Chapter 1.4 – Falling

To hell with him indeed.  Allie decided to not let Tom get her down and go to the party that evening anyway.  I deserve to let my hair down, she told herself.  And let her hair down she did.  She put on a new dress she had bought herself weeks ago but not had time to wear and wore her hair down and long, something she normally never normally bothered with.

She had rung up Kitty earlier and invited her to come with her. Kitty had jumped at the chance and they had arranged to meet outside the club doors on the 32nd floor of the Noir Building in downtown Bridgeport.

Allie recognised her internet pal immediately.  She looked just as pretty and down to earth as she thought she would be.  “Allie,” Kitty squealed also recognising her new friend.  “It’s so good to finally meet you.”

The two girls waved their VIP tickets in the bouncers face and sauntered on through the doors.  The club was already alive with party goes and ticket holders.  A bit overwhelmed the two girls got themselves a free drink and settled into a corner booth. 

“So tell me everything,” Kitty started.  “What’s it like working for Tom Mason?  Have you seen his body yet?  Is he as handsome in person as everyone says he is?”

“Whoa, one question at a time,” Allie replied already exasperated by Kitty’s enthusiasm of Tom.

“Ok, ok.  Tell me first, how do you like working for him?”

“Oh Kitty, it’s not good. It’s really not good.”  Allie then launched into telling Kitty all about her time in Tom’s employment so far.  How hot and cold he was.  “I just don’t know what to do Kitty.  One minute he is so sweet to me and the chemistry between us is electric.  But then he goes and reacts like a spoilt child like today when he did not get what he wanted.  I don’t know if I’m coming or going with him.”

 “Welcome to the world of celebrities honey,” Kitty replied.  “I’m just glad that I don’t work for anyone like Tom.  There is no way I would be able to keep my hands off him.  Speaking of which, here he is.”

Allie felt her tummy hit her throat! She looked up slowly to find Tommy starring at them from across the club.

Act cool, act cool, Allie said to herself over and over again as Tommy approached. 

“Hey Allie,” he said taking a seat opposite her.

“Hi Tom,” Allie replied icily.  “I thought you said you weren’t coming.”

“I changed my mind,” he replied trying to stare her out through his sunglasses.  “Who’s your friend?”

Allie could feel the excitement radiating off Kitty next to her.  “I’m Kitty,” Kitty shrieked taking the words out of her mouth.  “It’s so nice to meet you Mr Mason, err.. Tom.”

Allie watched as her friend conversed with her employer and a stab of jealously shot through her. But she kept a straight face and did not interact.  For one she was still mad at Tom, secondly this was Kitty’s time with Tom and she did not want to ruin it for her.

As they chatted away, Tom kept glancing over at Allie.  She kept a straight face throughout and refused to catch his eye.  When Kitty had stopped to take a breath, Tom took his chance. “By the way Allie, your friend Minnie can stay if she wants.”

“She was never going to go anywhere,” Allie snapped back.  “And her name is Millie!”

Tom glared at her like he was about to explode.  But before he had the chance, a young filly that had been gyrating on the dance floor all evening bounded over. “Hey Tommy boy,” she trilled.

“Hey Candy,” Tom replied jumping up and taking the girl in his arms.  “Where have you been all night?”

“Right here baby face.”  Tom cupped the young girls face and they started kissing.  Allie watched the whole horror of it and she thought she was going to be sick.

“Let’s get out of here,” Candy purred when they both came up for air. 

Tom turned to Allie.  “Hey Al, will you book a room at the Plaza Hotel across the road for me and Candy.  The house is too far away for me right now.”

Allie wanted to rip his face off. “Yes of course Sir,” she replied patronizingly and pulled out her phone. As she dialled the number for the hotel she watched Tom waltz off arm in arm with Candy and suddenly life felt hopeless.

The next morning Allie arrived at Tom’s house for work.  The house appeared empty apart from Millie washing up in the kitchen singing to herself.  “Hey Millie,” Allie said joining her at the sink.

“Oh hey Allie,” Millie replied draining the sink and finishing up what she was doing.

“So… tell me all about last night.  What was it like?  Did you see any celebs?”

“It was great,” Allie replied.  “Well it was until Tommy turned up!”

“Well why would that ruin your evening?  I thought you and Tom got on well.  It certainly looked like it when I arrived yesterday and you were both lounging by the pool together!”

“Yeah well me and Kitty were having a lovely time and then he turned up and was all like the big man with his sunglasses and chatting to Kitty.  And then this young girl came over and they were all over each other.  It was like he was throwing her in my face or something!”

“Oh no,” Mille replied shaking her head and looking at the floor.

“What,” Allie demanded.

“You’ve fallen in love with him haven’t you!”

“I have not!”

“Yes you have.  I can see it in your face. You’re so head over heels in love with him it hurts.”

Millie was right and Allie knew it.  She had fallen in love with Tom.  What on earth was she going to do?

“And how does he feel about you do you think,” Millie continued?

“I don’t know.  I just don’t know.  One minute I think he likes me. I can see it in his face but then he went home with that girl last night didn’t he, so he can’t like me.”

“Did you not think that maybe he was trying to make you jealous?”


“Well you have certainly made me jealous.  I would love to a bit of that sweet ass of his.”

Both Allie and Millie burst out laughing, Millie sure knew how to make light of things.  “You’re so bad,” Allie giggled punching Millie on the shoulder.

“What’s so funny?”  Tom suddenly appeared in the doorway taking both girls by surprise.

“Nothing,” Allie replied trying to keep a straight face.

“Ok,” Tom said looking very suspicious.  “Allie can I see you in the study for a minute please?”

“Sure, I’m right behind you.”

“Oh my god do you think he heard what we were saying,” Allie whispered to Millie when Tom was out of earshot.

“Nah, he was not there a minute ago I promise.”

“Thank god,” Allie said walking towards the study.  Was she about to get fired?  As she entered the room, Tom had taken off his glasses and was staring into the fish tank.

Allie walked over and joined him.  “They’re beautiful aren’t they,” he begun not taking his eyes off the colourful fish.  “When I first bought this fish tank I used to sit in here for hours just staring at them.  I used to envy their freedom the way they can just float about without a care in the world.  But then one day I realised that they weren’t free.  Just like me they are trapped in a box. A box where everyone watches them and where they always have to be beautiful.  Never able to escape, never able to really be themselves.”

Tommy then turned to Allie.  “Do you understand what I am saying?”

“That you feel trapped and that no one ever knows the real you?”

“That’s right.  Well that was how I felt until you came along.  With you Allie I can be myself for the first time since I can remember. You never expect anything from me and you never make me be anything but me. I’ve never met anyone like you before.”

Allie swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat. Time stood still and she could hear nothing but the sound of Tommy’s voice.  “I’m sorry about last night,” he continued.  “About Candy and about what I said about Millie.  I’m sorry for all of it.  But I got scared and … I guess I can just be a real jerk sometimes.”

“Don’t worry,” Allie found herself saying. “Let’s just forget about it?”

“Really,” Tom said his eyes lighting up.

“Really,” Allie replied grinning from ear to ear.  Was this really happening? 

“Well then how about we start again. Can I take you out for dinner?”

“How about I cook us something here then we don’t have to worry about the pap’s.”

“Fantastic idea,” Tom replied.  “See you are so good to me.”  He stroked her cheek and Allie felt the thunder bolts flash through from the skin to skin contact.

Tom then brushed his lips across her cheek and left the room. 

Millie appeared in the doorway behind Allie.  “Be careful honey. Please be careful.”  But Allie was not listening.  She was too busy riding on her wave of euphoria.

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21 Responses to Chapter 1.4 – Falling

  1. aziaziazia says:

    It’s nice to see that Tom’s not as big of a jerk as I thought he was…but I still have a bad feeling :S Guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens D:

  2. OMGG<3

    I love millie<3 and wauw that candy can kiss my @#$(%$# Allie needs to be in the plaza instead of here!

  3. AtomShyKitty says:

    Love your legacy!
    I agree with Aziaziazia, there is something fishy about Tom… maybe is nothing I will have to wait and see. I love Allie she is really a cute sim ❤

  4. Jillian says:

    Millie is so good to Allie. She’s really looking out for her. She senses things about people. I feel like this can’t end well for Allie.

    – Jill

  5. Slushie says:

    Nice update! I agree with Aziaziazia and AtomShyKitty, there’s something off about Tom… well for me anyway. And I honestly still don’t like him. But he is a serious hunk.

    I really like Millie! She seems so nice.

    By the way, if you consider using my sim for the director, could you make him fabulous and gay? I actually visoned him to be one of those hip directors and all. I wanted him to look femine and adorable! So anyway, if you consider using him, please make him gay! I love gay people! (I sound weird…)

  6. Something feels wrong about Tom. I bet he’s using her? At least Allie have Mille if things go wrong. She needed a friend and Mille provides that.

    Like this legacy. 🙂

  7. ijada13 says:

    Ahhhhh! Great chapter once again. I’m excited for Allie, but I don’t know if Tom will be able to stay faithful. He seems a bit of a bad boy to me 🙂 gorgey though! Haha x

  8. Alice says:

    Awwww I really like Tom, please let Allie have a happy relationship with him! He isn’t the big jerk people think he is. And he could make some cute babies 😉

  9. sydney511 says:

    What if Millie and Tom were dating? *gasp* Just kidding.

    More pictures of Tom with no shirt, please! I like that new feature with LN where you can do that.

  10. sydney511 says:

    Btw keep Allie’s hair down! It’s pretty.

  11. Rad says:

    I love how different this is to your other legacies (which is no slight on the others at all, I just admire your creativity). Your staging is getting better and better and your founder is cute as a button.

  12. carebear728 says:

    Hmm I’m not sure how I feel about Tom yet but I do hope he really genuinely cares about her

  13. Radke Legacy says:

    I hope Tom is being genuine. Apart does not think he is though.

  14. billy says:

    CHILDREN ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with celebs name :p
    oh and i don’t believe Toms genuine Allie might have kid with tom but a fight will happen and broke up or something like that and that’s wear the contest winner guy steps in that why Sarah did the contest oh he and Allie would probably produce twins to annoyance, i hate twins (even though im a twin in real well a triplet but he died)

  15. funnyfuzzy96 says:

    Wow, this should be interesting. Something about tom’s character makes me think he might not be very faithful. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  16. Esther says:

    I actually love Tom 🙂 Can’t help it, he’s pretty hot after all 😀
    I hope he will be a good boyfriend, I like them together 😀
    Oh, and Millie is really cool 😀

  17. risastorm says:

    This is going to turn sour.. I just know it!
    Btw Amazing Chapter! 😀

  18. kama674 says:

    Great chapter! But I have a feeling that this romance with
    Tom won’t end well.

  19. StyxLady says:

    I still don’t trust him….I hope he’s being genuine, but he IS an actor by trade.

  20. lckygrl1975 says:

    Mmmm Should she trust him or not?

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