3rd Generation Family Overview

Gender: Male
Age: 54
Traits: Excitable, Perfectionist, Easily Impresses, Work-o-holic, Hot Headed
Lifetime Wish: Master Mixologist
Gender: Female
Age: 45
Traits: Family Orientated, Hopeless Romantic, Good, Natural Cook, Charismatic
Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family

Relation to Heir: Wife
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Traits: Athletic, Good, Dramatic, Family Orientated, Brave
Lifetime Wish: International Super Spy
Relation to Heir: Son
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Traits: Athletic, Daredevil, Snob, Kleptomaniac
Lifetime Wish: Unknown
Relation to Heir: Daughter
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Traits: Family Orientated, Neurotic, Natural Cook, No Sense of Humour
Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family
Relation to Heir: Daughter

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20 Responses to 3rd Generation Family Overview

  1. MissJDD says:

    Where did you get Farah’s hair?{:

  2. Esmée says:

    Farah and Esme need a little bit mascara or something, they look like they’ve seen a spook, or a ghost. Haha, but they are really natural and beautiful girls ❤ And two naughty bitches, hihi.

  3. jeremina5 says:

    I am curious how Esme will handle a family! Looking forward to her story!

  4. Bianca says:

    Sarah, we need more brunettes and less blondes!!! 😉

  5. Slushie says:

    And some red heads too! 😀

  6. billy says:

    yay for ranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Poodle says:

    I like it, Farah looks too much like Carter, so its good that Esme (who looks like her mom) is the heiress, we dont want all the heiresses/heirs to look the same…

  8. Skylar-Bree says:

    I’ve been following this legacy for a while but I never commented. I just wanted to say that with Carter being so handsome you’d think his kids would be better looking. Not that they’re bad looking by any means but you’d think at least one of them would be drop-dead gorgeous. BTW I totally wanted Esme to win, YAYERZ!!! Anyway I love your legacy and I wanted to finally come out of the shadows and comment. Hope you update soon! 😀

  9. threescompanylegacy says:

    hey sarah,im so happy that esme won, she seems like the type of girl who is going to spice things up in the next generation.

    Have a GREAT day!

  10. I adore this legacy ❤ I'm glad Esme won, her name is beautiful 😀


  11. nightrain17 says:

    Wow Anna is a lot younger than Carter then I first though.
    And Danny looks so much like Sadie!

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