Chapter 5.2 – Loss

A fairytale doesn’t always have a happy ending. I would like to say that Amy found out about Luke and Georgia’s affair and gave them her blessing. I would even like to say that Amy found out – at least that catastrophe would have been manageable, but such simplicity never strikes the Starr family.

After their declaration to each other it was decided that Luke was going to break up with Amy. They planned to lie low for a while to allow Amy to get over him before they announced their relationship. But the day when all of this was due go down things took a very big turn for the love struck teenagers.

Luke arrived panting at Georgia house just before she was about to leave for school. It looked like he had run all the way to hers and was panting so hard he could hardly talk. 

“What’s the matter,” she asked trying to calm down his breathing. “Are you ok?”

“I’m leaving,” Luke wheezed.

“What,” Georgia gasped.  “What do you mean you’re leaving?  Where are you going?”

“My dad,” Luke continued slowly regaining his breath.  “My dad is sending me to military school!”


“Now!  We are leaving right now!”

“What do you mean? You can’t go!  What about us?”

“I know.  He only told me this morning. I’ve known it might happen for a while but apparently they had an opening and they called my dad last night. If I don’t go this morning I’ll lose my space.”

“This can’t be happening,” Georgia said rubbing her temples. She had just found Luke, she can’t lose him now!

Suddenly a car pulled up on the sidewalk. A stern looking man Georgia took to be Luke’s dad leant across and seat.  “Luke, we are leaving now. Get in the car.”

“One minute dad,” Luke called back

“Georgia I’m sorry,” he said turning back to Georgia. “I’ve tried everything. I begged and pleaded with my dad but he won’t let me get out of it. It’s what we’ve been planning for years.  Well what I was planning before I met you!”

Tears trickled down Georgia’s face and she felt her pain turning into anger.

“Darling this is not the end.  I will be back and I will write to you every day,” Luke said trying to reach out to her.

“Get off me,” she suddenly snapped pulling away from him.

“You’ve planned this along,” she spat feeling her anger seep from every pore. “You made me fall in love with you and now you’re leaving me to clear up your mess!”

“Luke NOW,” Luke’s dad called again beeping his horn violently.

“JUST ONE MINUTE,” Luke screamed at him then turning back to Georgia. “It’s not like that, believe me I love you. I don’t want to leave you!”

“Save it Luke.  Save it for someone gullible like Amy!”

“I don’t want Amy. I want you!”

“Well I don’t want you anymore.  Don’t write me, don’t call!”  She was so mad she could not see straight. She ran into the house hearing the bleeping of Luke’s dad’s car horn blaring behind her.  She slammed the door shut and sunk to floor until she heard the roar of the car engine disappear into the distance.

Georgia did not go school that day. She went back to bed and lay hidden under her duvet feeling very sorry for herself.  How could he leave her, she thought. He was her soul mate! Every hour or so Georgia’s phone rang. It alternated between Amy and Jessica but Georgia ignored it every time and eventually switched it off. She knew that Amy would have heard about Luke’s departure by now and was also in pain but she didn’t care. No one felt about him the way she did.

The next day, her mother forced her out of bed and made her go to school.  She skulked through the school gates avoiding everyone she could. But she could not hide forever.

“Georgia where’ve you been,” Jessica shrieked while Georgia was loading her books into her locker.  “Amy and I have been calling and calling you.  Why weren’t you at school yesterday?” 

“I wasn’t feeling very well,” Georgia uttered. 

“Well you never guess what happened.  Luke left Amy!” 

“What do you mean,” Georgia snapped spinning around.  “Has he dumped her?” 

“Well not exactly,” Jessica hesitated.  “He sent her a text yesterday morning telling her he had been shipped off to military school by his dad. He told her not to wait for him.” 

“What do you mean,” Georgia exclaimed.  “What did the text exactly say Jessica.” 

“Err let me think. Well it said the bit about going to military school and then it said that things could not work between them and to move on.” 

“I need to find Amy,” Georgia said slamming her locker door shut and hurrying down the corridor. 

“She’s so upset Georgia,” Jessica said chasing after her.  “We both tried to call you all day yesterday. She really needs you.”

Georgia stormed up the hallway and found Amy huddled in the corner with the golden group.

“Georgia,” Amy shrieked bursting into tears and running into Georgia’s arms. 

“Shhh shhhh,” Georgia said holding her cousin’s quivering body.  “Jessica told me, it’s ok.” 

“How could he just go off like that and dump me in a text message,” she wept.  “I’ve never been so humiliated in my life.” 

“I’m sure he did not mean to hurt you,” Georgia said.  Or me, she thought but she too was still so mad at him that she decided not to offer any more excuses. 

“Come on,” she said putting her arm around her best friend’s shoulders.  “I think we need some ice-cream.”

“Thank you,” Amy said allowing Georgia to lead her down the corridor, “You’re the best.” I wonder how long I can keep this up, Georgia thought.

The days that followed were the worst. Georgia’s body ached with grief for losing Luke.  After school she holed up in her bedroom sketching away frantically at her drafting board to try to take her mind off her loss.

On the sixth day a letter arrived in the post.  She could see from the postmark that it had come from Twinbrook where the military school was based. 

She sat starring at the letter for ages, wondering what to do.  Eventually she decided against opening it. What was the point, she thought.  He’s never coming back.  She tore the letter into pieces scattering the scraps in the bin and removing the bag from the house, she did not want anything more to do with it.

Then two days later another letter followed, and then another. All from Luke, all left unopened.  She did the same thing each time, tore them all up and threw them away not even giving one a chance to breath.

Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. Georgia just never imagined that things could get this bad.

At first she thought her body was reacting to the loss of her soul mate.  Then as her sense of smell got sharper and the nausea started she assumed she was just sick.  But then after she had been throwing up for three weeks straight every morning, she put two and two together and came out with four. “I can’t be,” she said out loud starring at herself in the mirror.  She looked pale and drawn and had obviously lost weight from being so sick. 

She rubbed her tummy and felt that it was hard and swollen although there was no bump.  “I can’t be,” she said again pulling on a large turtle neck jumper that always hid any sins.

“Hey Georgia are you coming to Pete’s party tonight,” Jessica asked as her and Amy approached Georgia at her locker. A boy named Phil was also in toe, he was Amy’s new boyfriend and latest squeeze.  Georgia was pleased that her friend had moved on quickly from Luke, she just wished she was able to do the same. 

“Nah I can’t tonight,” she replied. 

“Aww come on,” Jessica whined.  “Its gonna be so much fun and you haven’t been out with us for ages.” 

“Sorry guys, I’m just not up to it right now. Another time yeah?” 

“What’s wrong with you,” Amy snapped looking at Georgia with aversion.  “You never come out with us anymore. You look like shit and what the hell is that you’re wearing.” 

“Amy,” Jessica exclaimed. 

“No Jessica, she needs to hear this.  Georgia, you’ve been moping around for weeks now and its driving us all mad.  Jessica’s told me to be patient with you but I’ve had enough. Either tell me what’s eating you or maybe we shouldn’t be friends anymore.” 

“I’m fine,” Georgia replied looking at her feet. She wanted more than anything in the world to share her woes with her best friends but this was one thing she could not tell them. 

“Oh for god sake,” Amy huffed.  “I’ve had enough of this. Georgia do us all a favor and pull yourself together. You know where we are when you do.”  She threw her arms up in the air and stormed off, Phil trailing behind her like a little lost puppy. 

“Don’t worry about her,” Jessica said.  “I think she’s just on her period or something.” She then gave Georgia her patronizing sympathetic look and hurried off up the corridor after Amy. 

I wish I had that problem, Georgia thought clutching her stomach.

Georgia never went to her doctors and she never took a test. Instead she stuck her head in the sand and hide from the truth. Denial is a powerful thing when it is all you have.  Even as her body changed and his stomach swelled, she just covered it with bigger and bigger t-shirts hoping people would just believe she was getting fat.  She started isolating herself from everyone. At home, she hide away in her room and at school she segregated herself from everyone else knowing that if people took no notice of her, they would not notice the change in her appearance. 

She convinced herself that she was happier this way – away from the bitchy cliques and judgmental friends.  The one regret she had was letting her friendship to Amy slip. But she was so full of pain and hurt that she knew there was no way back for them, even if Amy did not understand why!

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76 Responses to Chapter 5.2 – Loss

  1. MissJDD says:

    Poor Georgia! I think she should have read those letters from Luke, they could have made her feel better. And she could of replied and told him about the baby.

    • Poodle says:

      Oh defiantly!
      Poor girl! And she can’t tell anyone, because they will ask who the dad is, and then she will have to tell, and the news will spread like wildfire on a windy day thru the school until everyone…including Amy, knows…TRUBLE A CUMIN

  2. Octoberskies says:

    Can’t believe Georgia just pushed luke away like that, i know it’s hard for him to go but still! :c YAY FOR A BABY!

  3. Becci says:

    Why would she think he used her or whatever?

    Ahhh yay babies so early ♥ She is so pretty and so is Jessica, they’re both babin’
    whenever I give my sims big lips they look ridiculous 😦 ahhaha

  4. Shivanee says:

    Awhhr, poor Georgia! 😦
    Amy can be such a b****! I cannot believe how mean she was to Georgia, but every school has a girl or two that are like that, so meh.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next! Oh, and I love, love, love all the poses! 🙂 xx

    • Poodle says:

      The worst part is that they’re cousins, and they’ve been friends 4ever.
      I know how she feels, I’ve lost someone I knew for a long time, that was just like a sister to me, and it was, and is, so horrible to pass them everyday, and wonder about all the jokes they make behind your back. Terrible. I LUV GEORGIA, definitely ur most relatable character yet, BRAVA!

  5. Brogan says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    So exciting! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    I can’t believe she wouldn’t read the letters though! Luke will be back, I’m sure of it!

    My, my, my, what are her parents going to say!?

  6. jaec52609 says:

    uh oh……when tht baby is born all them secrets will be revealed…..i hope she eventually reads one of lukes letters…..i wish she didnt rip them up she shouldve just put them in a shoebox in the back of her closet…..cant wait 2 c the baby 🙂

  7. Nightrain17 says:

    Oh no! I mean I’m happy that she’s having a baby but she’s a teenager and a single mother! And I’m sure Luke didn’t mean to run off, it’s not like he had a choice in the matter. And everthing is going to be revealed when Georgia gets to big to hide. I really wish she would write back to Luke, he needs to know that he’s got her pregnant.

  8. EstherDelanoLegacy says:

    Your writing skill is so fabulous! And not only that, but all the chapters, all the effort you put into it! You amaze me every single time again 🙂

  9. Alexandra says:

    Oh, another wonderful chapter! Alot of people yelled “babies” at the last one and I guess they were right. Georgia will be a good mom, and she has the support of her family. BUT, I don’t like that Amy girl, I can see her ruining things later on… :S

  10. FruHurricane says:

    Oh no, how will this work? I hope Luke will be coming back!

  11. Eleasha says:

    I love how you’ve dealt with pregnancy (especially teen pregnancy) in this legacy. It is much more realistic than your previous legacies. Well done! I love how Georgia is denying her pregnancy rather than acknowladging it and telling people. Fab!

  12. oh my! I was right 😀 teen preggie<3

  13. Roxy says:

    Sarah! You always leave us wanting more. This is great!

  14. Luke and his dad look exactly alike…Well, to me they do. I almost cried when I found out he was leaving but then i got mad at Georgia for not wanting him, or answering his letters. Great chapter. When’s the next one?

  15. Kerr says:


    I loved the teen pregnancy story back with Aubrey Seraphine, only this time it’s ALOT more dramatic. Poor Georgia, Amy is being a complete bitch, it will be hard for Georgia dealing with a baby, but she’ll have to come clean eventually; you know, when the baby is born? Or something else could happen, like NATURAL TRIPLETS!

  16. Evelien says:

    Woa, my heart was beating when she found out she is pregnant – seriously. 😮
    And why does Luke have to leave right this moment? When she needs him the most!
    Well, like you said, “such simplicity never strikes the Starr family.”
    Can’t wait to see what will happen 😮

  17. Dreamy Underwood says:

    I smell Reveals, Confrontation and possibling GBA or Murder … or is that to explosive?

  18. phyrcracker93 says:

    I wonder how the rest of her family is going to react to her pregnancy

  19. Dannielle says:

    This reminds me of the book “After” about the girl who was so in denial of her pregnancy that she actually convinced herself she was not pregnant and when she gave birth on the bathroom floor, she was actually in shock. (Then she dumped the baby in the trash.) It’s a good book… read it if you have the chance!

  20. Site says:

    OOH You must have got the inteenimater for the Sims 3! How does it work, does it screw up your game at all? I’d love to download it myself!

    Can’t wait for the baby! This is going to be interesting!

  21. spongeb0berz says:

    Awww poor Amy 😦 and Georgia. Georgia is letting there relationship slip and Amy is just being really pissy! I know there both hurting but they need to talk it out! Espically since Georgia is pregnant! I knew that was gonna happen when they said Luke was leaving! 🙂 Which is so devestating! D:

    Great chapter!


  22. Minty says:

    This was a great chapter! Can’t wait for the next one! 😀

  23. dorkney says:

    And the baby will look just like Luke I’m predicting. To make it even harder to hide. Great chapter!!

  24. I feel really bad for Georgia. She should’ve given Luke a chance, though. I hope they get back together at some point, though. Oh well, for now! Hurray for babies! 😀

  25. Oh, no poor Georgia. Surely her parents have noticed something?

    This is not going to end well.

  26. snapcarolina says:

    Wow! That’s just… wow! I feel bad for poor Georgia. Teen pregnancy, that’s the worst, and when you don’t have the support of your friends, family, or baby daddy- shit!
    Cannot WAIT for next chapter!
    Did you get generations? I want it so bad!!!

  27. Ducky says:

    I can’t wait to see the genetics for this baby! I won’t lie, its why I voted for her.

  28. Tawny says:

    You must have ended it early, Sarah! If you updated on Thursday that would be amazing! Thats the last day of school, so i could get home and read the new chapter to start off my summer break. 😀 Anyways you never cease to amaze us. Your story line is soo unique and nobody’s legacy is better than yours.

  29. Crystal says:

    Love your stories a lot! They have all being amazing and great to read. I was just wondering where could I get a MOD for teen pregnancies? I had one for sims 2 but still can’t find one for sims 3.
    Thanks a lot

  30. Radke Legacy says:

    Loved this chapter. I hope that Amy finds out soon, because she seems like a bitch.

  31. I hate that her “friends” have been so unkind to her! I like to think that if Amy was in the position Georgia was, then Georgia would take notice and try to help instead of leaving her!

    – Jill

  32. auryyy says:

    Sarah can you delete the comment above, please? Some of what I wrote was cut off but here is my whole comment response to the chapter.

    Georgia!! Gahh!! This is what happens when you fall in love with your best friends boyfriend!! ;______;
    And Luke, I dont know why but I simply can’t trust him! I feel like there is something just wrong about him that I can’t put my finger on.
    I just hope I am wrong and Luke is good and not a bad boy. x___x He better come back and Georgia, I’m so upset with her right now. 😦
    She should have used protection at least! lol
    I love her though even after she being so stupid and falling for her best friends boyfriend.
    And Amy might be kinda bitchy but I love her too.
    Ahh, the Starr Family always has some kind of drama.
    I guess thats what makes it so addicting. hehe. 😀
    Great chapter Sarah! Can’t wait for the next. ^__^ ❤

  33. Em says:

    Yay a pregnant teen heir (I mean, not yay for Georgia but yay cos I’ve never heard of a pregnant teen heir. Oh no, Georgia cannot stay in denial – this is real!

  34. Caz says:

    The first pregnant teen heir! Georgia’s story has been SO good so far!
    I can’t wait to see what happens next. Shit is definitely gonna hit the fan! 😀 Can’t hide a pregnancy for very long… And she’s gonna have to explain the baby somehow.

    Honestly, this legacy just gets better and better! 🙂

  35. Amanda says:

    Poor Georgia! I feel so bad for her, she pushed her friends away and now she really needs them. It seems i was wrong about Luke being a bad guy. He seemed like he really does care. I can’t wait to see the baby. I bet they will make a cute baby. Maybe with Georgia’s red hair, and Luke’s green eyes!

  36. marissa3 says:

    A-MA-ZING. I wanted Howie, but Georgia’s storyline is so full of drama and so well written that I don’t even care any more. I can’t wait to find out what happens with Luke, will he come back from military school? Also with Amy, will Georgia become a social leper, the pregnant outcast?!

    At least she comes from the Starr family, so money and family support won’t be a problem.
    Loved this chapter x

  37. Glacia says:

    I knew it! Amy is going to find out about the baby!

  38. Anonymous says:

    I like it. You are unique! 🙂

    What will Esme and Alfie say??

  39. Bubii says:

    You are unique! And I can’t wait for more and more of your stories!


  40. AliceInWonderLand says:

    omigod! I can NOT believe Luke left her – so much for standing up against his dad! sheesh. Poor Georgia, and now she’s preggers.
    but as the Devil’s Advocate I think:
    First off Luke is a jerk for both leaving Amy and Georgia and not even admiting the truth about two timing on Amy
    AND for Georgia to hypocritically ‘care’ for Amy even though she just about stole her boyfriend.
    No matter how mean Amy could be it was wrong of Georgia!

    OOHH but I absolutely LOVE the drama – Can’t Wait for the Confrontations tooo! I am DYING for the next chapter – hopes it holds as much drama, backstabbing and of course the occasional fight.
    I love poor Georgia and hopefully her family will be there for her! Fantastic Chapter Once Again! Keep On Writing Sarah!!!!!

  41. Poodle says:

    AW MAN! I got a new computer, and now i have a new face emote thing! I LIKED MY OTHER ONE BETTER! He-he, but enough of my woes.
    back to Sarah
    U R absolutely Uh-MAH-ZING! I luv ur writing, i wish i could be just like u!’
    Srry i havent been able to post much lately, but the next chapter sounds exciting, I bet i will have tons to say knowing me
    Next order of business.
    Dang girl! Only 5.2 and already a baby! u wasted no time at all! I am so excited to see what it looks like though. I will definately have darker skin than Georgia because of Luke, but red hair is always very likely to be passed down the gene pool. From past Simming experience, i know how hard it is to get another color hair when there is red (took me 5 tries) I cant tell for sure but i think Luke has green eyes… so yeah, tan skin, red hair, and green eyes. Thats my prediction.

  42. Jedidiah says:

    Oh my goodness… Georgia is in big trouble now! But couldn’t they have used condoms at least? Can’t wait to see what will happen next!!

  43. kama674 says:

    Great chapter, as always 🙂 Poor Georgia you really feel sorry for her in this chapter, with Luke leaving her and everything. I hope that things will work out for her. Once again, amazing chapter!

    Oh and btw Sarah, do you have Generations? What do you think of the game so far?

  44. Coolkat2 says:

    Oh no! I can’t believe she’s pregnant! She should really come clean to Amy, she’s gonna be a little suspicious when the baby arrives.
    Great update!:)

  45. Cleo says:

    LOL this is like a soap opera in blog form!

  46. singer14 says:

    *Snifsnif* PHEW!!! Thee smell of pregnant teen is sure strong in THIS joint!

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