Chapter 2.5 – Too Late?

Bella was surprised how quickly she fell in love with Joey.  He was handsome, smart, funny and charming plus he was the brother of her best friend’s husband which made her life very easy. The relationship moved quickly and soon Joey moved in with the Starr family. They fell into a comfortable routine just enjoying being in each other’s company.

For Bella it was effortlessness.  Joey got along famously with the rest of the family and slotted into the day to day routine like a round peg in a round hole.

With her personal life so straightforward, it gave Bella time to focus on her work. Orders poured in every day for her artwork and soon she got the funds together to open up her own space in the Bridgeport Art Gallery.  She displayed all her best work here and even some of her old favourites.

The Gallery threw a big launch party in Bella’s honour.  Critics and fans alike swamped the galleria, snapping up her work and complimenting her on her creations.

Brendan even came home for her big day.  He bought with him his new bride.  She was apparently some famous model, though Bella had never heard of her and feared that her style of modelling was not something that could be found in her Cosmo magazines.  But Brendan seemed happy and that was all that mattered to Bella.

Towards the end of the evening, April approached her sister and asked to have a word.  “What’s up sis,” Bella asked.

“I, well we, me and Sissy that is, have some news,” April started looking nervous.

“Come on then,” Bella pushed getting impatient.

“We are going to have a baby,” April cried.

“Oh my god,” Bella shrieked.  “When?  What?  How?”

“Well Sissy has wanted a child for a long time.  So we found a donor and now she’s pregnant.”

“I’m shocked,” Bella replied. “But happy shocked. Why did you not tell me before?”

“Well we didn’t want to say anything until we were sure it could happen and then we found out this morning that Sissy is pregnant.  We told mum, but did not want to tell you as you were so stressed with the event. But I just can’t hold it in anymore!”

Bella gave her sister and big hug and then called out to Sissy.  “Sissy, get your butt over here now girl,” she called out.

Sissy came over looking very sheepish.  “I told her,” April said. 

Bella pulled her into a big hug.  “Congratulations darling.  I am so happy for you,” she said squeezing her sister in law.

“I’m so happy too,” Sissy replied.

After the success of the launch, Bella got given a bigger space at the Gallery and was soon the headlining artist. She went there every day to check on the progress of things and to see if there were any questions from potential customers. “Evening Janey,” she said greeting the receptionist one day.  “Any messages?”

“Not exactly,” Janey replied.  “But a young man did come in looking for you earlier.  He came back two or three times asking after you but I have not seen him in a while.”

“Who was he? Did he leave a name?”

“No he didn’t but he was tall and blond and quite dishy.”

Bella scratched her head.  It can’t be, she thought to herself.  Not after all this time.

That evening, everyone was out so Bella had dinner alone with her mum. It was nice to have time together just the two of them for a change.  “So how’s thing,” Allie asked. “With you and Joey I mean?”

“Good, good,” Bella replied. “You know how it is. He’s lovely.  It’s nice to be in an uncomplicated relationship for a change.”

Just then the two ladies heard music coming from outside.  “What the devil is that,” Allie asked. 

“I have no idea,” Bella replied looking around confused.  “Its coming from outside.” Both ladies peered through the window only to see Charlie standing there playing the guitar.

“What the…..” Bella shrieked running outside.

“Charlie,” Bella exclaimed.  “What’s going on? What are you doing here?”

“Just let me finish,” Charlie replied trying his best to strum on the guitar. His attempt sounded like a strangled cat.  Bella could not help but laugh at the concentration in his face while he tried to play.

Eventually he finished whatever tune he had been trying to play and let out a huge sigh.  He looked up at Bella and started to laugh too. “I know that was awful,” he said, “but I remember how much you like rock stars so what better way to impress you.”

Bella laughed again. “That was like years ago,” she chuckled. “Things are a bit different now silly.”

Charlie smiled back at her then looked serious “Listen Bella, I know I am probably six years too late but….”

Bella knew what he was about to say, she could see it in his eyes and she had to stop him.  “I’m engaged,” she interrupted. 

Charlie looked like he had been smacked in the face. “Do you want to come in,” she asked him.

“No it’s ok,” he replied his hanging down.  “I guess now I know and I can stop wondering.  It’s my own fault.”  He then turned around and walked off.

Bella watched him go. Desperate to stop him but unable to. She was engaged to Joey now and that was how it was.  Allie watched from the window as her daughter’s shoulders sunk and she started to cry.

Allie and Bella did not mention what had happened to Joey, there was no need to. But as the weeks rolled by Bella could not get Charlie out of her head.  She found herself backing off from Joey and refusing his advancements more and more. After another sleepless night, she rose from her bed and went and sat on the balcony looking up at the stars and pondering her future.

Soon she heard the French doors slide open and footsteps padding out behind her.  She braced herself.

“What’s going on Bella,” Joey asked standing behind her.  “You haven’t been yourself for a while now.  Tell me what’s going on. Please!”

The next day Bella rushed to get the door.  “Thank god you’re here,” she cried seeing Gaby balancing Billy on her pregnant stomach.

“What’s going on Bella,” Gaby asked.  “Why did I have to rush over so fast?”

Bella ushered Gaby inside. Then she turned to her and just blurted it out.  “Me and Joey broke up last night!”

“Oh honey.  Are you ok?  Why didn’t you call me before?  What happened?”

“I had to do it,” Bella replied.

“It’s going be fine,” Gaby said trying to sooth her friend. “It is so natural to be nervous before you get married. Do you remember me? Don’t worry, Joey is going to understand. You just need to talk to him. Just set a time to meet. Tell him you need a day or two to think things over.”

“I have to call Charlie,” Bella exclaimed needing to shut Gaby up.


“Yes I have to talk to him. I have to tell him I’m not getting married.”

“Stop,” Gaby commanded.  “Just stop for a minute. I saw him. I saw Charlie the other day.”

“You did? Where?”

“I was in the bridal shop collecting my dress for your wedding and he was in there getting measured for a suit.  Bella I’m sorry but he’s getting married!”

“What do you mean he’s getting married?  How do you know?”

“I overheard him talking to the man who was measuring him. The man asked him when the wedding was and Charlie told him it was today.  Then man asked if Charlie was nervous and he replied that he was excited but his parents were nervous to be letting go of their child.”

“Oh my god,” Bella sighed.  She felt a pain in her heart she had never felt before.  “We have to stop him!”

“NO BELLA,” Gaby shrieked.  We can’t! You can’t.  He’s getting married, it’s too late.”

“No its not,” Bella cried.  “Come on,” she beckoned running to the front door.

Gaby had no idea why she had agreed to along with this, but she knew she had to be there to catch Bella when she fell. “What are you going to say,” she asked hanging onto the car for dear life while Bella drove like a bat out of hell into the city.

“I don’t know yet,” Bella replied.  “I’ll figure something out when we get there.”

They heard the bells from the chapel chime blocks away in the car.  Bella put her foot down and drove even faster.  They pulled up outside the chapel and stopped dead.  The ceremony was over!  The guests were out the front getting ready to go to the reception and Charlie was in the arms of the bride.

Bella watched on caught in a trance.  Tears rolled down her cheeks and she found her feat glued to the spot.  She heard Gaby’s voice in the distance beckoning her to go but she could not move.

Eventually the bride let Charlie go and went off to greet some of her guests.  Charlie looked up and locked eyes with Bella. 

He walked over to her and smiled.  He reached out and wiped the tears from her cheek.  “Why are you crying,” he asked softly.

“It’s too late,” Bella whimpered.  “I’m too late.”  Charlie smiled even wider and leant in giving Bella a soft kiss on her lips.

“You’re not too late,” he said.  “It’s my sister who just got married, not me.”

Bella looked over Charlie’s shoulder to see the bride now cooing with another man that was obviously her husband.

Bella burst out laughing and wiped the tears from her own face.  But the tears just kept coming as Charlie bought her into his arms and kissed her again.  This time she knew he was not going anywhere!

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89 Responses to Chapter 2.5 – Too Late?

  1. Brittany Solarz says:

    AHH. So romantic!

    I wanted her to be with Charlie the whole time!

    Don’t tease us anymore. Let them settle down and start a family. 😉

  2. Esther says:

    Yeah! Charlies back 🙂 You made some pretty good pictures from what I can see…. I mean Bella’s pictures as a photographer. They’re pretty darn good 🙂 Are you enjoying the photographing thing?

    I hope Charlie and Bella are going to start a family now!

  3. snapcarolina says:

    Dangg, I liked Joey :/

  4. JadeKadoa says:

    I smell intense drama in the future between Bella and Joey. Though it is nice seeing charlie and bella together finally!

  5. Radke Legacy says:

    I knew they would be together! Now time for some babies!

  6. Emy says:

    Aww, I can’t help but feel sorry for Joey. I like Bella and Charlie together, though.

  7. Esmée says:

    Awww, how sweeet,

    sad that Joey and Bella broke up, but Charlie and Bella are just meant to be. ❤

  8. Molly says:

    This is the closest I’m ever going to come to being the 1st comment:)

    This was an awesome post! I’m so glad that Bella and Charlie are finally together, but at the same time, I wonder how Gaby will react….. Hopefully Joey won’t turn out to be a jerk who ruins Bella and Charlie’s relationship…. Do you know what Joey’s job is?

  9. Jeremy says:

    omg, i’m glad Bella en Charlie are together! ;D
    i like them as a couple! ;D
    can’t wait for more! ;D

    -bad English alert-

  10. Vampirehuntress says:

    Yeah Charlie and Bella together again

  11. Esther says:

    Hey Jeremy, are you Dutch like me and on the sims 3 community forum? Because there is a boy on that forum who’s name is Jerjer. I thought that maybe be you?

  12. madismith67 says:

    GO CHARLIE!! That sexy nerd we all love!! (:

  13. DaDa says:

    Billy is so cute! I loved this chapter, FINALLY Charlie and Bella are together

  14. Brogan says:

    So cute! Bella’s generation is exactly like that movie “A lot Like Love”. The one with Ashton Kutcher and whatever her name is… LOVE it!

  15. Thea says:

    Yayyyyyy I’m so glad they finally got together ❤

  16. Evelien says:

    I knew it was Charlie’s sister who was getting married 😀 Luckily it wasn’t Charlie. So now it’s time for him and Bella to settle down and start a family.

  17. ijada13 says:

    Yay! Looks like happily ever after is on the way 🙂 great chapter Sarah! Xx

  18. Jillian says:

    Yay! =] I’m so glad they’re together! Now they can have gorgeous babies!

    – Jill

  19. karly says:

    AWWW!!! yesyesyes!!! i’ve been waiting for this to happen since she met Charlie 🙂 ooh, now maybe theyll sttle down and start a family 😀

  20. StyxLady says:

    Epic update! I feel so sad for Joey though. He didn’t do anything wrong and now he’s lost the woman he loves. I hope he finds someone nice to settle down with, he’s a sweet guy. But yay for Charlie and Bella!

  21. risastorm says:

    Awww such a sweet ending. c:

  22. funnyfuzzy96 says:

    Yay! I liked charlie from the start. I’m glad that he and Bella are finally together. I can’t wait to see what their kids look like.

  23. Bayyleaf says:

    Woo there together at last, I’ve loved Charlie from the start, I just think nerds are so cute! 😀 Now I want to see them start a family!!!

  24. dinkyjen says:

    Yay! I’m so happy things are looking up!

    I hope Joey doesn’t react badly, I want Bella and Charlie to have babies!!

  25. Tawny says:

    Woot! lets get gen 3 coming!

  26. Slushie says:

    Aww! I feel bad for Joey, since it seems like he knew Bella a bit more and longer than Charlie (or at least I think… cuz they were together for six years or something like that). But I’m happy to see Bella and Charlie together! So it’s a bitter-sweet moment for me. Could you make Joey end up with someone and marry them? I wish he can end up happy like Bella has.

  27. dorkney says:

    Yay! I love Charlie….Gaby would be my best friend too probably. Her glasses crack me up, in a good way.

    Congratulations April and Sissy!

  28. Teddy says:

    YESSS! I love Charlie and Bella together. I feel kinda bad for Joey, but he wasn’t that exciting as a person, and I feel like their relationship was more expected, based on the idea that his brother was married to her best friend, than true love. Anyway, great job, and I can’t wait for the next chapter!

    On a side note, are you going to continue Tale of a Vampire, or are you done with it all together?

  29. billy says:

    WOW best romantic chapter ever Sarah i think your story lines and style of writing have really blossomed since the shenston legacy XXX (i love games and books with thick story lines) oh im glad Bella has made up her mind now lets hope she has triplets that would be cool, also did you first start playing sims 3 or did you play sims 2 or sims 1 first oh and one more thing how did you discover the sims? 😀

    • StarSarah says:

      Aww thanks billy, i agree that my writing has come on a long way. To be honest when i started the Shenston’s i had no idea what i was doing and just learnt as i went along. Though i am always still learning, i have a bit more under my belt now.

      I started playin the Sims 1 and then Sims2, but it was only the Sims 3 that inspired me to start writing x

  30. bonnie says:

    im gonna have to disagree with everyone, i dont like charlie. Theres something suspicious about him.

  31. SimsNikki says:

    wow you have a true talent when it comes to this 🙂
    i do have a question..what sims games do you use?

    xx nikki xx

  32. Natt says:

    Aw I feel bad for Joey lol, I liked him. But Charlies nice too.

  33. carebear728 says:

    Awww that was so beautiful and romantic though i do feel bad for joey

  34. sundancer16 says:

    Joey was so much better for Bella. I’m starting not to like her… she’s headstrong and stubborn, and changes her mind way too fast… she flits from one guy to the next, always interested in what she can’t have. She ditched a perfectly amazing, stable, honest and wonderful man for a guy who left her multiple times and can’t even make up his own mind. He’s probably going her leave her and she’ll deserve it. She should have stayed with Joey.

  35. sundancer16 says:

    P.S. I saw the ending coming that the wedding was going to be his sister’s! 😉 But still… great job. Really.

  36. Becci says:

    I knew it was his sister! It had to be.. and now for gen 3 i think 🙂

  37. egorowski says:

    Yay – they are finally together. Although, I do feel bad for Joey as he seemed like a good guy and I’m sure they could’ve been very happy together too.

  38. rockit4 says:

    yay for happy endings!! their babies are gonna be so cuteeee 😀

  39. YES! (happy dance)
    I knew they were going to be together all along… right from the airplane! 😀 😀

  40. pineapple275 says:

    There’s a Founder Poll on my little sister’s wordpress, could you vote for her? It closes soon and no one has voted. Here’s the link

    Thanks in advance!

  41. karly says:

    great chapter Sarah! WHens the next one out? haha…i cant wait, i love this legacy SO MUCH ❤ ❤

  42. Rad says:

    Hooray, finally caught up. Am still astounded by how well you stage these shots.

  43. antsims3 says:

    Finally! I’m so happy that Bella and Charlie are together. It seems like they were holding their feelings forever! Can’t see their kids, if they have any… 😀

  44. kara says:

    i’ve been reading all your legacies, since the Shenstons, up to now. and i guess i’ve finally caught up. 😛
    wow. just wow.
    i love the way you write. all these plotlines and stories. . i never would have imagined.
    also, your sims are beautiful!! i love all the hair and clothes. heck, even without the hair and clothes, they’re still beautiful. their faces are so pretty and their facial expressions are priceless.
    i gave up on blogging my legacies long ago. i still play on them, but i don’t know if i’ll blog them. it’s all so much. i don’t know how you do it.
    i just wanted to say that i love all your legacies(: especially the Seraphines and Angel Falls. i wish it would keep going, i loved everything about it. I think riley was my fave tho.
    i hope you update soon!(:

  45. Sophia says:

    I love your legacies! I read the Seraphines and now I’m reading the Shenstons and I love all of them! I wish I would’ve read them in a specific order But regardless they’re all really amazing and I wish I had the same drive to blog them as you do. 😦 But I do one draft and end up scrapping it all. 😛

    Here’s my legacy family’s tree. Kind of sad that this is honestly the farthest I’ve ever gone in any legacy since I have such a short attention span with sims. Lol. 🙂

  46. Poodle says:

    I AGREE WITH KARA ENTIRELY (except the whole giving up on blogging, cuz im addicted to these things and im sure urs were great) And i am totally addicted to yours StarSarah! I check like…EVERYDAY (yet i somehow never get first comment, its seems like u update everyday i cant get on…are you stalking me 😉 agrge)

  47. Nastassia says:

    Your story reminds me of a movie called A lot like love.

  48. Simmer96812 says:

    Quick question…where did you get Bella’s dress? I love it! 🙂
    Also, I agree with StyxLady…Joey didn’t do anything wrong and I hope he finds someone else but I’m really happy to see Charlie and Bella together!

    • StarSarah says:

      I think it was from the Sims Resource. I got it ages ago.

      I feel sorry for Joey too but he never excited Bella, she was just settling and i think that if you are going to be with someone for the rest of your life, it has to be the right one no matter what. Im sure Joey will find someone else who really wants him!


  49. Woah intense drama… I just found your blog this morning and I cannot stop reading bothe this and your vampire story. You are so good with story telling…. Woah woah woah… Thank you for making such a great story… will be looking forward to see the updates.. he he.. keep up the great job!

  50. yay! i’m love bella and charlie together 🙂 🙂 ❤

  51. singer14 says:

    Daaaaaaw, and to think the first words Bella ever said to Charlie was, “What the hell are you looking at?” Oh yeah, sure sign of true love. 🙂 Its nice to see that hot nerd saint is finally with her.

  52. nightrain17 says:

    It’s nice to see Bella finally come to terms with herself, her and Charlie were just meant to be together

  53. bananablitzz says:

    oh my gosh that scared me so badly!!! im like, NOOOOO HURRY GET TO THE WEDDING oh that scared me. so romantic!

  54. Singer14 says:

    Ooooooooooo, where did you get Champeign’s hair? Its so prettyful!

  55. Anonymous says:

    Hi, i love your storie and im continueing to follow it and all. But i was really disappointed to see that this turned out to be exactly the copy of that one movie, i cant think of the name lol but i think Ashton Kutcher was in it, lol anywayss. I still love your storie and am super sad that Tom is dead lol, but that happens 🙂 and i cant wait to see their babys ❤ their gonna be supppperrr cuttteee lol 🙂

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