And ANOTHER Casting Call……

Hi guys

So I know I have only just done a Casting Call but a lot of readers have asked if they can create the father to the heir’s children so they choose the future Starr genes.  Therefore I am now holding a casting call to find this man!

 He needs to be:

  • Young Adult
  • Good looking
  • Smart looking (I don’t want any bad boys although he can be a bit rough round the edges).
  • Have good genes – remember the future look of the Starr children depends on him

Please post your head shots with a link to download them -HERE-

If there is any specific CC, please include this too.

Closing date for entries is Tuesday 19 April 

Good luck and I cannot wait to see who you come up with!!

 StarSarah xxx

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84 Responses to And ANOTHER Casting Call……

  1. Oliviaa says:

    I’m definately entering, it would be so cool to win! Hopefully my studio will work this time. Also some of my cc d

    • Oliviaa says:

      Sorry accidentally published too soon, I don’t know where all my cc is from as some of it downloaded automatically when I downloaded sims off the exchange, what shall I do about that?

  2. amujune says:

    How do you link the chapters/posts? Does it do it automatically? x

  3. Evelien says:

    So does this means that Esme and Jace won’t be together anymore? Hmm, we’ll see, but I’m definately entering. ;D

  4. MissJDD says:

    I’m entering again! Theres one thing I want to ask, do you prefer blonde hair on a guy sim? Because I wasn’t sure because theres already been alot of blonde kids in the Starr legacy so I dunno if you wanted a change in the genes?

  5. StyxLady says:

    I have the perfect gentleman to enter, but I can’t access my studio and I can’t access the forums! 😡

  6. Slushie says:

    I would love to enter! Hopefully I’ll find the time to though…
    Does he need to have a specific look? Such as buisness man, artist, scientist ect.

  7. snapcarolina says:

    Yay! :3
    I’ll go post on the forum right now. Ready to meet Leo Angelo? 😉

  8. kara says:

    All the entries are amazing!(: I even downloaded a few. good luck everyone!(:

  9. Lexi says:

    I may enter 🙂 Is it okay if we DON’T use any CC? Because I really don’t like putting it into my game 😛 And what if we use something from a stuff pack?

    Oh and I’m using Angel Falls for a legacy I’m working on. It’s a beautiful nieghborhood. 😀

  10. XxRockstarrbabyXx says:

    Hi Hi again! What if Jace comes back and ruins her marrige? D:

  11. Casondra Bunker says:

    So I think Im gonna enter but I dont know how to put a sim on the exchange for you to download.

  12. Casondra Bunker says:

    Figured it out! 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    How do i include pictures and a headshot?
    When i upload a sim it only shows the sim standing there full body.

  14. Becci says:

    How do you upload a sim that you can see photos of their other clothes and also a headshot?? all mine is is the sim in a full body shot 😦

    • StarSarah says:

      When you are playing the sims, you have to go into change appearance (click on mirror) then you can upload just this sim to the exchange. When you upload it should show everything about them x

  15. zimmya says:

    It won’t let me on the thing were you post your sim, what shall I do? I spent ages making a really good sim!

  16. Esmée says:

    Oh wow, just saw the forum, there are already beautiful sims! I wonder if I make a chance now… :$ I’m not that good at making sims… 😦

    Just found out I forgot my sims-disc at my mums house, so, I’ll have to pick it up there and then go straight to work. Stupid me…

  17. kittykat1019 says:

    Sarah whats the link to the forum page? I tried clicking where it said “Download Here” and it said ERROR 404

  18. mintyfresh77 says:

    I must enter! I’m not very good at making male sims but I will try to make a nice guy for Esme. I have one question do you have Outdoor living stuff because a lot of my guys tend to have clothes from that SP, It doesn’t matter if you don’t have it I will just have to work my magic with the clothes I have.

  19. pineapple275 says:

    i think it’ll be either charlie schott or michael forget his last name. he was on page 28..

  20. mintyfresh77 says:

    My guy for the contest is on my page now will link it to the forum later on or tomorrow.
    If it doesn’t work here is an image of him >>
    and here is the link to download him >>
    Hope I can link him on the forums later but enjoy him!

  21. Slushie says:

    Okay, already finished making Sim and uploaded him, but he won’t show up in my studio! On my launcher it says he’s uploaded, but he hasn’t showed up on the website…

  22. Poodle says:

    I am not entering but i am hoping for a redhead, there has already been brown, black, blonde, and pale blonde. Or perhaps strawberry blonde (a mix between red and blonde) because that is my favorite type of hair…

  23. Lilith Kawanami says:

    The Forum link is still getting the 404 error, so here is my entry:
    This is Jefferey, and I must say, he is a hottie! 😀
    He has red hair- we haven’t seen enough of it in this blog!- and green eyes, although he hides them behind his glasses.
    He is a friendly, family-oriented, absent-minded, artistic bookworm, who’s life time wish is to have a huge family!
    Hope you adore him as much as I do!!!

  24. Beckey says:

    Hey guys, when you get the 404 error just go back to the original site, log out, log in and try the link again and it works. 😉 x

  25. Loei says:

    I’m getting the 404 error so i’ll link my entry here.

    My entry is Mark Thomas, he’s a redhead (cause I love redheads).

    Traits – Brave, family-oriented, computer whiz, genius and perfectionist.
    Lifetime Wish – Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler.
    Favourites – Spaghetti, indie, grey.
    Star Sign – Virgo.

    I took photos of Mark and my simself’s kids, you can see them here:

    Mark's son as YA
  26. Loei says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention the custom content. You can find them here:

    Hair –

    Jeans –

  27. Oliviaa says:

    Ooh glad people like Michael 🙂 I hope he wins but I also hope some people download him and use him in your games, he makes cute kids haha

  28. Loei says:

    Sorry, I did what Beckey said so my entry is now on the forum.

  29. Dreamy Underwood says:

    No, Can’t enter my wi-fi is down and is only using my phone.

  30. simfreak says:

    I like Michal and Mark Thomas but i think i like michal the best

  31. auryyy says:

    I just submitted mines to the forum and his name is Jacob Cole. 😀
    Is awesome how there are so many GOOD looking male sims. Oh lala.<3 haha
    I'm already downloading a some of them from entries to the competition, hehe.
    But I have to say my personal favorite so far is Michael Harrison. He looks soo cute. Hehe. 🙂

  32. Slushie says:

    I finally was able to submit mine to the fourm! His name is Peter Samson. There are so many great entries though! I agree, I like Michael a lot, I even added him to my game haha.

  33. rissanicole says:

    for whatever reason whenever i click on the link it says Oops page not found error 404.

  34. sydney511 says:

    I hope we get a red head, Sarah’s kids look good with red hair. 🙂

  35. Anonymous says:

    Ah god I need to hurry up! I just got back from my holiday and I checked just there. I need to get to work NOW!…

    Working. Do Not Disturb.

  36. billy says:

    Ohh i so want to enter but i cant i started on making a sim Justin Jones 🙂 but it just happens that my laptop has to crash my game Bauger!!! 😦 but anyway i think these
    are very cool sims are

    Jeffrey Mullerton 😛 BY lillithKawanam
    and Ben Jergens 😀 FTW BY marrisa19

  37. billy says:

    oh also Cian O’Connell by StyxLady 😛

  38. Beckey says:

    Hey Sarah, remember a while back I asked what age your sims have kids at? Well my laptop’s hardrive burn’t out (long story xD) and I lost all my files including the one about what ages you class each stage as, I’d be so grateful if you tell me once again which ages corrospond to each life stage and what age they have kids at! Thanks 🙂 x

    • StarSarah says:

      Hi Beckey. It really varies from generation to generation. This is the usual:
      Toddler-kid: Aged 4/5
      Kid – Teen: Aged 13/14
      Teen – YA: Aged 20
      YA – Adult: Aged 40
      Adult – Elder: Aged 60

      The age they have kids totally depends on the sim. Could be 16 – coudl be 40. Whenever one of my sims has a kid, check the family profiles page to see their age x

  39. Roxy says:

    Ooooo fun!
    Sarah, I had a question. Are you going to pre-order the Generations Expansion Pack?

  40. kittykat1019 says:

    This is the Sim I submitted for the contest of the forum; , Emmet Long, ;;.

    This is a link to a photo of my simself , Liana Waters.. ;; .

    and this is a photo of a child my submission sim, Emmet Long, had with my simself, Liana Waters; Her name is Aubree Waters. I saved her to the bin when she was born (aged to toddler asap), and went to town view, cas, and aged her up in CAS for the purpose of this photo. No makeup or anything added.

  41. Mariana says:

    ohhh! This looks like sooo much fun! I’d better get to work!!! 😉

  42. Umm… I’m not sure about the sims site so I will post it here if that is okay.
    Here goes nothing….

    His name is Carter Bryant, Which you can change along with his traits and clothes (pretty much everything except his face), I can’t think of another name.

    His picture here:

    And I uploaded to mediafire because I dont know how to work the sims site:

  43. BAAAAAAAAA! says:

    What time today does it end?
    Sims 3 won’t let me upload it now?

  44. Evelien says:

    FINALLY my sim is uploaded, but now I can’t see him in my studio… But maybe someone else can see him? Here’s the link: His name is Alex White.

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