Chapter 1.7 – The Surprise

April became the light of Allie’s life including everyone around her.  She was so full of energy and was able to bring a smile to anyone’s face just by her infectious laughter.

At first Allie and Tom did not hire a nanny as they wanted to bring April up themselves.  This was very tiring for Allie as she was up and down with her all the time.  Having lots of energy meant April did not sleep well and Allie would often sit up with her for hours reading her stories, willing her to sleep.

After a year, Allie went back to work.  Since having a baby with the legendary Tom Mason, Allie’s celebrity rating had soared and she had secured her first supporting acting role on a Western. 

She bought April to the set with her everyday not wanting to be apart from her and hired her friend Kitty to look after her while she was filming.  Everyone adored having a baby around and cooed and fussed over her constantly. She even melted Perano’s heart except when she would crawl onto the set in the middle of filming looking for her mum.

“Oh for god’s sake,” Perano would whine.  “Can someone get the dam baby off the set!”

“Sorry, sorry,” Kitty would scream running on and scooping the mischievous April off the floor.  “I can’t take my eye off her for a second,” she would gripe exhausted by the energetic tot.

One evening Allie arrived home late from work.  She had been filming since 6am that morning and was exhausted.

She scrunched up her eyes and stretched out only to open them to find Tom standing in front of her all dressed up.  “Hey baby,” she wearily purred. “Where you off too all dressed up.”

“Allie darling, I have a surprise for you, but you have to shut your eyes.”

Allie did what she was told and let Tom lead her up the stairs and what she assumed was out on to the patio.  She could not see anything but she felt the stairs under her feet and then the warm breeze of the air hit her.  “Right, you can open them now,” Tom cheered.  Allie slowly opened one eye and then the other nervous with what she was about to see. The last time Tom surprised her with something it was a new sportscar, nothing she really had any interest in.

There was no sportscar or a boy’s toy waiting for her when she finally opened her eyes.  Instead there stood a beautiful table surrounded by candle light and adorned with a crisp white table cloth. Against the backdrop of the night sky it looked like the moon.

“As I ruined the lovely dinner you did for me that time I thought I would do it for you to make up for it.  I have cooked us a lovely lobster dinner and have gotten your favourite champagne.  Well maybe Millie helped me with the dinner but I chopped all the vegetable up myself.”

Allie starred into Tom’s eyes, she never thought she could love someone so much. “Thank you,” she whispered giving him a tender kiss on the lips. “I love it.”

The two of them then sat down to their meal.  They had not spent time just the two of them since April was born and it felt so good to be alone at last.

Afterwards they took their champagne to the balcony’s edge and stood gazing up at the night’s sky. There was no moon.  It was nearly midnight, but the air was still as warm as it had been in the early afternoon and it made Allie almost weep at the beauty of it all.

“I love you so much Allie,” Tom whispered making her turn to him.  “You are the most beautiful, giving person I have ever known and you have given me the most precious gift in the world, our daughter April.” Allie starred her lover back in the eyes.  You have given me more than you ever know, she thought but decided not to say anything.

“I never want this to end,” he continued.  He gently got down on one knee keeping his focus on her eyes.

“What are you doing,” Allie asked suddenly feeling the world starting to spin.

“I’m doing something I should have done a long time ago,” Tom continued pulling out a black gilted box.  “Allie Starr will you marry me?” He gently eased the box lid open and starring back at Allie was the brightest diamond she had ever seen.

She burst into tears and nodded her head as she could not get the words out.  Tom smiled from ear to ear and slipped the heavy jewel onto her finger.

“I love you,” Allie finally burst out and ran into Tom’s arms. This is the way it is meant to be, she thought to herself.

They held the wedding at the Little Chapel of Love in downtown Bridgeport.  It was nothing big or fancy but that was just the way Allie and Tom wanted it.

They had hired lots of security for the day to make sure no fans or paparazzi would ruin anything.  They were pleased with the team they picked as they looked like they meant business and were unobtrusive.

They invited only close friends and family and had a kind looking minister marry them.

“Do you Tom Mason take Allie Starr to be your lawful wedded wife?  To have and to hold in sickness and in health to death do you part?”

“I do,” Tom repeated slipping the ring on Allie’s finger.

“Then I now pronounce you man and wife.  You may kiss the bride.”

Tom did not need telling twice. His pulled his new wife into his arms and kissed her with all the love and devotion he had inside him.  “I love you,” he whispered when he finally pulled away.

Everyone cheered.  Some threw confetti and other’s just stood looking on at the adoring couple filled with their own brimming emotions.

The after party was just as fun.  Allie had hired a pianist to provide the music and the best caterers to feed the guests.  Everyone spent most of the day dancing their socks off and Ton could not help but notice that Mille had found a friend in Perano.  He could not help but smile.

April also had a wonderful time.  Everyone made a fuss of her and she was allowed to run around the venue practising her new skill – walking.

That night, April went and stayed with Millie so Tom and Allie could be alone.  Even though they already lived together, Tom insisted on carrying Allie across the threshold.

They lay in bed together for hours, holding each other and reminiscing about the best day of their lives.  “I love you so much,” Tom cooed to Allie.  “I want to make you happy.  Is there anything I can do or give you that will make you even happier than you already are?”

“Yes,” Allie replied.  “There is something.”  She took a deep breath. “I would like another baby.”

“Well let’s start trying now,” Tom responded leaning in to kiss his new wife and lowering her down the bed.

One year later….
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44 Responses to Chapter 1.7 – The Surprise

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    lovely chapter ❤

    I'm glad their married… They look so cute together…

    Ant the newspaper-thing, original!! ❤ First I tought it was an advertisement, turns out it was a newspaper with big news!!! Congrats with the twins 😀 I'm sure they look adorable, I can't wait to see them… 😉

  2. rissanicole says:

    Oh TWINS! yay!

  3. Slushie says:

    The wedding was so cute! And the newspaper thing was great, you’re really creative!

  4. Roxy says:

    YAY!!! TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I love babies.

    This chapter was GREAT!!!! Sarah, you are a fabulous writer.

  5. Esther says:

    I loved the wedding, and I am just totally in love with April!! Especially that scene on the wedding, in that cute cute cute cute dress ❤

    Yeah twins!! Congrats!! 😀 Cool how you made the newspaper thing 😀

  6. Oliviaa says:

    Love it, your buildings are so amazing, love the church!
    Also yaay twins, I know I’m the minority but I hope it’s boys lol I think they are so cute as toddlers and twins an I like their storylines.
    I also like the little hint, award winning director dating maid ooooh 😉 wonder who that may be heehee

  7. Anna says:

    YAYY!! Twins =D

  8. kim says:

    Oh gosh, twins. What a surprise, but such a good one. I hope Allie doesn’t struggle to look after them, she seemed to have a little trouble getting April into a routine, so hopefully things will be easier with the twins. The wedding was beautiful, and the surprise dinner was so romantic, Tom is such a sweetie. Is my Perano finding love with Millie? They will make such a wonderful couple, she will turn him into the sweetie that he is inside. 😀

  9. sundancer16 says:

    What a gorgeous wedding ceremony! I’m so glad they got married! *Squee!!!*
    The set up for the dinner was beautiful, the tender kiss was just perfect! I love the way Kitty picks up April. It’s so adorable. I’m excited that they’re having twins… I hope they’re identical. But how is that a scandal??? And is Millie the maid on page 6?? I can’t wait to find out!!!

  10. aziaziazia says:

    Twin! Can’t wait to see what they look like 😀

    OMG! Millie and Perano sooo cute!

  11. BAAAAAAAAA! says:

    I’m sooo happy for Allie 😀 I guess you have to update the
    family profile page then 😀

  12. zimmya says:

    OMG! Yay, the chapter is sooo good and the magazine thing was so creative! Could you help me with something? You see, the create a world tool isn’t downloading because after I download it I search for it and it isn’t there.

  13. AtomShyKitty says:

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  14. billy says:

    i knew this was going to happen its boys i know for sure and for once im happy that one of heir is having twins, hey Sarah if their boys twins can you now one billy because im a twin and im called billy XD

  15. Radke Legacy says:

    Love the newspaper thing! So excited about the twins

  16. rockit4 says:

    “Well maybe Millie helped me with the dinner but I chopped all the vegetables up myself.” LOL such a guy xD

    but that was really sweet & they’re super cute together. can’t wait for twins!! 🙂

  17. antsims3 says:

    What an amazing and romantic chapter. Finally, the two are married. What a wedding that was! Where did you find such a lovely chapel? I can’t wait to see the twins!! 😀

    New chapter up on my blog Sarah, I’d be great if you can read and comment.

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  20. kimmy says:

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  21. Thea says:

    Great touch with the news issue! It is so cute that they got married and I love little April running around all the time.

  22. Chellekaz says:

    Eek! If only all tabloid scandals were full of such good news! Tom’s really quite romantic, I kind of want one on my own.

  23. Sims3Luver says:

    very nice
    loved the newspaper article:)

  24. StyxLady says:

    What a beautiful wedding! And I was hoping they’d have more kids. The magazine cover at the end was brilliant! I wonder who leaked the info… And I had to laugh about the little blurb at the bottom about the director dating the maid..hehehe. I hope Millie and Perano are happy together.

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    Loved this chapter!

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    absolutely lovely sarah xxx
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    I adore your tabloid template too!

  32. Jillian says:

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  33. Saquina says:

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  34. Grozkal says:

    Is the minister the Harry Frost guy from Vampire Story?

  35. Lilith Kawanami says:

    Does Allie have chinese heritage? I noticed she used chopsticks, which is a red light for the hidden gene!
    I LOVE your legacy!
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    Really enjoying this series. The newspaper article was a great touch! Gotta love twins!

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