legacy! XD, here’s the link: http://thebluelegacy.wordpress.com/
    the first chapter is out and all, so yea, you can view it. It’s some of my best work!
    Peace and have a nice day x

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