Chapter 1.1 – Bridgeport

As Ali’s yellow cab crossed over the bridge, the bright lights of Bridgeport dazzled back at her. 

This is where I’m meant to be, she thought to herself as she breathed in the dense fumes of the city and listened to the roars of the heavy traffic.

Becoming Ali Starr six months ago had been the best decision she had ever made. The moment she turned eighteen she had headed down to her local town hall in Angel Falls and changed her name by depot from the bland and boring Alison Stanley to the new and dazzling name of Ali Starr. It was a new her, a new beginning and for any aspiring actress, Bridgeport was the place to be.

Though her parent were never keen on the career choice their youngest daughter had made, they had supported her none-the-less as Ali had been a drama queen since the day she was born and they knew that no other profession would have done for her.  So they had offered to pay her first month’s rent for her and had given her a little spending money to get her going.

As the taxi pulled up to her new apartment building Ali, was filled with excitement and trepidation.  This was it now, she was on her own.  She got in the elevator and hit the bottom for floor 18 – the penthouse!  Well this was how the real estate agent had sold it to her over the phone.

But the moment she entered her new one roomed humble abode, the reality was very different.  It was disgusting.  The hideous wallpaper was feeling peeling back from the damp walls and there were bars on the windows!  Who would have bars on their windows this high up, Allie thought to herself.

The smell of the apartment was even worse than the look of it and for a moment Allie was about to turn on her heel and run back to the comfort of her parents’ home in Angel Falls. 

Instead she decided to look on the bright side of things and went shopping instead.  She bought paint, some furniture and some decorative items to brighten up the place.  After a day of scrubbing, painting and decorating, she finally had a place she could call home.

The problem was she had now spent all her money and still did not have a job.  Instead of sitting around and moping about it, Allie decided to go out that night and try to find herself something.  Even if she could just find the name of a good casting agent or something.  She walked the streets for what felt like hours but no one would talk her.  She was so used to the friendliness of the folks in Angel Falls that the hostility of city people really shocked her!

She soon found herself outside a bar.  It looked like a complete dive from the outside but she was so tired and so fed up that she thought one small drink would not hurt.  She still had $10 left so that should cover a drink and some dinner. 

“A glass of your cheapest cocktail please,” she announced to the barman as she sat on one of the bar stools.

The barman looked at her enthusiasm in distain and then went about pouring her some yellow coloured drink that looked more like toxic waste than a cocktail.  But by this stage, Allie wasn’t fussy so she knocked it back all the same.

“It’s pretty disgusting isn’t it,” the girl sitting next her said brandishing the same glass of putrid liquid.

“It’s horrid,” Allie replied relieved that she was not the only one.

“I’m Nancy,”

“Hi Nancy, I’m Allie.”

“So what brings you to a dive bar like this,” Nancy asked.

“Not sure really.  I just arrived in Bridgeport this morning and am looking for work.  I’m an actress,” Allie announced.

Nancy let out a little laugh.  “You and everyone else in this city,” she replied.

“Are you an actress too,” Allie asked.

“Nah, I’m a makeup artist which means I work with a lot of them. Hey if you’re looking for work, I heard today that they are holding castings tomorrow morning at the film studios for a female lead in a new sitcom.  Why don’t you go?”

“Oh wow, really?  That’s brilliant. Thank you so much Nancy.  Where are the film studios?”

“They are on 40 and 2nd street, down by the docklands.”

“Fantastic, well I better get home and get some rest. Thank you so much Nancy and hope to see you again soon.”

“Good luck,” Nancy called after Allie who had already hopped off her bar stool and was heading to the door.  But just as she was about to leave she spotted a man watching the band. He was gorgeous and Allie thought he must be a movie star.

The man saw her watching him and headed over to her.  “Hello there lovely lady,” he purred.

“Hellloooo,” Allie giggled back.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“That would be lovely, thank you.”

He bought Allie the same yellow drink as she had before and after the first, it did not taste so bad. 

The next morning Allie woke up with the worst head ache of her life.  How much did I drink last night, she thought to herself as she stretched out.  But as she got up she looked around and had no idea where she was.  As she spun round a man was sleeping in the bed she had just gotten out of, it was the guy from last night!  She was at his place!!  Oh god, she said to herself. As quietly as she could she scooped up her clothes, had a quick shower and got the hell out of there as quickly as possible.

Then she suddenly remembered the audition at the film studios.  It was already 10.30am and she had no idea if she had missed her opportunity all together.  She had no time to lose so used the last of her money to get a cab down to the casting.

When she arrived, she was ushered into a large empty room with a man and a woman sitting behind a desk. They asked her a couple of questions and seemed unimpressed that Allie had no resume or acting experience.  They still asked her to audition, and Allie performed a scene from her high-school play where she played a girl who had just gotten engaged.

Allie did not get the part as the lead female in the new sitcom, but she was offered a job as an extra which she gladly took.  The pay was abysmal, it would not even cover a month’s rent but the good thing was they had given her an advance in her salary so at least she could get some food, she was starving! 

The first place she clapped eyes on was a diner right across the road from the film studios. She sat herself down at the counter and ordered the biggest plate of fish and chips they could do.  She felt like she had not eaten in weeks!

“Are you alright there love,” the cheery waitress asked Allie amused by the way she was shovelling the food into her mouth.

“I’m ok,” Allie replied letting the waitress take the plate she had just licked away from her.  “It’s just I’m wondering if I have made a mistake moving to this city….” Allie then launched into her life story telling the sympathetic waitress all about her small apartment, her new crummy job and the fact she did not have enough money to last her the week.”

“Well if you need money kid, we have a job going here?”

“Err…. I was not really looking for a waitressing job,” Allie replied.  “I’m an actress!”

“Well beggars cannot be choosers love and it sounds like you are in no position to be choosey,” the waitress replied bending down and pulling out and application form for Allie.

The next day, Allie showed up for her new job as a waitress and watched while Millie, her new colleague, showed her the ropes.

She had to admit that when she had arrived in Bridgeport a couple of days ago, this was not where she would have imagined herself, waiting tables instead of acting.  But now she was here, there was no going back to her parent who had always doubted her. She was going to make it, somehow, someway!

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69 Responses to Chapter 1.1 – Bridgeport

  1. ijada13 says:

    Ooh, I like this already! Part time actress, part time waitress, standard! Hahaha! Allie seems fun, great work! Happy new year Sarah! X

  2. Jeremy says:

    ooh, i like it! can’t wait for more! =D

    and a happy new year 🙂

  3. ijada13 says:

    Ooh I like this already! Allie is fulfilling the part time waitress/actress cliche well. She seems like a lot of fun though! Happy new year Sarah! X

  4. thesearestories says:

    I love it! Are you done with your vampire story?

  5. StarSarah says:

    Thanks guys. The vampire legacy is finished for now….


    • Hi Sarah. Your legacy is the best I’ve ever read. Will you please post my story “On The Run” on your Legacy Links page? Thank you, it would mean alot to get some views, maybe comments? Thanks again!


    HAAPPPPYYYY NEW year! 😀 and what a great way to kick it off, i can’t wait to see how it will turn out for Allie. 🙂 She seems so naive, and i luve it! (lol, love*) I wonder what her kids will turn out like!

    Anyway, great job so far, and i like the way that you did it in Bridgeport. I hear its difficult!

  7. Pineapple275 says:

    Happy New Year! Now I have a question…is it Ali or Allie? Does it matter? IDK. Allie is beautiful but she has a little indenting cheekbone thing going on and its a little distracting but its ok. Shes still gorgeous and the cheekbones arent ugly just eye drawing because they are different. It was a surprise, I should say.

    I can’t wait to see her children. Now what is going to be the significance of the man from the bar? You have me intrigued!

    • StarSarah says:

      Ha ha Pineapple. My boyfriend said the same thing when he saw her: “whats wrong with her cheekbones?” I just thought i would make someone a little different this time x

    • StarSarah says:

      Also its Allie. I thought Ali at first but i was told by friends that that is how you spell it for boys most of the time…. x

      • pineapple275 says:

        Yes that is a boys name its pronounced Ah-lee instead of Ahl-lee which is Allie essentially. And the cheekbones aren’t bad just very surprising.

  8. dorkney says:

    LOVE IT ALREADY!!! Ali is beautiful!! Can’t wait for the
    next post!! 🙂

  9. Slushie says:

    Happy New Year everyone! And Happy Birthday to me! Anyway,
    I love it so much so far! The heiress is really beautiful and
    unique! I hope nothing bad happens to her after she slept with that

  10. Radke Legacy says:

    Love Allie!!! She is so pretty, and I am so excited for
    this legacy!!!

  11. dinkyjen says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed the first chapter and I am looking
    forward to the next instalment. Allie is really beautiful, and she
    seems really sweet. I just wanted to say I really like how all of
    your sims look, they all look so realistic! Why is that? Anywho,
    Happy new year, and keep up the fab writing!! Jen xx

  12. rockit4 says:

    love it! shes pretty 🙂

  13. Wow Sarah sound like this legacy is already going to be
    another seccess i love the chapter =] cant wait for the next

  14. antsims3 says:

    Great start to what seems like another wonderful legacy! I
    really like Allie, she is just so beautiful and different from your
    usual sims. I love her confidence and her perseverence.
    Waitress/actress, a classic duo! Can’t wait for more! Happy New
    Year! 😀 I have a few new chapters up on my legacy, I’d be great if
    you can read and comment.

  15. Angelica says:

    Wauw i love it dear<3 can't want for more!
    When will be the update days? the same as normal?

  16. billy says:

    Great start looks like it will be a big hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im glad you dident make her live of the land, because that started to get abit boring and cliche :s and shes so different from the others it awesome, your writings at your best as always. BTW are you going to add vampires later in the legacy because i think it could ruin it just saying, oh and i spotted that she came from angel falls 😛

  17. liv says:

    yeah I like the beginging as it is diferent.

  18. gabbyg says:

    heyy, im trying to decide to write a legacy or not. should i? cuz, technically i dont have ANY add-ons or extras or anything, and i need to know what i should get(ambitions, late night, etc…) and what they do, because i am totally clueless about this sort of thing. Also, when like a sims person ages up, how do u get to change their outfit? is that something u can even do? any advice is useful 🙂

    • StarSarah says:

      I think if you want to do a legacy then go for it. But it is a really big commitment that is very time consuming and most people do not finish. If you are really committed it can be lots of fun. I would reccomend Ambitions more than any other expansion pack, then late night, then world adventures. To change outfits click on a wardrobe/chest of drawsers and select “plan outfit” this will allow you to change their clothes x

      • gabbyg says:

        omigosh, thank you soooo much for the advice! i am still kinda wondering if i should, im already kinda working on a legacy, but so far im only on the 6th generation after like a month of playing, and its really boring cuz all they ever want to do is have a billion kids and then ignore them all the time 😦

        • amujune says:

          6th Generation! wow. ive only done one generation before! I get bored really easily… but i’m gonna see if i can try to do one too!

  19. Grozkal says:

    Love the legacy, since its realistic and shes in a small apartment instead of a yard with bare necessities, and it should be interesting starting in the city. I love late night out of all 3 expansions except for the glitch in Bridgeport where my sims change into formalwear whenever they arrive at a lot (their house, the library, any bar or club). Do you have that bug too?

  20. Berry says:

    The dream of stardom is so easily crushed. Great start
    Sarah! I will be reading~

  21. carebear728 says:

    So excited that you have a new legacy going. I love Allie
    she’s so pretty

  22. risastorm says:

    Oh wow Ali is having a great start lol c: I’m so excited to
    see what will happen next! I bet Ali will be a lucky Starr! Awesome
    Awesome Awesome Chapter!

  23. Nadia says:

    Your sims are gorgeous! Just thought I’d throw that out there. And I loved your Vamp story (since it can’t really be called a legacy, lol). So far I am loving this story, too! I never been good at legacies. There are sooo many rules. Get this place, only this, can’t do that. Pfft. PFFT.

    I had to scroll back up to see what the fuss on the cheekbone was about, because I didn’t notice it at first. I see it now. She has ‘high’ cheekbones. xD Just use that as an excuse, or defined, or something. At least you didn’t give her overly large breasts! Have you noticed that most Sims in Bridgeport have that problem. It’s like they all ran off to get implants or something.

    Aaaaaaand, was that lovely man Rafael Striker? It’s sad that I know this.. >_>

    • StarSarah says:

      Thanks Nadia. I agree about the massive breasts in Bridgeport, espically the female bouncers. A bit unrealistic x

      • Nadia says:

        I noticed it with mixologists more than anyone else.. They look like they’d make good airbags if you ever crashed your car.. God, I could make numerous comments on the size of those things. Haha.

    • amujune says:

      I had to scroll up too! Which is good coz its different but it doesnt make her ugly either!

  24. Thinking... says:

    I Think I Like You Dooing Stories Better….
    Not In A Affensive Way Or Anything,.. 😛
    Are You Thinking Of Doing Stories?? xX

  25. STARZ says:

    Yay! Go Sarah!
    ‘The Starr Legacy’ Thats My Name! (Near enough 🙂 )
    The cheek bones are very distracting tho Allie is gorgous!! x
    Do you have the glitch on babies Sarah? Whenn they are born they have a dark patch on rthe side of their head, Plus little black shadows nearr the hands/arms ?? I Dont have any CC And i have all the epss for sims 3 ? xx

    • StarSarah says:

      I do have that Starz but only on baby boys. Someone told me it was a bad CC but i cannot find which one!! x

      • Nadia says:

        I don’t think it is bad CC. It’s just a game glitch. A lot of people have been having it. Apparently they decided to try and make the babies look more ‘realistic’ and it just … Sorta looks stupid. I think it’s also if you have LQ in your game that it looks even worse. Since I got a new computer tower, they still look dumb sometimes, but not quite as bad. Haha.

      • pineapple275 says:

        I have it and apparently I downloaded shoes somewhere and the glitch is just the stupid shoes coming up on the kid and they’re too big for the kid so it makes them get discolored skin and weird facial/hands problems. once I take the boots off its totally fine.

        • amujune says:

          Its not always bad CC i think its just a glitch coz bad CC is when you get deformed sims with weird arms and legs

  26. Esmee says:

    Amazing beginning, love it. Just what I expected ❤
    The cheekbone thing isn't really annoying, or eye-catching. I did not see it until i readed(? Not sure About that word haha) the comments. I think Allie's beautiful 😉 and so do more people.

  27. Jillian says:

    I like how this is starting! A girl who wants fame and fortune trying to make it in a big, mean city! I have loved all your legacies and I can’t wait until you get further into this one.

    Do you have any advice for the people who are working on legacies? I would love to know how you create the stories. Maybe you can make a page about how you do it? Do you use cheats? How do you get such great pictures? How much do you control the sims?

    Can’t wait for more!

    – Jillian
    <a href=" title=""

    • StarSarah says:

      Hi Jillian. Thank you for your lovely comments. Im not sure really on what i can say for advise. I guess I have a vivid imagination and i always know how the story is going to be before i play the next chapter. I use lots of cheats so i can depict the story how i want it. To get good pictures think you need a good computer with a good graphics card. And then when you are taking the screenshots, make sure you are very close to the action. Also take lots of shots all the time so you can pick the best ones and when you write, tie in the writing to whats going on in the shot. I hope this helps

  28. Esther says:

    Oh, i guess I found this a bit to late 🙂 It”s great, looking forward to read more!! 😀

  29. sundancer16 says:

    Great beginning!!! I feel like I used to be an Allie once but I shaped up… haha. I’m not too proud to work in fast food until I get my big break. By the way, I have that SAME EXACT vest as she has! Only mine has thin white pin stripes on the front. Where did you get it? Also, where did you download that wallpaper? It is not hideous, it’s sooo sexy! I want it.

  30. kama674 says:

    I’m in love with this legacy already. I love your pictures
    and how you keep everything so realistic, Sarah. And you never
    cease to suprise with something different to start each legacy! I’m
    looking forward to reading and following the Starr legacy.

  31. StyxLady says:

    Aw, I love it so far! She seems a little impulsive, spending all her money as soon as she arrives, but she’s also determined to do whatever she has to do to make things work! I like her. She’s really uniquely beautiful, too.

  32. spongeb0ber says:

    Wow that was really good! Where were you hiding!? I’m glad you found my legacy and read it now because I have the chance to read yours! 😀 We can read each others haha.

    Keep it up! You’ll be seeing a lot of me. Once you lured me in, you have me forever. ;D

  33. April says:

    I love you story so far. I been reading you legicies since I first found them, and this is the first time that I can read them from the first. ^_^ I just wanted you to know that I really admire your stroy-writing skills, and home to read more soon!

  34. Mia :) says:

    aw wonderful

    love the story already!
    you have me hooked :]

  35. peachy481 says:

    Hey! I am making a legacy and I was hoping that you could read it(: It’s called the Kelly Legacy. I’m only on chapter 1 at the moment but I would really like it if you could read it and tell me how I’m doing. Thanks!

  36. 14heartgirl says:

    Your sims are beautiful. I am truly jealous 😉 (subscribes)

  37. 14heartgirl says:

    I can see myself getting hooked to this legacy. 🙂

  38. lckygrl1975 says:

    I hope she get a steady job as an actress and I wonder if she will see that guy again

  39. “Not sure really. I just arrived in Bridgeport this morning and am looking for work. I’m an actress,” Allie announced.
    Nancy let out a little laugh. “You and everyone else in this city,” she replied.”

    Haha, that made me laugh. My legacy is pretty similar to yours but my founder wants to become a director and is not as cute as Allie 😉

  40. Radiantred0487 says:

    Wow. This is a really great story! Allie is so pretty.

  41. auburn101 says:

    Loving the start! The penthouse looks amazing, you decorated it nicely! Hopefully she’ll become more popular in the acting business and stay out of trouble! I’ll be catching up on all your next chapters as well!

    The Auburn Legacy

  42. writergrl98 says:

    Wow. That was an amazing first chapter! I’m just wondering…will that mysterious man show up again? Dun dun dun…

  43. Anonymous says:

    How did you get the open diner??

  44. Hey, fantastic story! It’s so well-written and the Sims and buildings you’ve made look awesome!
    Not trying to be obnoxious or anything, but please check out my blog. It is also a Sims 3 story. It’s not a legacy, but it’s about teenage Sims who are on the run. Please visit
    I would love for you to comment, and if you enjoy it, please tell your friends!
    Thank you so much and have a great day! 🙂

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