Chapter 1.9 – Growing Pains

As time went by the twins sprouted and soon became kids.

They were not the only ones who had aged.  Tom too had matured and reached the ripe old age of 40.  Flecks of grey shone through his thick luscious black hair and crow’s feet surrounded his green eyes.  Allie did not complain she loved her husband’s new “laughter lines.”

Now the twins were kids, their personalities had also developed and were shining through more and more.  Brendan had become a cheeky little chap.  He was an instant charmer and used his cuteness to mooch all sorts of things off people.  Allie and Millie saw right through him most of the time, but he had his dad wrapped around his little finger.

“I need some lunch money daddy,” was just one of his excuses.

“I thought your mother gave you some money?”

“No she forgot again today!”

“Oh well here you go then and take some extra too for your sister.”

With his pockets full, Brendan would either stash the cash for another day or dash off to the sweet shop to spend his fortune.

Brendan and his father were still as close as ever and would spend lots of father and son bonding time together.  Brendan was especially fascinated with his dad’s musical talents.  “Please please please can I have lessons,” he would beg his parents.

“When you are a little older,” They would reply.  So he would resign himself to watching his dad strum away on the grand piano looking forward to the day when he could play the instrument and be as good as his dad.

In contrast to her brother, Bella was a little quieter but just as radiant.  Her passions lay in the arts.  For her birthday her parents had purchased an easel and some paints and Bella had taken to it like a duck to water. As she loved being outside, she dragged the easel onto the balcony and painted endless pictures of the beautiful vistas around her.

Allie was thrilled to bits by her daughter’s natural talents.  She would watch her put together masterpiece after masterpiece and beam with pride.

But Bella’s creative talents did not end with painting.  She found the world around her beautiful, remarkable and poignant.  She was always outside basking in the joys of her surroundings.  She imagined how it would look in a painting, in a photograph or hanging on her wall.

She would skip through the parks and gardens of Bridgeport capturing butterflies and insects, inspecting their every colour and shade memorising them so she could go home and paint her memory. 

But she would never keep hold of them.  As soon as she had studied them until they were etched in her brain, she would release them back into the wild and watch as they fluttered away back into the world.

The other thing that Bella loved to paint was her brother and sister.  She adored them and even though she did not like to join in their energetic activities, she was always nearby watching, painting and immortalising them in her pictures.

April and Brendan were very close and had similar interests.  Tom had recently purchased a collection of retro video games and the two of them would challenge each other to match after match.

April was great with her baby brother and sister and would always invite them to play games with her whenever they were at home together. Allie felt blessed that all her children got along so well.

But like everyone, April was also growing up fast and soon the time came for her birthday.  Because her last one had been a bit dull, her mother promised her a big pool party for this one.  She invited all her friends from school. Some were still kids like her but as she was one of the youngest in her year, most had already aged to teenagers.

As a special treat, Allie hired Kirk Moon who had become a teen internet sensation with his hit, “Baby you’re mine.”

The three Starr kids went wild for him and danced all afternoon to his performances. 

After Kirk had left, Allie bought the birthday cake out for April.  Everyone sang Happy Birthday, blew their horns and cheered as April blew out her candles.

April aged up into a beauty just like her mother. In fact she looked so much like her mother that if it had not been for her chocolate coloured eyes, people would have thought they were twins.

That night when all the guest had left and the last plate had been washed up, April crept from her bed into her mother’s dressing room.  She examined her new body and felt sad.  She did not like how she had grown.  Her hair was too long and thick and she looked just like everyone else at school.  She also felt different inside.  It was her but not her and the unfamiliarity scared her.

She pulled out her dads hair clippers and started to shave.  The result was dramatic, but April loved it.  “Now that’s more like it,” she cheered pointing at herself in the mirror.

With her new body, came more power.  She felt she could run more and push herself even further in her sports.  She utilised her dad’s gym in the basement, running for hours on the treadmill and pumping iron on the weights.

She loved the results she was getting. Her body became firm and strong and she had muscles forming in places she never knew existed.

At school she had joined all the sports teams she could.  “Are you going to try out for the football team then,” her best friend Sissy asked her one day?

“Oh I don’t know Sis.  No girl has ever made the football team. It’s even frowned upon to try out.  I don’t know if I can go through with the rejection.”

“But you’re amazing April.  You would be the best player on that team and I am sure the coach knows that too.  If you don’t try you will never know.”

“Yeah I guess,” April replied.  It would mean the world to her to get on the team but it would be the end of the world if she didn’t.

“Well if you don’t then we can always join the Glee club,” Sissy replied mockingly trying to cheer her friend up.  “I bet you’d be great singing and dancing around a stage.”  April could not help but laugh, the idea was just so ridiculous to her.

Though April was doing well at school, things at home were not going so well.  Since becoming a teenager Allie had noticed a significant change in her daughter.  Gone was the little girl who smiled the whole time and in her place was this grumpy stranger.  April hardly interacted with her family at all anymore and was late home every day missing dinner most evenings. Allie still laid out a place for her every day at the dinner table hoping that this was the day that she would join family. 

When Allie heard the front door swing open and footsteps approach she would always get excited. Maybe tonight!

But April would just walk on by her family without even a second glance

“April darling, dinner’s waiting for you,” Allie would call after her.  But April never stopped and then Allie would hear the familiar slam of her bedroom door.

“Don’t worry,” Tom would tell his wife sensing her hurt.  She’ll come around.” 

But Allie was not so sure.  She knew something was wrong and she knew she needed to get to the bottom of it.

The next day was a Saturday and when Allie came home from the studio’s she heard the laughter of her oldest daughter radiating through her bedroom door.  She had not heard that laugh in so long so she supposed now was as good as time as any to confront her.  As she opened the door and walked in, April was larking about with her best friend Sissy. Seeing her smile nearly brought tears to Allie’s face.  She had such a beautiful smile.

Seeing her mother walk into her room, April’s face shifted looking her mother in the eye.  “What are you doing in my room?!  GET OUT,” she yelled.

“April I would like a word with you now please.” She then turned to Sissy.  “Sissy would mind leaving me and my daughter for a moment.”

“Of course Mrs Starr,” Sissy replied leaving the room.

Allie stood looking at her daughter snarling back from her. 

She took a deep breath.  “April darling, your father and I am really worried about you.  You don’t seem your happy self these days and I was just wondering if you wanted to talk to me about anything?”

“No, I’m fine,” April snapped back looking from her mother to the ground like she was hiding something.

“April please talk to me.  I love you so much and I hate to see you so grumpy like this all the time.  Please tell me what’s going on!”

April’s lower lip started to quiver and Allie was sure her daughter was about to burst into tears.  Instead, April sucked in a deep breath and Allie saw fire in her eyes.  “For god’s sake mum,” she yelled.  “I’m fine except that you’re on my case all the dam time.  I just want to be left alone, can’t you understand that!”

“Ok, ok,” Allie replied saddened by her failure to get through to her daughter. “I’ll leave you alone for now but remember I am always here for you to talk to no matter what. I love you.”

Tears started streaming from April’s eyes and Allie tried to comfort her daughter but she just pushed her away.  “Please get out my room mum,” she barked. Allie did as she told but left with a heavy heart. 

On the other side of the door, Sissy was awkwardly waiting.  “You can go back in,” Allie told her looking up to notice the twins whispering at the end of the hallway.

“What’s up with you two,” Allie asked her youngest kids. 

They both turned to her and looked up with worry in their eyes. “You ask,” Brendan whispered shoving his sister forward.

Bella looked up at her mother. “Mummy, what’s the matter with April?  Why does she not want to play with us anymore? Did we do something wrong?”

Allie thought her heart might break. “Bella darling, you guys have done nothing wrong I promise.  Your sister is just going through an awkward teenage phrase right now.  I’m sure she will get over it soon.”

“I hope so mummy,” Bella replied.  “Cause I miss her don’t I.”

Allie scooped her daughter into a big hug.  “Me too darling, me too.”

Back in April’s room, Sissy was comforting her friend.  “You need to tell them,” she said.  “They need to know.”

“I can’t,” April replied.  “I don’t think they will understand!”

“Of course they will, they love you.” Sissy countered.  “The truth will set you free.”

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67 Responses to Chapter 1.9 – Growing Pains

  1. I think april is lesbian! wooohooo<3
    your so original<3 loved the chapter dear<3

  2. Emy says:

    April’s such a cute teen. ❤ Love her. She does need to talk to her family, though. Great chapter. ^^

  3. kim says:

    Poor April, maybe she is a lesbian? She shouldn’t be worried that her Mum and Dad wouldn’t understand, they love her for who she, and would want her to be happy. 😀

    • Retro says:

      It doesn’t matter that they would understand. It’s a very difficult thing to come to terms with and your parents are always the hardest people to tell.

  4. sundancer16 says:

    Brendan is SUCH a cutie pie. When the twins were whispering in the hallway, I thought for sure they were going to ask something like, “Why did I see April kissing Sissy?” Or something like that. I saw the ending coming right from the part where she shaved her head and wanted to try out for the football team. I love the faces you capture on your sims… they are perfect.

  5. Esther says:

    A fantastic chapter, and I take back what I said about Bella. She is not a bitch. Actually she is adorable 😀
    wondering whats wrong with April….. If she is lesbian, she can’t be heiress….

  6. Roxy says:

    Oohhhhh! April is a lesbian, isn’t she? If she is does that take her out of the running for heir????

    • StarSarah says:

      If she is a lesbian it does not take her out as she can still have children. The only thing that makes a sim not eligible is if they are not a direct blood related child to the heir or if they die

      As you know, i dont follow the set rules x

  7. AtomShyKitty says:

    very moving chapter ❤

  8. sydney511 says:

    I knew the whole time she is lesbian.

    LOL at the 13th picture – look at April!

  9. BAAAAAAAAA! says:

    Brenden is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute :’)
    Great chapter 😀
    I wonder what’s the secret?

  10. rockit4 says:

    lesbian? or possibly steroids? cant wait for next post!! 🙂

  11. funnyfuzzy96 says:

    Awesome Chapter.
    The twins are so cute! 🙂
    I wonder what the big secret is? I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  12. kama674 says:

    Amazing chapter!

    But I have a feeling that I know what the secret is…. Well, I’ll see if I’m right when I’ll read the next chapter. Hope you’ll get it out soon!

  13. rissanicole says:

    This was a interesting chapter.Like everyone else i assumed she was lesbian from the start.I think it would be interesting to have a lesbian or bi heir.I will probably vote for Bella though because , i think she is prettier than April and i think it would be nice to have different genetics in the family.Can’t believe this generation is almost over !

  14. pineapple275 says:

    I wasnt sure what until i saw other comments. if she’s a lesbian she might be going out with Sissy…she is spending all her time with sissy. i think Tom will be upset about it but Allie will be okay with it.

  15. Emma says:

    Great chapter! If it’s that April is lesbian she needs to tell her family, I’m sure they’d understand.

  16. Radke Legacy says:

    Love this chapter. I kind of hope that she is a lesbian. That would be an interesting twist.

  17. kimmy says:

    oh i wonder what her big secret is?! i read all the other comments, and i think they might be right…i want Bella to be the heir though, although im sure april would be pretty interesnting 😀

  18. Anonymous says:

    ooo, the twins are sooo cute! i’m kinda hoping one of the twins will become heir because i like to think that each generation heir should look a little different then the last and not all look the same. still, love the story! 🙂 x

  19. gabbyg says:

    ooo, the twins came out soo cutee! i kinda hope either Brendan or Bella will get heir just cuz April looks so much like Allie, and i like to think that each generation heir should look different than the last. but still, great story as always! 🙂 x

  20. dinkyjen says:


    Loved this chapter, the twins are adorable and I can’t help but feel for April.
    She seems like she’s having a really hard time.

    Looking forward to the next chapter!!

  21. billy says:

    SHES PREGNANT that’s what i think anyway

  22. bubbles6 says:

    I wonder what the secret is? Great chaper I hate the clifhangers but that keeps me hooked!

  23. lordofpie86 says:

    Hmmmm i think she might be bi because how Sissy was putting her arms on April’s shoulders i think that is either the embrace thingy or gaze into eyes.

    • rockit4 says:

      no that was console (or something?). but it was definitely not a romantic gesture. im not saying i dont think she isnt a lesbian (cuz i kinda do), just that that moment wasnt romantic. 🙂

  24. lordofpie86 says:

    I think shes bi or lesbian cause sissy was either embracing or gazing into eyes.

  25. simone says:

    loved the chapter 🙂
    i think shes anorexic or using steroids. thats probably why shes so moody?because of steroids?

  26. antsims3 says:

    Great chapter! The twins are really cute! I love the drama that is affecting the family dynamics. However, April has to tell the truth, whatever that may be. But, I think I have an idea… 😀 Can’t wait to see what happens next! 😀

  27. grazya says:

    I don’t think she’s a lesbian…that’s too predictable. I think she needs a sex change or something.

  28. dorkney says:

    I teared up a bit when April and Allie were talking. Loved this chapter! My favorite right now is Bella. 🙂

  29. xnataliepianox says:

    Eee! April is, by far, my favourite possible heir(ess).
    You really are quite good at keeping me in suspense. 😉

  30. Sabrina says:

    Lovely! Pleasepleaseplease tell me if you are going to upload them any time soon? (:
    They’re all so beautiful, you’re talented at making sims. ~

  31. risastorm says:

    I am So worried as to what this Truth is.. :S all the bad things it could be..
    Amazing Chapter! as always!! <33

  32. AlyssumCandy says:

    April reminds me so much of my niece it’s crazy.

  33. when will you update:D?

  34. Retro says:

    Awesome chappie Sarah! Loving April.

  35. kimmy says:

    ooh i cant wait!!! I hope you get the next chapter out soon Sarah!

  36. STARZ says:

    No. no. no. no. no. NOOOO!
    Dont make April lesbian please!
    Shes like my faveourite !! And i seriously loved her1
    And then she shaved all her hair and i was like “God dammit April!”
    Then she was going on about her body.And i thought she thought she was fat or sumthing and she was like goonnna go anorexic and go hospital or sumthinglk tht 😀
    Anddd Loved the chapter as always <3333

  37. Jalice4ever says:

    i bet shes gay!

  38. Myk says:

    Maybe she’s pregnant?! :]

  39. Oliviaa says:

    I think she might want a sex change, that hasnt been done before and it would make sense

  40. Glacia says:

    So the next chapter will be the last in gen.1?

  41. aw, poor april. i hope she’ll be able to come clean with her family about herself. i’m sure she’ll be a lot more happier! great chapter as always 🙂

  42. BAAAAAAAAA! says:

    Btw Sarah it looks like you have bad CC.

  43. Slushie says:

    I really like April (besides her hair, but I dont really care anyway). Wonder if she’s bi or a lesbian… if she ever becomes heiress that’d be interesting!

  44. Thea says:

    She aged into such a cute teen. I have no doubt that what ever her issues are that her family will love and support her.

  45. Glacia says:

    This is really going by fast which is good but please not too fast.

  46. kimmy says:

    oooh pleeeeease update when you get the chance!!! I’ve been dying to know what happens!! :D:D:D

  47. StyxLady says:

    Aw, what’s going on with April? Poor thing, I just wish she’d confide in her family. I have a few ideas about what it might be…can’t wait to see if I’m right! The kids are all very interesting mixes of Tom and Allie. Lovin’ the genetics, and the story! ❤

  48. Berry says:

    Poor April. Hope she finds happiness someday.

  49. nightrain17 says:

    I hope April comes round, it’s breaking Allie’s heart seeing her like this.

  50. ohlordlegacy says:

    Oh, I love April’s hair! Do you know where it’s from?

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    Love the chapter 🙂 April needs to talk to her mum

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