And the WINNER is…..

Gender: Female
Age: 16
Traits: Artistic, Over-emotional, Loves the Outdoors, Photographer’s Eye
Lifetime Wish: Visionary
Relation to Heir: Daughter

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32 Responses to And the WINNER is…..

  1. StarSarah says:

    Hi guys.

    Thank you to everyone who voted.

    I know that this voting turned into a two horse race between Bella and Brendan and i am sorry to everyone who voted from Brendan (and April). So i will be uploading both of them so maybe you can carry on their story yourselves?


  2. Ayumii says:

    YES!! 😀 Friday I was sad that Brendan had more votes…Luckily Bella won! 😀 She has such an amazing personality!

  3. madzo13melanie says:

    Yesss! Thank God, I must have voted for Bella 30 times!

  4. Esther says:

    Ah well, guess I don’t care she won. I voted for April, but Bella deserves it. They’re all great!! 😀 Can’t wait for the new gen!!

  5. BAAAAAAAAA! says:


  6. Oliviaa says:

    Aww i really wanted Brendan to win 😦 oh well I’m sure the story will be great with Bella, every heir is great no matter who it is

  7. STARZ says:

    WOOP WOOP!! 😀 😀
    Soooo happy !! Woop woop!
    So whens the next chapter?? Woop woop!
    WOOP WOOP! WOOP WOOP! –Happydance–

  8. pineapple275 says:

    I voted for Bella because April looks too much like Allie and not knowing her secret didn’t really attract me to her. What if it’s worse then a lesbian and it’s steroids and she goes insane? Wouldn’t particularly want to get into that. I didn’t vote for Brendan because he wanted to go into stardom like his parents and we just had a generation-ish of stars so a nice break would be cool. Bella is different in all ways. She’s got an interesting taste in guys, too. Can’t wait to see how this plays out 🙂


    I wouldn’t have minded if Brendan won, but I’m so glad that Bella was the winner. April would have been good too, but like pineapple275, i was worried.

    Can’t wait for next chapter!!

  10. rockit4 says:

    aww. . . i hoped Brendan would win, that’s my brothers name. but i do recognize that it would be another “fame” generation, and i know Bella will also be a good heir. they’re always good, no matter who it is. 🙂

  11. madzo13melanie says:

    Actually if you turn off your computer then turn it back on it changes your IP adress, so ~I kept doin that

  12. Jeremy says:

    i’m glad that Bella won! 🙂

    i think she’s really interesting

  13. aimy says:

    oh well. her story will be interesting anyway.

  14. Slushie says:

    Aww, I was hoping Brendan would win or April… to be honest Bella was my last choice (cuz she already had so many people voting for her). But, hey! The story will still be great! Plus her LTW hasn’t been done yet, so it’d be interesting to see something new.

  15. grazya says:

    I wanted Brendan to win. 😦 Honestly, I think Bella is kind of boring and there have been so many heirs like her in other legacies. Brendan was cute with a cute personality and he’s male, that’s a combo that doesn’t happen often. As for April…there’s a thin line between quirky and oddball, and she was an oddball.

  16. Eleasha says:

    I really liked April, she is just like so many sims I’ve created! I still voted for her even though I knew she wouldn’t win. Will we get to know her secret?
    I was glad Bella won over Brendan, I just prefer female heirs in general

  17. egorowski says:

    Can’t wait to see where you take Bella.

  18. miiiiiia says:

    Haha yay for Bella!
    Although I voted for Brendan, all of them are awesome so it doesnt really matter who won 🙂 I’m excited for the next chapter! hehe

  19. gigi says:

    whens the next ch. out?:)

  20. lindseypie says:

    Poo! I wanted Brendan sooooo bad!
    oh well, it was a close race.


  21. Bella should be a great heir. Can’t wait to see how Bella’s generation turs out!

  22. rissanicole says:

    I wanted Brendan to win but all well.I know it will be interesting.

  23. dorkney says:

    Yay!! I voted for her twice….I don’t know how…but I did. Can’t wait for the next post…tomorrow right? I will be reading it while watching Jersey Shore, Pretty Little Liars and Skins. 🙂

  24. Berry says:


  25. myk.ster says:

    Brendan’s story would be nice, but Bella’s personality is okay, too.

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