Chapter 3.8 – Birthday Girl

Anna’s second pregnancy really took its toll on her physically.  Carter and Danny both helped out as much as possible. Carter often took Esme to work with him but she ran riot throughout the bar that he often had to end up bringing her home.  Therefore it was up to Danny to step in when he was not at school.  He would often take Esme to the park or Diner with him and his friends to give Anna some time off.

But as expected, it was more hassle than it was worth. Out in public she always seemed to scream and holler the place down, soiling herself and spilling her food everywhere.

In the end Danny always admitted defeat and ended up taking her home. There was no point trying to have a social life when the terror that was Esme was around!

By the time Anna went into labour, she was exhausted and Carter had to carry her into the hospital.

Farah Bella Starr was born at 8.33pm by C-Section. She was a healthy baby girl weighing in at 6lbs4oz.  Carter and Anna could not be happier!

Compared to Esme, Farah was the dream child.  She hardly ever cried, ate well and even slept soundly while her big sister howled the place down at night.

Even though Esme was two and Farah was only one, it would be Esme who Anna would stay up with night after night trying to sing her to sleep.  The doctors said that she just had too much going on in her little head to settle properly, but Anna continued to fear that there was more to her little daughter than anyone really knew.

As time drifted by and Farah grew bigger, the two girls became like twins and would play happily for hours together. It was a relief for the family to have Farah around as she seemed to be the only person that kept Esme occupied for long periods of time.

But Farah was not without flaw’s either.   She was a complete mummy’s girl and clung hold of her constantly like a little spider monkey.

When Esme got too big to carry, Anna would often find herself carrying Farah around in her arms with Esme hanging off her legs. It was almost impossible to get about this way but once both girls latched onto her, there was no tearing them away!

When Carter came home late from work one night he found Anna sitting on the bed, crying.

“Honey what’s the matter,” he said pulling her to her feet and fearing the worst.

“I can’t cope Carter, I just can’t cope,” she wept falling against his shoulder and sobbing as silently as she could so she wouldn’t wake the girls. “Esme is so demanding and restless and Farah just clings to me like her little life depends on it.  I can’t go anywhere or do anything as they both need my attention so much.  I just can’t take it anymore, they’re driving me crazy!”

Carter held his wife and then reached up, wiping her tears away from her eyes.  “I’m sorry you’re going through this darling.  What can I do to help?  Shall we hire a nanny?”

“No,” Anna snapped back. She had been raised by nannies as child and swore that she would not neglect her own children the same way.  “Absolutely not.  I just need a rest. I’ll be fine.” She wiped away the rest of her tears and flashed a fake smile at Carter.  “I’ll be fine,” she repeated trying to sound as reassuring as possible to her worried husband.

But there was no fooling Carter, he knew her better than that.  “No you’re not darling and I don’t blame you either.  Its Esme’s birthday next week so maybe things will get better when she ages up.  Hopefully she will just grow out of this hyperactive faze and things will get easier for all of us.” He rubbed Anna’s shoulder while she let out a breath and let the smile settle on her face.  “I have an idea,” Carter continued.  “Why don’t we have a little party for Esme, just the family?  I can get the BBQ going and you can bake one of those fabulous chocolate cakes Danny loves so much.  I’ll do everything else – you won’t have to lift a finger. What do you think?  ”

“Yes,” Anna whimpered unable to hide her tears again.  “Yes I would like that,” she said again.

“Aww come here sausage,” Carter said pulling Anna into his arms and letting her get it all out. The party couldn’t come around quick enough.

The next week flew by and soon enough it was June 1st, Esme’s birthday.  Charlie and Heather came round with the triplets and so did Kitty-Boo whose daughter was almost seven years old!

While the teenagers soaked in the hot-tub and gossiped about who was dating who, the adults hung by the buffet table swapping their tales of woe.

“So where’s Daisy’s dad now,” Anna asked Kitty-Boo intrigued to find out the real mystery surrounding her daughters father.

“He still lives in Bridgeport,” Kitty-Boo replied.  “With his wife and kids!”

“He’s married,” Anna gasped.

“He always was,” Kitty replied.  “I always knew he would never leave his wife and kids for me. He is on the board of doctors at the hospital and the scandal would have ruined his career.  But he sees Daisy every now again when he can.”

Anna looked over at Daisy playing peek-a-boo with Esme and realised how lucky she was to have Carter at her side.

“Mama Mama,” Esme cried pushing herself up off the floor and bounding over to Anna and Kitty.  “Me open presents now,” she demanded.

“Not yet Esme.  We’ve been through this. You are not to open your presents until after you have blown out your candles.”

“Now open presents,” Esme demanded again.

“No Esme, soon.”

“NOW NOW NOW,” Esme called stamping her feet and jumping up and down. 

Anna let out a sigh, she knew this would happen.  “OK OK calm down.  We’ll do the cake now then you can open your presents.”

“Birthday time everyone,” Anna called getting everyone gathered around. She gave a reluctant Farah to Carter to hold and scooped Esme up realising this would be the last time she could really hold her little girl. As everyone cheered Esme on, Anna shed a little tear of relief.

Esme was relieved too – she could not grow up quick enough and open her presents.  She had been asking for a make-up box for ages and was sure her parents had bought it for her. As she aged, she developed the snob trait.

Esme was so excited that she did not even bother to eat some of her mum’s famous chocolate cake with the rest of the guests.  She bounded straight over to the present table and ripped the wrapping off each one laying out all her gifts for her to assess.

“Hey baby girl,” Anna said approaching her daughter and having to step over the vast amounts of toys that were now littered over the ground.  “My you did pretty well for yourself didn’t you? Look at all these fantastic toys.  Someone’s been a lucky girl.”

“Where’s my make-up case,” Esme snapped. 

“Err well honey me and your father talked about it and we decided that you were a little too young for make-up right now but maybe you will get it for your next birthday.”

“I wanted a make-up case, not this rubbish,” Esme exploded.

Anna looked around mortified.  “Young lady,” she said lowering her voice.  “You have got lots of other amazing presents here. Now don’t be ungrateful or you are going to be sent to your room.  Why don’t you play with Barney the bear Uncle Charlie and Aunt Heather bought you?”

“I don’t want a stupid bear,” Esme retaliated picking the bear up and running across the lawn towards the swimming pool with it.

“Esme if you throw that bear into the pool you will be in so much trouble young lady,” Cater called spotting what his daughter was up to.

Esme gave up, flopping onto the floor instead picking at the bear’s fur.

“Are you ok darling,” Carter said popping Farah on the ground and joining his wife.  “Don’t let her get to you.”

“She’s just so mean sometimes,” Anna replied. 

“The best thing we can do is ignore her.  She is just doing all of this for attention and the more we give into it the worst she will be.  So next time she has a tantrum we will just leave her to it ok?”

“OK,” Anna replied hoping this would work. She had hoped things would change now Esme was older – maybe they had just gotten worse?!

Esme sat by the swimming pool watching her parents talk in whispers.  “So when are we going to the shops to get my makeup case,” she called across to her mum.

“You’re not getting it,” Carter replied for Anna scooping Farah up.  “You have plenty of other toys and you will have to make do.  Now come inside, its getting dark and your mums going to make your dinner.”

“But muuuummmm,” Esme whined ignoring her dad.

“Do as your father says,” Anna replied following Carter inside.

Esme’s blood started to boil. She felt it start at the tips of her toes and rise up through her ankles, up her legs, across her chest and into her head.  “Arrrrhhhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed releasing it with all her might.

She stood screaming like this for a good few minutes.  Every now and again she stomped her feet, pulling her hair and screaming some more.

When she could not scream anymore and her throat started to sting she looked around waiting for her parents to come running to comfort her. But what she saw was an empty yard – everyone had gone inside leaving her all on her own!

She scratched her head and scooped up her bear.  That has never happened before, she thought to herself.

Carter stood in by the French doors watching his daughter’s temper tantrum.  It was tough sitting back and watching her cry but something had to be done.  They could not allow her behaviour to continue this way anymore.

“Hey dad, can I ask you a favour,” Danny asked coming up behind Cater.

“Of course you can, fire away.”

“Well Doug Moore is throwing a party at the beach tonight and I was wondering if I could go?”

“Of course you can Danny,” Carter replied. “You’re 16 now so you don’t have to ask me for permission anymore. Just make sure you are home by curfew.”

“Well that’s the thing,” Danny said looking rather sheepish.  “All my friends don’t have to be home until midnight and it’s really embarrassing that I have to be home by 10pm!  Is there anyway of extending it even if it’s just this once?”

“What’s so special about his party,” Carter asked suspiciously.

“Well there’s this girl….”

“I knew it,” Carter shrieked cutting him off.  “Aww has my little man got himself a girlfriend?”

“Oh dad, please,” Danny said going scarlet red in the face.

“Ok ok, you can stay out till Midnight tonight Danny. But if you break it there will be no more parties until your 18 do you understand?”

“Of course, I promise dad you can trust me,” Danny cheered jumping up and down. “Love you,” he called spinning on his heel and running out the door. 

“Be safe,” Carter called after him.

“What was that all about,” Anna asked appearing at Carter’s side.

Carter told Anna about Danny wanting to stay out later for some girl.

“Oh god, here we go,” Anna said covering her face with her hands. “Maybe its time you had the birds and the bee’s talks with him.”

“I think it might be too late for that,” Carter replied. 

Anna let out a huge sigh; she could not believe she was the mother to a teenager!  “Well anyway dinners almost ready and its dark outside, will you call Esme in?”

“Sure thing,” Carter replied heading out onto the decking.  “Esme,” he called.  “Come on in – dinner’s ready.”

Ever since her tantrum, Esme had been sitting quietly on the lawn playing with her bear.  “…..remember you cannot tell anyone my secret Barney,” she whispered into the bear’s ear leaping up and running across the lawn to join her family for dinner.  Getting what she wants will have to require a different tactic!

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      Thank you so much, i am pleased you are enjoying it 🙂

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