Chapter 4.9 – Separated

Alfie was welcomed into the Starr family with opened arms. Once Carter and Anna found out that Esme was pregnant, they had no choice.  If they were being honest they were just relieved that she was not pregnant and behind bars.

Alfie’s ex-wife did not take the news nearly as well.  She refused to grant him a divorce meaning that him and Esme could not get married.  And worst of all, she denied him any access to his daughter, Ronny.  Being separated from his little girl nearly killed Alfie.  Esme would wake up in the night to hear him crying, hunched over pictures of Ronny at happier times.  They had always been very close and being separated from each other was heart-breaking. Esme did her best to comfort him but at the end of the day there was only one person who could help and she was not here.  They tried to take Joan to court but each time she never turned up and it just seemed to drag and drag and drag.

To fill the hole left by Ronny, Alfie devoted all his time to Esme and their new arrival. They would take long walks together in the park, relishing in not having to hide their feelings for each other anymore.

Sometimes they would just sit about in the gardens of Bridgeport breathing in the fresh air that only freedom offered.  As Alfie cradled Esme’s swollen belly Esme could not believe how different things could have turned out.  Once upon a time all she wanted was to be a master thief, living day to day, chasing the thrill that only stealing brought her.  Now the only ambition she had was to be a good mother to her unborn child.  Her life of crime was well and truly behind her!

It was while Alfie was at work each day that Esme started to get itchy fingers again. This time instead of going and doing something about it, she talked to her mum. Anna told her she needed a new interest until the baby was born and she had just the thing – cooking! At first Esme did not take to the idea.  It seems so messy and housewifely.  But after much badgering from her mother, she soon relented and cooked her first Beef Stew – under the supervision of her mother’s watchful eye.

Esme never would have thought in a million years that she would have taken to cooking, but she did just like a duck to water.  She loved fusing flavours together – experimenting with spices and recipes from her mother’s old recipe book.

When she had mastered them, she begun making up her own dishes, adding in another condiment here and some secret ingredients that.  Being pregnant and having her senses on over-drive only assisted her skills. She found that she could anticipate what a dish lacked just by its smell.  Anna was impressed by her daughter’s culinary talents – but she was more relieved than anything that Esme was putting her efforts into some legal for a change.

As Esme’s pregnancy progressed, her tummy grew bigger and it became harder and harder to cook and bake big elaborate recipes.  Instead, she ordered every recipe book she could find off the internet and spent hours in her bedroom devouring them.   She would make notes in the margin on how she would adapt and change each formula so to put her own personal slant on each one.

The day Esme went into labour she was in the middle of making a Key Lime Pie! It had started with a ripple of pain across her belly. It was over before it had really begun so Esme assumed they were just false labour pains and carried on.

By the time the pie was in the oven she was almost doubled over with pain.  They were coming short and sharp and when her waters suddenly broke – she knew this was no false labour! 

“Mummmmmm,” she shrieked, at the stop of her lungs, the crippling pain prohibiting her from being able to move.

Anna was in the basement hanging washing when she heard her daughter’s cry for help.  It was a distant sound but the memories of her own dealings with childbirth were still in her head and she knew instantly her daughter was in labour.  She dropped everything she was doing and ran to her daughter’s side.

“I’m coming darling,” she called.  “Just hang on. I’m coming!”

Not wanting to repeat her own experiences of having her first child at home, Anna wrapped an arm around her daughter and instructed that after the next contraction she needed to start walking as quickly as possible to the car.  The two ladies hobbled out and had to stand on the sidewalk when another contraction rushed through Esme’s body, immobilising her.

“Call Alfie,” Esme shrieked.  “Please mummy – call Alfie. I need him here.  He should be here.”

“We’ll call him on our way darling,” Anna replied hoisting her daughter into the passenger seat of the car.  “Right now we need to go.”

Anna started up the ignition and just before they were about to roar off, Esme let out another shriek.  “The pie,” she screamed letting another contraction race through her.  “The pie’s still in the oven!”

“Good heavens,” Anna puffed, taking off her seatbelt, rushing into the house and pulling the pie out the oven just in time. A minute later, they were finally on their way. 

Georgia Starr was born nineteen hours later.  There had really been no need to rush as it seemed Georgia was in no rush to come out but Anna was glad she had anyway so her daughter could get her pain meds.  Both Anna and Alfie had been by Esme’s side throughout while Carter chose to stay in the waiting room.  There were some things dads did not need to see!

Esme had never felt such pure unconditional love before.  She would sit for hours in the nursery just staring at Georgia shocked that such a beautiful thing had come out of her. She was a dream child really.  She slept through the night and hardly made any fuss.  Anna would regale Esme with stories about what a horror she was at Georgia’s age and Esme counted herself lucky Georgia had not taken after her.

One afternoon when Georgia was a few months old, Esme had the house to herself for the first time since bringing her bundle of joy home from the hospital.  Alfie was at work and Carter and Anna were away on another holiday.  Since their retirement they had been travelling the world bit by bit. Right now they were someone in the Australian outback; Esme could not believe the stamina of her aging parents.

It was lunchtime in the Starr the household and Esme was giving Georgia her baby food when there was a tiny knock on the door.

It was so faint that at first Esme had thought she had imagined it.  But then the sound came again – a gentle knock like a mouse was trying to get her attention.  She decided to check it out and opened the door to find small girl on the other side, so shy that she could not look Esme in the eye.  She recognised her instantly.  “Ronny,” she gasped widening the doorway so the small child could come in.

“Hello,” Ronny said so quietly Esme had to lean down to hear her speak.  “I’m sorry to turn up like this but my mum thinks I’m at soccer practice and well.  Well I wanted to come and see my dad.”  Esme’s heart went out to the little girl – she could see why Alfie loved her so much. 

“Ronny sweetheart your dad is at work right now but I will call him. I’m sure he will race home if she knows you’re here.  Hold on two ticks.”  Esme pulled out her cell phone and hit speed dial for the Gallery. “Alfie darling it’s me,” she shrieked down the line when he answered.  “There’s someone here to see you. I think you should come home right away!”

“He’s on his way home honey,” Esme said turning back to Ronny.  “Would you like to sit down? Would you like anything to drink?” But Ronny was not looking at Esme, she was starring across the room at Georgia who was hysterically giggling after throwing her bowl of food on the floor.

“Is that my sister,” Ronny asked shyly

 “It sure is,” Esme replied. “Would you like to hold her?” 

“No,” Ronny gasped.  “I don’t know.  I’m real clumsy and my mum is always telling me off for it.  I’m scared I might drop her.” 

“Well why don’t I put her on the floor and then you can have a little play?” 

“I would like that,” Ronny said smiling at Georgia.

Esme hoisted Georgia out of her highchair and tried to wipe down her sticky hands as much as she could before she placed her on the floor where Ronny was eagerly waiting.  She then settled herself on the sofa and watched as Ronny cooed and played with Georgia.

It was such a momentous moment that she wished Alfie would get home quickly to see it.  She could see Alfie in Ronny. She had his eyes and smile but she was also definitely her mother’s daughter with her long dark hair and colouring.

Twenty minutes later, Alfie eventually burst through the front door like a speeding tornado. He locked eyes with his daughter and called out her name.  For the first time since she had arrived, Ronny’s eyes shone with animation. She raced into her father’s arms and the reunion bought tears to Esme’s eyes. 

“Darling what are you doing here,” Alfie asked frantically. “Does your mother know you are here?”

“No mummy thinks I am at soccer practice. I’ve missed you so much daddy,” Ronny said bursting into tears.  “Why can’t I see you?”  Do you not love me anymore?” 

“Oh Ronny my darling. Of course I loved you.  It’s just your mother thinks it is best for you not to see me at the moment. But I want you here with me no matter what. I love you so much.” 

Alfie pulled his daughter into another hug and let her weep in his arms.  Tears also trickled down his cheek as the reunion with his daughter finally hit him. 

Eventually they let go of each other and settled down on the sofa. Alfie demanded Ronny tell him everything about what she had been up to for the last year.  The chatted together like time had stood still and amused each other with stories of their lives since they had been apart.

Esme watched this display of love between father and daughter and hoped that in years to come Georgia and Alfie would be just as close.  As Ronny chatted to her dad, Esme also noticed that she kept watching her belly. Eventually the question came that Esme had been waiting for – and slightly dreading.  “Dad, is Esme having another baby?”

Alfie turned and looked at Esme and she nodded her head in approval.

“Yes she is baby girl,” Alfie eventually replied. “There will soon be another brother and sister for you to play with.”

Ronny looked down at her hands that were clasped in her lap and let out a large sigh.  “What’s the matter darling,” Alfie asked. 

“You’re having more children daddy and soon you are going to forget about me.”  Esme could hear her gulping back the tears and all she wanted to do was hug the little girl.

“I would never forget about you my darling,” Alfie replied his voice also quivering with tears. “You are my baby girl and I love you just as much as I love Georgia and the new baby.”  He pulled her close and held her for a second of two. “Now I am going to call your mother and let her know you’re here.” Alfie stood up and walked out the room. “This needs to be sorted once and for all.”

The room fell silent for a spilt second with Ronny shyly looking at her clasped hands and Esme watching her.  “Hey Ronny,” Esme said breaking silence. “Would you like to feel my tummy?  You might be able to feel the baby kick.”

“Yeah really,” Ronny squealed jumping off the sofa.  Esme rose and settled Georgia on the floor allowing Ronny to cup her belly.

“I can feel it,” Ronny gasped stroking the stretched skin and listening in to see if she could hear anything.

By the time Alfie came back in the room, Ronny had claimed that she had felt the baby kick three times.  “Daddy daddy,” she shrieked running over to her father.  “I felt the baby and Esme says that it kicked because it knew it was its big sister touching it.”

“That’s wonderful darling,” Alfie replied mouthing a thank you to Esme.

“Daddy, is mummy mad at me?”

“I think she is just a little upset that you lied to her darling, but she is glad you are ok. She is on her way over to get you and should be here in a few minutes.  Why don’t you play with Georgia and her new dolls house before she gets here?”

“Ok daddy,” Ronny said skipping across the room and landing herself next to her baby sister. 

Alfie went and joined Esme on the sofa and the two of them watched the two girls playing like they had known each other all their lives.  Esme was just about to turn and tell Alfie that they had to keep seeing Ronny not matter what when Joan burst through the front door.

“Ronny get in the car right now,” she ordered.

Ronny sluggishly pulled herself to her feet and made her way over to her mother.  “Bye daddy, bye Esme,” she waved.

“By darling,” Esme waved back. 

“I’ll see you soon kiddo,” Alfie said.

They watched as Ronny disappeared outside into the darkness and Esme could not help but wonder if they would ever see her again. Joan was staring back at them with daggers for eyes, there was about to be a showdown.

Alfie could feel it to. So before Joan had a chance to shout her mouth off he stormed over to her and got right in her face. “Before you say anything Joan,” he hissed, “you need to listen to me!” 

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66 Responses to Chapter 4.9 – Separated

  1. Amanda says:

    Love it! Amazing chapter as always. Baby Georgia is so cute. 🙂

  2. bunnypunk says:

    First comment. Oooooooooooo Joan’s in trouble. I wonder what’s going to happen next 🙂
    Georgia is such a cutey.

  3. Amanda says:

    I wish i could edit my last post. I feel so bad for Ronnie. I hate when parents use there children as a means to act revenge on an ex. I hope Joan gets it in the end, and i’m glad Esme has changed her life around. I love baby Georgia’s red hair. Alfie definitly brings some nice genes to the gene pool. 🙂

  4. gemmagirl says:

    Georgia is gorgeous!
    I hope Esme and Alfie get to see Ronny more often too x

  5. Oee can’t wait till the next update! To bad i need to wait till the weekend, im moving in with my boy<3

  6. Esmée says:

    Waauw, Georgia is Georgous! Oh my… What a CUTIE! Hihi,

    loved the chapter ❤ can't wait to see the second baby from Esme and Alfie!

    You made a good choice to pick Alfie at the character casting call!

  7. Butterfield8 says:

    Georgia is adorable! And i cant believe Esme is pregnant again! love the chapter!!!

  8. Alexandra says:

    Oh wow, I’ve been reading through your entire blog during the last few days and I looove it! I actually got so inspired that I started one of my own. I’m hoping that a blog will be incentive enough for me to finish a legacy for the first time. 😀 If anyone wants to check it out, it’s at:

    I have to say that it took me a long time to like Esme. She’s just not my kind of girl, despite being gorgeous. 😛 But I’m starting to like her now. She’s becoming a great mom and role model. I think April is my favourite character so far. She was very unique and special. And I adored the plotline of Bella and Charlie and how long it took for them to finally get each other. Very romantic and unlike The Sims where you usually get two sims togthere for one or two dates and then marry them off. 😛

    Looking forward to future updates!

  9. Vampirehuntress says:

    Aww Esme is finally going the right way. Great update

  10. SachaBez says:

    hey! this is the first time ive commented on your legacies.

    Anyway, that was an amazing chapter as always! I love your work sarah and would love to start a legacy story of my own. I have finished many legacies in game, and have tried to write stories about them but once i start, i think it sounds stupid and i have to start again.
    im so busy with homework and stuff so i don’t really get enough time too.
    do you have to push yourself to do it or do you think it is easy?

    ( Sorry about the late comment, didn’t get back until 3)

    MuchLove 🙂


    • StarSarah says:

      Welcome and thank you for commenting. I’ll be honest – you have to be really dedicated to keep up writing a legacy. Sometimes i just dont have time with work and life and have to force myself to play and write. What keeps me going are the readers. If not one commented then i would have given up a long time ago. If you try to do a blog again try to get readers to enjoy your stories and it will inspire you to keep going. My first legacy was pretty rubbish but you learn as you go. You have to start somewhere so even if you think it sounds sillly – keep going as you will get better with time


      • SachaBez says:

        aww thanks sarah! you are the best…..
        and another thing, how do you get your sims so pretty.
        i try, but when i compare them to yours mine look kinda crappy 😦

        I have tried and tried to download cassie and lily seraphine, as they are my favourites, but when i go into game Lily is just not there. Cassie is there but when i click on her the game just freezes and then shuts down!



        • StarSarah says:

          Yeah a lot of people are having problems with my sims. I think its beacuse i use so much CC on them that they wont load in other games. The key is you always make the mate you pair your sim with – that way you can gaurantee they will be good looking. I never mate my heir sims with the game generated Sims as they are all funny looking! Plus its fun creating good looking sims – i think so anyway 🙂

      • Kerr says:



  11. kajka1999 says:

    Aww Ronnie’s just soooo cute 😀 Wonder what will happen next 😛

  12. Roxy says:

    Love it Sarah. I wasn’t a fan of Alfie but he sure makes cute babies hahaha

  13. Jeremy says:

    Georgia is so cute! ;D

    and I feel bad about Ronny, because her mother is zo mean o;
    and and and and it’s cute that Esme is pregnant again!

  14. Evelien says:

    Wow great chapter! 😀 Ronnie’s so cute, so shy and polite. I love her and Georgia.
    By the way, I noticed the first letters of the names are in alphabetical order (if you can say it like that..): Allie, April, Brandan, Bella, Charlie, Carter, Danny, Esme, Farah, Georgia.
    Am I right or is it just coincidence? 🙂

  15. Dreamy Underwood says:

    I loved it. I hoped Joan just leaves. I hope to see more of Farah also I hope Ronny comes and stays with Esme and Alfie. I also accept that this Generation will be longer.

  16. callierose says:

    Aww Ronny is such a sweetheart ❤ and does Georgia have Alfie's hair? Either way, she's really cute!
    Ugh Joan makes me so angry, how dare she keep Ronny away from him. I hope Alfie kicks her arse!!! I know he won't.. it's morally wrong, but still. A mental kicking then 😉
    Oh btw I have an heir vote ongoing atm, I'd be honoured if you took the time to cast a vote!! 😀

  17. jeremina5 says:

    I hope Alfie tells that b&*$/ where to go. She is causing Ronnie to lie to see her own father. That’s just selfish, and very unsafe for Ronnie… Anyway, Georgia is a cutie and I can’t wait to see the next Starr!

  18. Eleasha says:

    I am seriously in love with Ronny. She’s so sweet and shy! The name Georgia is cute and so is she! Plus, I love Ronny’s name.

  19. Alexasims3 says:

    Hi! You may know me as ABEERKHAN on the sims 3 forums. This is the first time I have commented on your legacy. Honestly I love your legacy! You have such a wild imagination! You are a inspiration to others and me. Because of you I’m going to be starting my 3rd succesful legacy that I hope you will enjoy it, but I have one question, Why does the age of the sims change so fast? Last time I checked the profile, Esme was 27 now 35. I was just wondering.

    • StarSarah says:

      Its a bit tricky to explain. Basically in the sims i have my lifespan on low which means time goes quickly. Therefore i count it as one day is one year in Sim time – thats why it seems to go so quickly. But it is still the same ratio – Sims live on average to 80 sim years xxx

  20. Wow! All of a sudden there are a lot of babies in this generation! I love it. Joan is horrible – I hope Esme and Alfie get custody.

    – Jill

  21. Speechless says:

    Wow she is already expecting second little one, that was quick! It is sad that Alfie cant see his daughter, that woman is just incredibly bitter. It is nice to see Esme so changed, am however wondering if she will keep it up as ppl like her usually go back to their old ways no matter how much their life has changed, guess they don’t feel satisfied enough….we will see if she has changed for real now.

  22. Em says:

    Yay, a new chapter. I love it when I wake up and there’s a new one =D I’m so happy for Esme, her tranformation. I hope things with Ronny can be sorted somehow, so Alfie can see her more. And Georgia is so cute, yay a ginger!

  23. snapcarolina says:

    Love it~!
    Georgia is one of my favorite names, my brother’s wife is expecting and is really considering it! 🙂
    Oh I so love Ronny… and I hate Joan 😡
    Yay for babies<3

  24. oliviaaa says:

    she is a beautiful baby! Alfie was definately a great choice 🙂 And it would be cool if Esme became a chef in her old age or something, I dont think you have had a chef if i remember correctly

  25. Amy6 says:

    Oh I love Georgia, beautiful name as well! I hope that Alfie stands up to his wife and they get full custody over his daughter! Or at least part-custody!

  26. sweetpop78 says:

    I have a friend named Georgia, and she’s pure awesome! 🙂 I think that Georgia (Starr ;))
    is verrrrrry cute. I can’t wait for the next baby, and I really do hope that Esme and Alfie will get custody over Ronny. Her mother is so bitter and… I just don’t like her.

  27. Tawny says:

    Great Chapter! I’d like to see how Farah is doing though.

  28. Slushie says:

    Aww. I feel bad for Ronny. She is so adorable and cute! Georgia is quite cute too. Wonder what she’ll look like when she’s older.

  29. Urgh, I hate these women who make things difficult even after it’s so obvious that things are over. I understand Joan is hurt that Alfie cheated on her, but from the sounds of things, they should’ve gotten a divorce a long time ago. And it doesn’t just hurt Alfie, it hurts poor Ronny too. Children should not be used by their parent to get back at their other parent!

  30. devon says:

    great chapter as always!! 🙂

    georgia’s so cute!! when she threw her food on the floor and broke out laughing i thought i was going to die from cuteness 😀

    i hope esme and alfie get custody of ronny, or that esme adopts her. joan is too mean and uptight and it seems like ronnie can’t take it.

  31. YAY! Georgia is adorable, and I can’t wait to see the adorableness that will be Baby 2!

    Ronny is amazingly cute! I wish she could move into the household! I’m also relieved that Alfie is going to tell Joan like it is! She cannot understand that it has been over!

    Amazing! 😀

  32. gabbyg says:

    heeyy, awesome chapter, Georgia is sooo cute! btw, where do you get most of your sims clothing, like, Esme’s outfit and Bella’s, and Allie’s… arg, im rambling. I looked on All About Style, so do i just have to dig deeper into the Sims Resource?
    any sorta help is thanked! also, whens the next chapter coming out? 🙂

    • StarSarah says:

      Yes its mainly the Sims Recource im afraid – lots of stuff to dig through there x

      • gabbyg says:

        thank you anyway! i’ve already found a lot of stuff to download, i just found the brown-shirty black&white skirt dress that Anna wore as a young adult!
        Cant wait for the new chapter!

  33. dorkney says:

    I hope Alfie and Esme get custody of Ronny. I think Joan is an abusive mother, secretly. Can’t wait for the fight to unravel!

    I wonder what the new baby will look like. Georgia is gorgeous! I love her hair! 🙂

  34. auryyy says:

    Georgia is simply adorable. And Ronny I love her! I love them both already haha. 😀 And Joan, she is a very sad women. I wonder why she is like that? :T Alfie said that in her teenage years she was so sweet and use to laugh a lot, now she just want to be all mean and revengeful! 😡 Like get a life and accept Alfie loves Esme! lol xP<3 But besides that I cant wait to see how Ronny, Georgia and the new unborn baby will all look in their teenage years! hehe 😀 Awesome chapter like always. I definitely a fan of your legacies. 🙂 ❤

  35. singer14 says:

    Its ironic that Georgia was “born” the same day as my baby cousin.

  36. Carebear728 says:

    Ronnie is such an adorable little girl!! I love baby Georgia!!

  37. singer14 says:

    And it sounds like Ronnie’s mom is so strict and slightly cruel to her? Like Alfie wondered, what happened to the woman she used to be?

  38. Georgia is adorable ❤ And I like Ronny too, she is so cute! I think the new baby will be adorable as well! 😀

  39. Becci says:

    cute cute cute.. also I ljust looove Ronnie – hopefully they can adopt her or something/change custody

    Please make them have a big family.. i love lots of kids 🙂
    especially with these amazing genes of Alphie and Esme

  40. CuriosityCore16 says:

    Ronnie and Georgia are sooooo cute… Joan’s really ticking me off…. grr.

  41. SachaBez says:

    when will the next update be sarah??? 🙂



  42. marissa3 says:

    Cute baby! Glad Esme’s pregnant again, her and Alfie make gorgeous children! Joan is such a bitch, I hope she still lets Ronny see Alfie, and I hope we get to see Alfie giving her a piece of his mind in the next chapter!

  43. Nightrain17 says:

    D’wwww Georgia is such a cutie, and I can’t help but love Ronny! Yay Esme is expecting again! I can’t believe Joan is being so nasty about all of this, Ronny is Alfie’s daughter too he has a right to see her! Join Fathers4Justice Alfie! (Lol if they have a sims version) ^^

  44. pineapple275 says:

    what h names are you thinking of? you cant use harley or harold and im trying to think of other guys names..whats your naming plan?
    what if you have THREE boys? theres nothing to name them D:

  45. risastorm says:

    Yes Alfie yell at her! yell at her nice and loud! hehe c:
    Love the chapter Sarah

  46. Joan really irks me. In my opinion I think Ronny should get a say. At least if my parents did that I would be really mad. And I would probably do the same thing Ronny did. Good for her though, taking the initiative. I was wondering, will Ronny be apart of the heir/ heiress vote? Great chapter by the way.

  47. seaweedy says:

    I hope Joan comes to her senses, it is so unfair to keep Ronny from seeing her father.

  48. Bubii says:

    It’s very nice! I loved it! When will next chapter be updated? Can’t wait!!!


  49. Bubii says:

    It would be great if Ronny could move in. Baby Georgia is cute!
    🙂 🙂

  50. Ryssa says:

    HOW DO YOU GET YOUR SIMS TO BE SO PRETTY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 😀

  51. dinkyjen says:

    Aww Georgia is adorable! I hope that things get sorted for Ronny!

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