Chapter 1.10 – Hopes and Dreams

Birthdays come and go in the Sim world often and the twins were not immune to this.  They grew into two healthy teenagers with Brendan looking like a mini Tom and Bella sporting a look that was a true mixture of both her parents.

Allie watched on with her wrinkled face.  She too had aged and the lines or worry and laughter of the years had mapped themselves across her face.

As she watched her youngest children she could not help but worry.  Would they too become difficult and distant like their older sister?  Would puberty take away her happy children and replace them with strangers?  But Allie had nothing to worry about. Both Brendan and Bella were just as happy and jovial as they had always been. 

For his birthday, Brendan had been presented with a brand new sparkling guitar. Tom and Allie had finally given into his demands to play an instrument and it was the best gift he had ever received. He carried that guitar with him everywhere.  To school, to the supermarket, even when he went to the bathroom.  His practiced every day and even though he was not very good at first, he got better and better and it was obvious he had inherited his dad’s virtuous talents.

But that was not the only talent that Brendan had inherited.  When Bella and Brendan arrived at school the day after their birthday, a harem of girls suddenly swooned around Brendan.  Bella just looked on in surprise. 

“Whoa Bella.  What happened to your brother,” Gaby, Bella’s best friend shrieked coming over to join her.  “He is soooo HOT!”

“Euuuuwww Gaby,” Bella shrieked back.  “That’s Brendan you’re talking about. You wouldn’t think that if you saw him at home. He picks his nose and everything.”

“I wouldn’t care, he could do anything around me,” Gaby replied gazing adoringly at Brendan.  Bella pretended to throw up, but Gaby just ignored her.  Her best friend’s brother had just become the hottest ticket in school!

But Brendan appeared at first to be completely oblivious to his sudden popularity.  The next day when the three Starr kids stepped off the school bus at the school gates there was a cluster of gaggling girls waiting for him.  Including Gaby and one of the girl’s mothers!

They screamed his name when they saw him all pulling poses to try to impress him.

“Your fans are waiting for you Brendan,” April teased.

“It’s so embarrassing,” Brendan replied covering his face.  “What do they want from me?”

“I think they want your body,” Bella mocked. “Naked and dipped in chocolate.”

“Oh shut up,” Brendan replied punching his sister on the shoulder.  “I’m sure they don’t. I’m sure it’s just a huge misunderstanding.”

But it wasn’t and every day Brendan’s harem followed him around the school. Brendan insisted he hated all the attention but Bella knew differently.  One day her and Gaby were walking to class when they court Brendan holding caught with a group of girls giggling at his attempt to impress them.

“Oh god, he’s making such an idiot of himself,” Bella said in shame.

“You’re telling me,” Gaby snapped back.  “I can’t believe he is linking arms with that Melissa Stanford.  She’s such a slut!”

Bella turned and looked at her friend’s disgusted face and could not help but laugh.  How can so many girls have fallen for her silly brother!  “Oh Gaby, get over him,” Bella giggled.  “He’s just a silly boy.”

For Bella’s birthday her parents had given her a camera.  They knew how much she loved her art and thought that the camera would be much more convenient that dragging her easel around with her everywhere. It was a very high tech camera and took some getting used to.  But once she did, Bella basked in her new gift. Suddenly the world had opened up even more to her and she could capture her favourite things in a flash rather than through hours of hard work.

Bella’s other favourite thing was to hang out with Brendan and his band. Brendan had put it together as soon as he was able to strum a few chords on his guitar.  Tom and Allie had allowed their son to utilise the empty garage and the band practised there every day.

Bella and her girlfriends would raise the boy’s egos by hanging out and gyrating to their tunes.

The girls would dance their socks off each trying to impress a different boy in the band.

Gaby’s love interest was obvious, it was Brendan.  Ti, Bella’s other best friend, was after Alfie the keyboardist.

And for Bella, her affections lay on the drummer, K.C. Clarke.  He did not go to the same school as them. He was the son of another famous actor his parents knew and they had all met just that summer when his parents had come round to theirs.  He was also a few years older than Bella and Brendan and teamed with his bad boy look, Bella was smitten.

Brendan asked Bella to take some promotional shots on her camera of the band and Bella was only too delighted to help.  She took them up to the highest point in Bridgeport and snapped away.  Even though artistically she was directing all the boys, her eyes were certainly always fixed on K.C.

Allie was so proud of her daughter’s photography.  She made sure to hang her favourite work on the walls at home for everyone to see and would boast about her daughter’s talents to her friends all the time, much to Bella’s embarrassment.

One afternoon April thought she was home alone.  She went and worked out in the basement and then decided to go and watch some TV in the lounge. But when she entered the room she heard giggling coming from outside. As she made her way to the French doors she saw in horror her little sister in the arms of K.C. Clark.

“Get the hell off my sister,” she screamed storming outside and pulling the boy away from Bella. 

“April what are you doing,” Bella screamed back at her. But April ignored her and kept her gaze firming fixed on K.C. 

“How dare you think you can come to our house and push yourself on my little sister who is so much younger than you,” she continued ranting. 

“April please,” Bella screamed back. “K.C’s done nothing wrong. I came on to him.”

But April continued to ignore her.  ““Men like you make me sick.  Taking advantage of someone like Bella.  Who do you think you are?”

“You better get out of my face,” K.C. spat back and Bella thought at one point he was about to hit her.

Just in the nick of time, Brendan came running around the corner.   “Hey hey hey,” he said forcing April and K.C’s faces apart.  “Calm down you two.”

“Now would someone like to tell me what’s going on,” he demanded looking from Bella to K.C to April and then back again.”

“Ask her,” April snapped pointing at Bella.

“It was a simple misunderstanding,” Bella replied looking sheepish.

“I’m out of here,” K.C spat storming off. “You guys are crazy.”

The three of them watched as K.C strode off all with a different stricken look on all their faces.

April turned back to her brother. “It was hardly a misunderstanding,” she snapped.  “If you really want to know I came out here to find your mate K.C. all over Bella here.  And I mean all over. He even had her pressed up against the wall with his tongue jammed in her mouth.”

“Oh Bella you didn’t,” Brendan sighed turning to Bella.  “K.C is bad news.”

“Not to add that he’s 19 and Bella’s only 16,” April added.

“Shut up April,” Bella screamed.  “You’re just jealous.”

“Of you,” April retorted. “Hardly!”

“Oh yeah I forgot, you would rather be a miserable old butch bitch then to have any happiness,” Bella snapped back.

“What did you call me…..?” April screeched squaring up to her sister.

 “What is going on out here?”  All three of them suddenly looked up to see their mother standing over them.

“It’s nothing,” Brendan replied looking very awkward.  “Just a misunderstanding.”

“Bella is that what it is?” Allie asked her troubled looking daughter.

“Yes mum, its nothing. Honestly,” Bella replied forcing a fake smile on her face.

Allie looked at her kids long and hard until she realised she was not going to get anything out of them.  “Ok then.  Now go inside all of you. It getting dark and cold and dinner will be reading in a minute.”

They all skulked off in different directions leaving Allie standing on her own.

She watched them all leave and let out a huge sigh.  She remembered back to the first day she arrived in Bridgeport all those years ago. How things had changed.  It had been hard work and even though things were still unpredictable, she would not have changed a thing!


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61 Responses to Chapter 1.10 – Hopes and Dreams


    first comment one sec…


    OMGOMGOMG I luv the twins, they are so adorable, and i can only see Brendan’s popularity rise as he grows. Lol at April trying to protect Bella, but she had a point, I think Bella will be fun to see, so I voted for her, great first Generation Sarah, much<3ed.


  3. Olivia says:

    Great chapter! Very dramatic its sweet how April tries to protect Bella but she must have more reasons to hate men than she has revealed 😉
    I hope Brendan wins, I think it would be good to see him try to do well in the music industry so I voted for him

  4. Loved it ❤ can't wait for more, i think im going for Bella!!!

    Where did you get KC's hair!?

  5. Emy says:

    Loving the twins!! ❤ They're very good looking.

  6. Esmée says:

    Bella is pretty, voted for her (Lll)

  7. Roxy says:

    Bella and April would both have really interesting story lines but I decided to vote for Brendan. Here’s why:
    1- I think he is the best looking sime
    2- We didn’t hear too much about him in this chapter and I want to know more
    3- I think his life will be much more different than Nessa’s was and I want to see how it will play out.
    4- I like musicians.

    Loved the chapter Sarah. Great job!

  8. Esther says:

    Wow great chapter, Bella is soooo pretty!! But have I missed something, what was Aprils secret after all? Guess I missed that……
    I’m gonna vote now, but I don’t know yet for who, I like them all 😀

  9. Glacia says:

    Can not wait for gen. 2 and I voted for Bella! I know you have done an artist before but there is just something different about her.

  10. L says:

    Probably going to have to go with Bella for next gen heir. I love April’s story but Bella is a great blend of her parents. I hope that you’ll finish all the kids’ stories no matter who’s the heir. 🙂

  11. x0xotori says:

    Where do you download your hair and clothes?! They’re SO beautiful!
    Especially the short black hair used on one of Brendans “groupies”, and the outfits used on the teenage girls.

  12. Bella’s going to win, because she’s the prettiest. *sigh.*
    I prefer April to be honest.

  13. kama674 says:

    Awesome chapter!

    I can’t belive that Gen.1 is over(or nearly) over already! I’m can’t wait to find out what April is hiding and find out if it is what I think it is. Now, I’m off to vote for the heir and since I don’t really have a favourite this gen, its gonna be a difficult choice.

    Loving the legacy!

  14. Radke Legacy says:

    I loved this chapter. I voted for April. I just really wanted a different kind of heir. But so far it does not look like she is going to win. =(

  15. Esther says:

    I voted for April, because she is different from normal heirs. She is special 😀 I also like Bella, but she is more ‘ standard ‘.

  16. Grozkal says:

    Voted for brenden before even reading 1.9 and 1.10 because of the lack of male heirs in the legacies i read

  17. Slushie says:

    Ugh… I am torn between all three…

    I like April, since I’d love it if there was a different heiress besides the usual pretty one. Plus she’s like the underdog, I don’t think anyone would expect her to win.

    I like Brendan because the lack of male heirs, plus his LTW seems cool.

    I like Bella because of her LTW. There hasn’t been a sim with that LTW so it could be cool. But Bella is probably winning right now (since she’s the prettiest…) so I am torn between April and Brendan. 😦

  18. risastorm says:

    Wow Brenden is hot! heehee I know who I’m voting for ;DD
    I love how April actually cared about her little sis! so sweet!

  19. Slushie says:

    I voted for Brendan, but its mostly because I could tell that April was losing…

  20. aimy says:


    i agree. it always seems like the prettiest heiress/heir wins. it’s pretty annoying. i wish april would win, but its not gonna happen. i like april because she seems the most realistic and down to earth. i think bella is a bit plain. she looks like the average heiress. i wish that some people would stop voting for who they think is the prettiest. it isnt a beauty pageant

    voted for brendan since he has a shot at winning and since theres hardly male heirs.

  21. antsims3 says:

    Great chapter! All three Starr kids have such different striking personalities. Who to vote for…? Can’t wait to see who wins the vote!

  22. Emma says:

    Great chapter – I’m still not sure who to vote for I think they would all be interesting. Hmm must make my mind up.

    I have a new chapter up at

  23. Wow, just got caught up! This is an amazing stroy and noby should complain about how wins, because they are all unique and lovely. Wow. WOW. WOOOW. Brendan is hot! I would KILL to be that girl he linked arms with. *sigh* Can I have a link for him as a .sim file please? <333

  24. Becci says:

    WOW.. cool to see a bit of tension in the house haha
    im so torn between Bendan and Bella, we havent really seen stories like theres….. soo i think Brendan may just win me over 😀
    great chapter as usual xx

  25. I finished The Seraphine Legacy and The Tale of a Vampire the other day and I’ve started reading The Shenston Legacy. Your storytelling has evolved so much, and it’s wonderful to be able to keep up with The Starr Legacy now.

    I voted for Brendon because I can see his potential as a hot playboy. Yeahh 😉

    Also I added this legacy to the list of legacies I read on my legacy’s blog. I hope you don’t mind ❤

  26. StyxLady says:

    I voted for Bella, but it was a tough choice! I love all 3 of them for different reasons. I think Bella has the best mix of features from both parents, and I really identify with her personality. I won’t be too upset if either of the other two win, though. 🙂

    Still keeping us in suspense about what’s going on with April, huh? I think it’s one of two things, but I could be wrong and it could be something completely I kind of like K.C., and I think it’s funny he’s in a band–I kept wanting to call them “K.C. and the Sunshine Band.” Hahaha. I wonder if he’s just misunderstood or if he has his reputation for a reason.

  27. myk.ster says:

    Voted for Brendan. I would love to see how his band and his popularity would turn out. Nice chapter by the way. :]

  28. rissanicole says:

    I voted for Brendan , but quite honestly would be happy with either twins.I wouldn’t really mind if April won but it is just kind of annoying how she is always in a negative mood.And because she looks to much like Alli and i like it when they all look different.I liked this chapter , though bummed April’s secret didn’t come out): will her secret be revealed at some point?And when will voting end??(sorry if you already answered this , i didn’t read the comments.)

  29. egorowski says:

    K. I voted for April – just for something different but I’ll be happy with any of them.
    In my legacy Anna’s kids are growing up and it’s nearly time for the heir vote. If you wanna check it out you can at
    It’d be awesome if you could check it out

  30. snapcarolina says:

    Brilliant! Off to vote, xx

  31. STARZ says:

    Hmm..Didnt i comment on this?
    Could yuou possibley announce the winner earlier?

  32. Jakee says:

    Old allie scares me :S
    Dunno why. Should probably change her hair, something more suited.

  33. Ayumii says:

    ^ Same here, Jakee. Old Allie is freakin’ scary as hell 😛

  34. Sophia says:

    I voted for Bella but really, I’m not even sure why. I just didn’t know which twin to choose! LOL. Odd question probably, but will Brendan be a little heartbreaker? Bringing girls home 😛 Hm?

  35. Chellekaz says:

    Oh wow the twins are gorgeous. I LOVE that all the girls as school noticed Brendan immediately, how could you help it? My quibble is where are the boys falling over Bella?!

    Another quibble? So far I have an imagined plot line for The Clarke Legacy that is feeling reaaaaaally similar. Stay out of my head if you’re going to be faster to the writing than I am pleaseandthankyou! ^.^

    I voted for April, who is unfortunately far behind, ’cause despite her rough edges, I really just want to hug her. She seems to need a big hug.

  36. I voted for bella. I couldn’t decide so I went for the one that is most like me so I could relate to her!

  37. the twins are gorgeous. i love brendan. ❤ it's still going to be hard to decide who to pick for heir!

  38. grazya says:

    I voted for Brendan…too bad he’s losing by 5 atm. 😦 I’ll be crossing my fingers that he wins!

  39. AlyssumCandy says:

    I couldn’t vote on looks like I normally do because they are all so beautiful…

  40. egorowski says:

    It was hard to vote as I think they’ll all be interesting – three really unique, interesting choices.
    I’m dying to know what April’s secret is!

  41. MissJDD says:

    I voted for April, I really like her, I love her hair and I get the feeling that by the time shes an elder she’ll be kind and generous. I love the twins too but I think April would have a more interesting storyline as the heiress. Now I’m guessing she wont win /: but the twins are adorable so I suppose it’s okay whatever happens.
    This is an odd request but do you reckon Bella could get a tattoo or two? I could really imagine her with some tattoos, haha im sorry :3

  42. Pfaffers says:

    Omgomgomg Sarah, another amazing chapter. I’m voting for bella! By the way, I love how there school mascot is a llama:)

    Much<3ed thank you sooo much for updating

  43. miiiiiiiia says:

    aw, it so sad to see them drift apart from each other. But on the other hand, they are growing up and they are all so different from each other!

    I so desperately want to know what April’s secret is!!!! But I think I know what it is. Maybe April ‘got with’ K.C, and her secret is shes pregnant, and thats why she got angry at Bella for kissing him in case Bella falls pregnant too? Like, she has been acting all moody lately, hasnt she? I didnt vote for her, though I would love to see all of them later on in the story.

    Bella is so cute. I love her new look and she just has such a cute personality. I never would’ve expected her getting with K.C. But I guess she also has a bad side to her 😛 hehe.

    And Brendan is amazing. If I was a sim I would screaming with all those other girls for him. LOL He is awesome and much, much more. And thats why I voted for him. I wish I could have voted for all 3 but I cant.

    Allie and Tom are so adorable together. They both look amazing as ever, even though they’ve aged. LOVE IT

  44. lindseypie says:

    I realllllly want to know what’s bugging April! How can she just attack K.C?!
    I voted for Brendan, he’s just so cute. plus he’ll be a little heart breaker!


  45. maike0090 says:

    i love this story so much <3333

  46. Thea says:

    Looks like trouble for the kids. I’m liking Bella but I still wish April would come clean about whatever she is going through

  47. lckygrl1975 says:

    April needs to calm down and come clean

  48. auburn101 says:

    Slowly catching up with your chapters. Brendan and Bella grew up beautifully! Brendan remains my favorite after all these chapters! I love the music and band theme you have going on. Really cute and unique! I posted a new chapter on my blog, can you read and comment on it? Please and thank you!

    Auburn Legacy

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