Chapter 5.4 – Clearing the Dust

India and Izzy were turned over to the custody of Esme and Alfie.  It was only right considering the circumstances surrounding their birth.  There was no trial for the abandonment and after getting the clear bill of health, Georgia was discharged from hospital, released free to face up to what she had done.

By the time she got home she was still in a daze.  Having twins at her age would have been shocking for any teenager, but having twins by herself whilst denying the entire pregnancy still lay like a blanket of dust over Georgia – little did she realise all she needed to do was blow it all away.

At first India and Izzy slept in Esme and Alfie’s room.  They did most of the childcare encouraging Georgia all the time to pitch in and bond. 

But there was nothing.  Looking at her girls made her feel empty, numb! So she retreated back into her room to slip deeper into her comatosed state of mind. 

Time slipped by and the twins grew – so did Georgia.  The detachment could have broken Georgia. It would have done if August the 3rd hadn’t have happened. It had been a hot sticky summer and as usual Georgia was lying by the pool.  She had been steadily working on her tan all summer long and she was suitably crisped up.  Just another hour, she told herself laying her head back against the lounger and letting herself drift away. 

She was not sure if had actually slept or whether she had just dozed off, but she was ripped out of her slumber by an almighty cry.  Jumping from the chair she froze scanning the vista for where the sound had come from. 

She nearly gave up looking. She would have done if she hadn’t have seen the drops of water flying from the surface of the pool.  Running to the edge she was struck with a sight she had never imagined to see – India flaying around in the water.  Drowning!

“Muuuuuuummmmmmm,”Georgia shrieked looking around frantically for Esme but not seeing her. There was no time.  She dived into the cool water of the pool and had not even coming up for air by the time she reached India who was slowly disappearing under the water. 

She pushed her up through the surface and pulled both of them from the pool collapsing onto the warm stone side.  Mother and baby looked at each other.  There was a moment of complete stillness where their eyes locked and an unspoken love drifted between them. 

“Oh my god,” Georgia gasped realising what almost had happened.  She scooped India into her arms who had started to wail violently and cradled her like she had never done before.  “My poor baby,” she said over and over again clasping hold of her daughter for dear life.  She could not fathom what would have happened if she had not been around and in that second she realised how much her little girls needed her!

“What’s going on,” Esme cried dashing from the house.  “Is that India?  Oh my goodness what happened. She is soaking wet??” 

“She fell in the pool mum,” Georgia snapped. “Where were you?”

“Oh my god!  I just turned my back for a minute.  The cake was burning you see and Mrs Stanthom needs it delivered today. When I turned back India was gone.”

“She could have drowned mum!”

“I know. Oh my. Here give her to me, I will take her in and dry her off.”  Esme reached out for India but Georgia instinctively pulled back. 

“No,” she snapped.  “I will dry her off.” She cradled India and stormed into the house leaving Esme by the pool opened mouth. 

“Come on Izzy,” Georgia said when she got back into the house.  Izzy was busy playing with her doll until Georgia stormed into the house.  She looked up at Georgia; almost a stranger to her but still pulled herself to her feet and bounded up the corridor after her mother. She had been the first to learn to walk out of her and her sister.

In her bedroom, Georgia settled Izzy in the corner with one of her fashion magazines and pulled India’s damp clothes from her body.  “Who’s a good girl letting mummy change you,” Georgia said tickling India’s belly. 

“Now let’s get some dry clothes on you then how about mummy gets your guys some dinner?” 

“Yum Yum,” Izzy sang not tearing her eyes from her mother’s magazine. 

“Yes yum yum food,” Georgia repeated looking from India to Izzy. The dust had finally cleared; she was in love!

It was a huge relief to Esme that Georgia was finally taking ownership of her children.  It had been a long arduous battle taking care of twins, starting up her cookery business and dealing with the Georgia’s post natal depression.  She watched Georgia interact with Izzy and India and it was like the last year had never happened.

The twins soaked up their mother’s attention like a sponge relishing in the attention she was finally giving them. Even though the last year had been hard for everyone, it had all been worth it in the end.  Especially for India and Izzy.  Georgia did her best to make up for lost time. She took the girls to the park every day and set about teaching them everything she could, from practising their walking and talking. They were still a bit too young to be potty trained.

Awaking from her nightmare had given Georgia a new lease on life.  For the first time in a long time she picked up her pencil’s and started to sketch again.  Her designs took on a whole new life. She fell in love with the simplicity of romantic designs and tailoring and even created a babywear range – with Izzy and India as the models. 

Both girls loved playing dress up with their mother.  They were both so similar. So friendly and so giggly – girly girls through and through. “Come on India, try this on for mummy,” Georgia said scooping her daughter up.

“Izzy mummy, Izzy,” she giggled. Georgia had gotten her daughters mixed up again!  Will she ever tell them apart!!!

It was all very well for Esme and Alfie to support Georgia with her daughters.  In fact they loved helping out and spending time with their grandchildren, but one thing they did insist on was that Georgia had to make her own money. It was not because they could not afford to keep them all – very much the opposite. But Georgia was still so young and they wanted to ensure she was able to make her own way in life – to achieve things. Plus they knew how much she loved fashion so it was only right she used her passions for the better.

Because of having the girls, she had never finished high-school.  In fact she never even set foot back in the building after giving birth. She had never seen any of her old friends again – to them she had disappeared like a ghost. So getting a job without a high-school diploma was always going to be real hard.  She fired off letters and emails to all the fashion houses in Bridgeport but either they did not get back to her or just ignored her completely. 

She was getting more and more frustrated until one day there was a knock on the door.  “I’ll get it she called,” happy to get away from trawling the web.  When she swung the door open she did not expect to see who was standing on the other side – it was Amy. 

“C come in,” Georgia stuttered widening the doorway and letting Amy walk through. She too had aged in the last couple of years and had turned into a real beauty.  A pang of sadness filled Georgia and she wondered how she had ever let things get this bad. 

“Your probably wondering what I am doing here,” Amy said seriously. 

“Err no…”  Georgia answered, but she was. 

“I wasn’t going to come.  I told myself we would probably never see each other again. I was happy with that for a long time.”

She walked across the room and sat down.  Georgia followed her and sat down across from her.  “I know you had a baby,” Amy continued. 

“Twins,” Georgia corrected.  “I had twin girls.  Izzy and India.” 

“Twins sorry, I did know that. Mum told me.  Mum told me as soon as is happened.  I was angry with you Georgia. I was so angry that you had not told me that I couldn’t even see straight!” 

“I’m sorry,” Georgia whispered.

“So am I,” Amy replied.

“You’re what,” Georgia gasped.  Had Amy just said she was sorry? 

“I’m sorry too,” Amy said louder. “I should have been there for you and I am sorry for that. But what I don’t understand is why you cut me out like that.  Why you did not feel you could come to me. You were my best friend Georgia.  And you threw away our friendship like a piece of rubbish!” 

Georgia looked down at her hands ashamed.  She had done all of the things Amy was accusing her. It was time to come clean. She rose from her seat. 

“Where are you going,” Amy asked. 

“Hold on I want to show you something,” Georgia said.  She went into the next room where her dad was watching the girls, scooped one up and called for the other to follow.  She took the girls into the next room and settled them on the rug next to Amy giving them a toy each to keep them occupied. 

“Amy I would like you to meet my girls.  Izzy is the one in pink and India is in green.” 

“Hello,” Amy said moving closer.  “Aren’t you gorgeous?”

Georgia watched as Amy stroked their heads and looked deep into their eyes. Then it happened.  The look of realisation swept across Amy’s face. 

“Their Luke’s children,” she gasped. 

“Yes,” Georgia answered totally ashamed. 

“This is why you kept it from me.  Because you were carrying Luke’s children and you thought I wouldn’t understand.”

“Yes,” Georgia said again a single tear running down her cheek. She did not know what else to say. How could she defend what she had done? 

“Oh Georgia,” Amy cried running over to her and wrapping her arms around her. “I don’t care their Luke’s.” 

“Wha what,” Georgia stuttered trying to control her crying. 

“Well off course I’m pissed that you slept with my boyfriend but you are so much more important to me than some stupid boy I went out with for all of two weeks.” 


“Yes.  Now come here, I’ve missed you.” This was all Georgia could bare.  She collapsed into Amy’s arms and sobbed until she had no more tears and then she cried some more.  Amy forgave her.  Amy really forgave her.  It was like the weight of the world had finally been lifted off her shoulders and she was free!

Eventually Amy pulled back and asked the question Georgia had been waiting for.  “Does he know? Does Luke know?”

“No,” Georgia replied.  “I tried to tell him once about a year ago.  I wrote him a letter but it got returned to me with a note saying he had been sent overseas with the army.  I never tried again.  I had no idea where to start looking.”

“Georgia, Luke is here!”

“What do you mean?”

“Luke is here in Bridgeport.  I bumped into him the other day. He’s back from the army!”

Georgia’s mouth dropped open.  Luke was back. India and Izzy’s dad was back!  Things were about to get a whole lot trickier!

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87 Responses to Chapter 5.4 – Clearing the Dust

  1. Sara says:

    This chapter was so amazing!! You’re such a fantasitc writer! 😀

  2. callierose says:

    Oh wow!!! I hope she gets in contact with him again!
    And aww, Amy was being so sweet and understanding. It’s great that Georgia’s got some support outside of the home now! And the twins!! SO CUTE! Really really happy they’ve finally bonded. They are so similar too, are they identical? (can you get identical twins??)
    Anyway, AMAZING chapter Sarah! Always so happy to see an update pop up in my subscriptions!! 😀 x

  3. FruHurricane says:

    Oh jeez. It will be interesting to see how Luke will react. 😮

  4. ucy says:

    Eeeeep definately worth the wait! Xx

  5. Amanda says:

    Great chapter Sarah! Loved seeing the twins. They are cute. Georgia is very pretty as a young adult. Grown up with her hair loose i can see Esme in her. I can’t wait to see what happens when Luke meets his twin daughters for the first time!

  6. Becci says:

    Wow Georgia has turned out amazingly gorgeous!! I love the twins and I love the ranga hair, it’s hard to pull that one off 😛

  7. Roxy says:

    WOW! The twins are literally identical. I was looking at them on the Family Profile page and I can’t find any difference in them at all. WOW!

  8. Speechless says:

    The twins look beautiful ike their mum, and so glad she opened herself to the love they offer her, nothing more amazing than love of your own child. Also so nice Amy is back in her life, I do wonder how is it going to be when she meets Luke, he has grown…so assuming he is back but not contacted her, he has also moved on with his life…that would be interesting to see how he will react, when he finds out about his daughters.

    • StarSarah says:

      Well he did try to write to her but she never responded. He probably has not contacted her becuase he assumed she doesn’t want to hear from him. Has he moved on? Wait and see….

  9. Alexandra says:

    I think this is my favorite chapter yet! Loved it! And the girls are gorgeous. I still don’t like Amy, but whatever makes Georgia happy. 😛

    /Alexandra –

  10. Roniyin says:

    the twins are soooo cute the chapter was worth the wait. OMG can’t wait till the new chapter comes out Georgia and Luke reunite again duh duh duhhhhhhhh

  11. Jasie says:

    awesome chapter like always…I thought that Amy was going to freak out that she found out that Georgia has Lukes children but she didn’t…I guess Amy isn’t that bad after all.

  12. Jasie says:

    Was India born with the beauty mark..or did u add it Sarah?

  13. jaec52609 says:

    uh oh……im glad amy forgave georgia….i cant wait 2 see the look on lukes face when she tells him hes a daddy of 2 baby girlz

  14. Glacia says:

    I love the twins names! Is it just me or is Georgia’s hair look vrighter with the new hairstyle? It probably is just me. Maybe Luke is already in a relationship with someone else or maybe he wants Georgia back.Can’t wait for next update but I will!

  15. koolyaid says:

    Great chapter! I named one of my twins Izzy and the other one Ivana…what a coincidence! They’re going to be kids soon.

  16. imjimmy says:

    OMG O_O Love the chapter, at the end I thought: “OMG. I want more!” :3 Really nosey about what’s going to happen next ;D Awesome chapter Sarah, as always x

  17. Evelien says:

    Wow great chapter, as always of course. I’m glad Amy has forgiven her and can support her now. 🙂
    But how will Luke react when she tells him that Izzy and India are his daughters? :O Izzy and India are so cute, by the way ❤
    When will be the next update? 🙂

  18. Jedidiah says:

    OH wheewww… I thought Amy was going to explode on her. Glad that they girls have sorted this out. Luke should be there for Georgia now. Ahhhh… this is going to be great. Georgia’s girls are so identical it is crazy. I never got identical identical twins ever in my game.

  19. sachaxbeswick says:

    RAWR! Those Fucking Cliffhangers! I Sometimes get so frustrated with them i want to strangle myself (Like Harley, lol!)

    Anyway, can’t wait to see what happens next with the girls. I’ve never seen sims with dark skin and red hair! It’s so unusual, but beautiful all the same. I Have red hair, but definatley not dark skin!!

    On a couple of picture, Georgia kinda has a bit of a hook nose. Is it just the angle, or is her nose really hookish?


    (P.S sorry for the swearing! I just get sooooo………SLINZSJNGZASRAWR!)

  20. sachaxbeswick says:

    The one where the tear drops from her eye (Image 244)
    And not the next one, but the one after that.


  21. sachaxbeswick says:

    And Sarah, please will you check your emails? There is one i sent you about my second date.

  22. swimswam16 says:

    What a great chapter. Georgia was upsetting me in the beginning but then when she bonded withthem it made it all better. I’m happy that Georgia and Amy are friends again.

  23. Ahh! I’m so glad Georgia’s life is starting to come together. I hope seeing Luke doesn’t make it fall apart again!

    – Jill

  24. seaweedy says:

    It is so fortunate that Georgia has gotten her life back. She has been through such an ordeal.

  25. jeremina5 says:

    Great chapter…do I write that on all of your posts? Sometimes, I’m at a loss of comment…and the fact that they are great, in just that- fact. 🙂 Georgia is gorgeous, and so are the twins. Of course, I am happy for Georgia to have Amy back and to be so understanding, although she may not have been in the beginning. Luke….what is his reaction going to be? Can’t wait!

  26. Lexi says:

    The twins are so cute 🙂 I’m glad Georgia has bonded with her daughters. I just hope Luke won’t mess it up 😛

  27. Tawny says:

    :O i swear Sarah, these chapters are getting shorter and shorter. Im in love with the CC you use! where do you get most of it? Everytime i think of making a legacy, i say to my self “ok i can do this, just need to add some CC and plan a great story line” then i read your story and i say “well that dreams gone”

  28. phyrcracker93 says:

    Hey I’m just wondering, are you going to put Georgia and Howie on the exchange?

  29. gabbyg says:

    lol, i just noticed that Georgia has the same hair as Esme except without the bangs. 🙂
    love the chapter! cant wait for the next update! x

  30. Bubii says:

    It’s great!
    And you finally solved the computer problem right?
    I was sooo happy when I visited your site and saw – a NEW chapter!!!

    Keep up with the good work! I don’t need to tell you that beacause you’re amazing writer!


  31. Bella says:

    Wow! I am so excited to see what Luke says! EEK! I hope he doesn’t act like… a jerk! OH and StarSarah, will you upload Amy?

  32. Minty says:

    This was a nice chapter. I particulary like the image where Georgia is looking at India after rescuing her. I’m glad Amy forgave her.

  33. Dreamy Underwood says:

    Loved IT, I think we all knew Luke would come back I’m just saying because it is LUKE, the baby Daddy.

  34. Dorkney says:

    Oooooo! Baby daddy is back! I wonder how he’ll respond.

  35. auryyy says:

    The twins are adorable and Georgia is a true beauty. 😀 Can’t wait for the next chapter.<3

  36. singer14 says:

    WOAAAAH…. Georgia is gorgeous!

  37. Nightrain17 says:

    Oh my goodness! The Twins are beautiful! I love their names, and I’m just so happy that Georgia bonded with them finally. She’d such a good Mother to them now! And Yay Amy came back! Aww she’s so kind for understanding, it’s nice to see that Georgia has some support from her old friends. And jeepers I wonder how Luke is gonna react to being a Daddy…. Come on Luke. You did say that you loved Georgia!

  38. So good! The twins are so cute too and Georgia is gorgeous! 🙂

    Read my Legacy?

  39. Kawaii :3 says:

    which teen pregnancy mod did you use?

  40. Bianca says:

    I am looking forward to Luke being in the girls’ lives XD

    Also, how come your redheads are always a little batty, Sarah? LOL

  41. Billy Thomas says:

    wow the twins are beautiful, i hate the name India, but i like it on her. this reminds me of outrageous fortune with grant bowler, is this where you got the idea from? this legacy most heirs, have children then something happens to the father like going to army or dieing, is this on purpose or…? or and im still the same billy with the diamond face with the tongue sticking out wearing glasses icon XD. oh u did add the beauty spot because last chapter screen shot 109 nether baby has freckle (BTW sorry 4 long comment :{ )

    • StarSarah says:

      Whats outrageous fortune? Is it a book or a movie?? I think the heirs partners have been quite tame for this legacy. It was only Charlie and Luke who have had problems. Once they got together Tom, Anna and Alfie have been nice and stable.

      With Generations you can down edit sims in CAS so the moment India aged up and added the beauty spot. It has always been there 🙂


      p.s. i like the new pic. Is that you?

  42. Leah1980 says:

    I loved this update. Glad Georgia finally woke up and starting caring for those precious babies. 😀
    Wow thats so great of Amy to forgive her. I’m curious if things will go so well with Luke :O

  43. Kerr says:


  44. Awesome chapter! The twins are so cute! 😀

    /fluffypinkunicorn –

  45. Billy Thomas says:

    oh ok cool, outrageous fortune is a New zealand drama comedy TV show about this crime family going clean, their daughter Loretta had a child at 17 and dident wanted it, but after it was kidnapped, she saved her baby and developed a love for it and started caring 4 it instead of ignoring it 🙂 BTW ty 4 replying

  46. Emy says:

    I’m glad Georgia has started loving her daughters. And I’m so glad she and Amy made up!! ❤

  47. auryyy says:

    Hey btw Sarah, where did you find Amy’s and Georgia’s hair? :3

  48. Em says:

    Aaah Great chapter. I’m glad Georgia has taken ownership of her adorable daughters and can’t wait to see what happens with Luke!

    Aaah yes Outrageous Fortune. I never actually watched that but it was the ‘hottest’ thing over here for a while. I thought of doing a legacy with Outrageous Fortune as an inspiration (ie a white trash family) a while ago but have now started with another sims story which I’m really excited about doing and hope to publish soon.

    Loved this chapter. Amy grew up so beautiful. I have to say I’m kinda rooting for Georgia and Luke to end up together in the end!

  49. Poodle says:

    That was sooo beautifulll
    but what about her other friend Jessica
    Cant wait to see lukes reaction, you always catch the best faces on camera Sarah!

  50. fifixxx says:

    OH MY GOSH HOWIE MARRIED KIKI! Please tell us if they have any kids they will be so beautiful! (Howie grew up to be quite a looker!)

  51. StarSarah#1Fan!!! says:

    Sarah I dont know how you do it but you just make me hungry for more when I read your legacys. All of them are amazing. Me and my mom love your storys and we’ve been two of your most constant readers. We have been reading since you’ve started writing and have been ever since. Keep up the good work!

  52. Billy Thomas says:

    Oh and yes that is me :P. im glad someone else has heard about outrageous fortune, when i mention it at school they go “what never heard it” 🙂

  53. Em says:

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  54. Billy Thomas says:

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  55. ATMzie says:

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  56. Coolkat2 says:

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    How’d you do the drowning scene? It was very interesting, and scary.

    Yay! Amy has forgiven Georgia! I love happy endings..:)

    Great update!:)

  57. zimmya says:

    Hi starsarah!
    I loved the chapter, especially Amy’s appearence, I really like her as a character! I know you must have to read about 100 legacies and stories a day but I was wondering if you’d check out my new 100 baby challenge when the first chapter is out?
    zimmya x

  58. Em says:

    I never really watched it, sorry so I’m not sure what happened =( but I’m sure you can get the 6th season dvd somewhere or even watch it online?

    Also, sorry to scam but I just went to close my legacy’s heir =( vote except it’s tied so I’m gonna leave it open anothr night.I’d love it if some of you guys would go vote and break the tie =D

    Unfortunately, though, I had problems when making that page with uploading the pictures so you’d need to read the last chapter or so or at least check the family tree to see the children.

    Thanks =D

  59. August 3rds my birthday

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