Chapter 5.12 – The kids are alright

It was a Thursday when Joe first noticed Celeste Burray.  She walked out in the lunch yard during his lunch hour, head bent and tucked into her books.  He had seen her around before but had never taken any notice of her.  She was one of those shy types that most people glanced over or through. She kept to herself and hid in the shadows preferring to go unnoticed, liking the anonymity of it. If people did not see her, they wouldn’t tease her.  But on this particular Thursday she had forgotten her packed lunch and her only option was to venture into the lunch yard to get something to eat.  

Joe glanced up as she walked in and then quickly went quickly back to his book. It was a juicy chapter and he had been looking forward to the break all day when he could steal some time away. 

He had only glanced down at his book for a moment when he heard a massive clatter.  He glanced up to see Celeste standing in the middle of the yard, her lunch tray round her ankles and Tyler Moore and his side kick pushing themselves into her face.  Joe sat back in his chair and watched.

“Watch where you’re going, you dropped your food all over me,” Tyler spat into Celeste’s face.

“I err I’m sorry,” Celeste mumbled through a face full of hair.

“Sorry,” Tyler jeered glancing at his back at his accomplice and around the room.  “Did you hear that everyone?  Celeste the loser is sorry.  Well sorry is not even good enough,” he screamed turning back to her. 

“I’ll pay for your cleaning,” Celeste whispered still not looking up. 

“Not good enough.  I want you to eat your food off the floor!”

“You what?”  She finally looked up, tears welling in her eyes

“I said I want you to eat the food you just dropped over me off the floor. NOW!”

“I don’t think she’ll be doing that,” Joe said appearing from behind Tyler. 

Tyler spun round and looked at Joe in shock.  “Excuse me,” he said glaring at him.  “And who the hell do you think you are to decide?”

“I’m no one of consequence to you,” Joe replied.  “And neither is she.  She said she is sorry now lay off!”

“Can you believe this,” Tyler laughed addressing his congregation.  “Mr bookworm himself is squaring off to me.” His entourage laughed along with him and so did the rest of the lunch room.  But Joe and Celeste stayed silent. 

“If you want to take her place and eat the food off the floor be my guest. If not, i suggest you and I meet in the park after school – bookworm!”

“I don’t think that will be necessary.”  Kirk suddenly appeared behind Joe with the rest of the football team in toe.  They all stood staring at each other.  Tyler and his gang and Joe with his buffed up and popular brother standing by his side. The lunch yard fell silent.  All the kids held their breath – what would Tyler do? 

“Sod this man,” Tyler finally said waving his arms around.  “She’s not worth it!”  He pushed Celeste hard against her shoulder and she fell against Joe who steadied her. 

“But this is no over between us,” Tyler shouted back at Joe scurrying through the door with this entourage in toe.

“Thanks Kirk,” Joe said turning to face his little brother. “But I could have handled it myself.”

“I know you could have bro but I just wanted you to know I was here.”

“I know. Thanks.”  The two boys smacked each other’s hand and then Kirk strode off to join the rest of the football team at their usual table.

“Are you ok,” Joe finally said turning to Celeste.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Celeste said, head once against bent down.

“I couldn’t stand and watch them do that to you, I’m sorry.”

He could hear the girl sniffle slightly and then she lifted her eyes to his. They were the deepest blue and haunted. “You’ve just made it worse,” she murmured before turning around and running away, fleeing the room like a scared cat.

“Hey,” he called after her but she was long gone.

The lunch yard had resumed its usual hive of activity but Joe did not move.  He looked at the space where Celeste had stood moments before and found himself thinking of her blue eyes and the haunted look she gave him.  He knew standing up to Tyler and the bullies had been stupid and was secretly glad when Kirk and his buddies had turned up, even though he would never have admitted it to him.  But the moment he had heard the clatter of Celeste’s lunch tray he had gotten an overwhelming desire to protect her.  To him she was like a frightened and fragile bird with piercing blue eyes.  What was she so scared of?

He went back to his table, scooped up his books and headed back into the school corridor.  He wanted to find her, comfort her but he knew she didn’t want him anywhere near her, then why couldn’t he get her out of his head?

“Hey Joe, what’s this I hear about you getting into a fight with Tyler Moore?”  Joe spun around to find Karis behind him standing up against the wall with her boyfriend Ryan.

“WOW, news travels fast,” Joe said stopping to talk to his sister.

“You know what this place is like,” Karis said rolling her eyes.  “What did you do to rally Tyler up? It’s not really like you?”

“It’s a long story,” Joe replied, an image of Celeste’s blue eyes flashing through his mind again. 

“I heard it had something to do with a girl,” Ryan piped in.

“A girl,” Karis teased.  “My big bro finally got himself a girlfriend?”

“It’s nothing like that,” Joe said.  “She just needed help is all?”

“Well I am glad someone stood up to that thug. Just make sure you watch your back, Tyler’s not one to let things drop!”

“Thanks for the advice but I think I’ll be fine. Anyway I had better get on.  Got to return some books to the library.” He started off back down the corridor, a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach. He hoped he bumped into Celeste again, just to see if she were ok of course!

“Wow your brother is brave,” Ryan said turning to Karis as soon as Joe was out of earshot.  “Not sure that was the cleverest thing he’s ever done though.”

“Ah Joe can look after himself, he’s clever enough to figure something out.  If not, I’m sure Kirk will give him a hand.  Plus he always has his little sister to protect him.”

“You,” Ryan teased! “You’re just a precious little flower, you couldn’t hurt anyone.”  He pulled Karis close to him and she fell onto his lips.  She did not even bother to tease him back.  She loved kissing Ryan!

They had met a year ago when Ryan had transferred from Sunset Valley to Bridgeport.  Karis’s best friend Scarlett had introduced them to each other one day.  As Head Girl, Scarlett was often given the responsibility of showing all the new kids around the school. She moaned to Karis that she hated it, but Karis knew that secretly Scarlett loved her little role. She was a real goody-two-shoes at heart even though she would never let on that she was. 

Karis had bumped into them while Scarlett was showing Ryan the School’s trophy cabinet.  “You’re not boasting about us coming third in the regions chess league again are you,” Karis teased when she spotted her friend with the new boy.

“Hey Karis,” Scarlett said spinning around.  “This is Ryan Gregson from Sunset Valley.  He’s new here. Ryan this is my bestest friend in the world, Karis Starr.” 

Karis locked eyes with Ryan and melted.  Unlike her older sisters, she had never cared too much about boys. Especially boys from her school, they were all young and immature.  But this guy.  He looked at her like he was really looking at her and not at her breasts. 

“Pleased to meet you,” he said not taking his eyes of hers whilst shaking her hand.

“Pleased to meet you,” Karis stammered. 

“Ahem,” Scarlett coughed.  “I was just showing Ryan around wanna tag along.”

“Sure,” Karis replied.  Normally this would have been her idea of hell but not this time.  This time she took the tour with her best friend and who was soon to be the love of her life. Ryan and Karis had been inseparable since!

Well as much as Karis could be considering she also had another passion in life rather than Ryan.  Ever since she had become a teenager, she had developed a love for nature.  She had always been an outdoors sort of girl, loving to sit and play amongst the butterflies.  But now, she had also discovered the growth and regeneration of all things natural and found that growing and producing plants, flowers and fruit gave her the biggest thrill ever.

Her parents had sectioned off a patch of the garden for her which she had turned into a small vegetable patch and orchard. Every morning before school, she would get up early and tend to her little garden, enjoying the changes in growth from it every day. She nurtured and developed her patch like it was a child.  Making sure she used only used her own vegetables for fertilizer and clean water from a spring in Bridgeport to water them with.

India and Izzy, who were now young adults and still as dazzling as ever, often teased her as they sashayed past.  Karis up to her knees and elbows in mud.

“Don’t let Ryan see you like that,” India would call.

“Yeah you don’t want him to think he’s going out with a scarecrow!” 

They both giggled to each other and tottered on past arm in arm balancing on their skyscraper heels.  As much as her sister’s annoyed her, Karis was just pleased they were talking again.  She had no idea what had gone on between them but there had been a time not long ago where they couldn’t stand to be in the same room as each other.  Karis wondered if he had had something to do with India’s ex-boyfriend Mason but she had never asked.  She had more important things to think about.  Like Ryan and her little garden.

“Watch out, ball incoming,” came an almighty scream before a football landed splash in the middle of Karis’s garden.

“Oi Kirk,” she screamed jumping up.  “Watch out where you throw that thing!”

“Sorry Karis,” Kirk said bounding over to her and taking the ball from her hands.  “I guess I don’t know my own strength sometimes.”

“Just keep it away from me,” she tutted before going back to her gardening.

“No problem,” Kirk called running back to the other side of the garden where Josh his team mate waited to resume their practice. 

Kirk was now the star football player at Bridgeport High.  Since turning thirteen, he had worked tireless on his fitness, training daily with his father to reach optimal fitness.  He had made the team on the first try-out, and had become captain by the time he was fifteen.  It was a huge victory for him and his family, epically Luke who was so proud of his son.

But hiding behind the success, the celebration and pride lurked a darker side.  What he achieved in sports he lacked in the classroom. He had never been an academic boy but as he threw himself more into his sports, his grades slipped and slipped until he was flunking out on almost every subject.

At first it had gone un-noticed.  A few letters had gone home with him from his teachers to his parents expressing their concern for his grades and each time, Georgia and Luke addressed them with Kirk. They would sit him down and go through his homework with him.  But as his grades got slightly better they would ease off and they would slip once again.

It was when Georgia received a phone call one day for her and Luke to go and see the principle, that the shit really hit the fan. 

“Mr and Mrs Starr,” Mr Thomas the principle at Bridgeport High begun after Georgia and Luke had arrived for their pre-arranged meeting. “I think we have a serious problem with Kirk.”

“What do you mean serious problem,” Georgia gasped.   Luke reached across and squeezed her hand.  Since she had invited him back into her bed a while back things were better than ever between them and she was thankful to have him by her side that day.

“I am afraid Kirk is flunking out of every subject.”  He pushed a sheet of paper across the desk until it was under their noses.  “As you can see Kirk is averaging an E grade in most subjects and in maths and History, he is flunking completely.  I am afraid if his grades do not improve soon, he will have to be cut from the Football team. It appears obvious that this is what is interrupting his studies.”

Georgia squeezed Luke’s hand harder.  “You can’t cut him from the team,” Luke said.  “Football is everything to Kirk and his coach said that he thinks he will be able to go on to play professionally. If you take that away from him, he will have nothing.”

“I appreciate what you are saying Mr Starr, but at the end of the day his grades are more important to him than football. I am not saying that he needs to become a straight A student, all I am saying is he needs to do better.  I have discussed this with his coach and he agrees with me.  Either Luke knuckles down and improves or he is off the team.”

“You can’t do that….” Luke started but Georgia cut him off.

“We fully understand what you are saying,” she said to the Principle.  “And we promise to sort it out.”  She stood from her chair and held out her hand.  “Thank you for your time Mr Thomas.”

Luke and Georgia drove home in silence.  Even though Luke was angry at her for not sticking up better for Kirk’s footballing, Georgia did not care.  She knew the Principle was right.  His grades should come first.  She stared out the window as they drove up through the Bridgeport Hills.  How did they let it get this bad?

When they got home they went straight to the Tree House to find Kirk.  Even though Karis and Joe had stopped playing in the tree house years ago, Kirk still hung out in it all the time.  He never tried to deny that he still enjoyed playing in it; he would always be a big kid at heart. 

“Kirk can you come down here please,” Luke called up to him.

Kirk popped his head out the window a moment later with a sheepish look on his face.  He knew his parents had been called into school about his grades and he knew what was coming.  As he descended the ladder towards his parents he felt his lower lip quiver.  He wasn’t sure he could handle it if he wasn’t allowed to play football anymore!

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99 Responses to Chapter 5.12 – The kids are alright

  1. sachaxbeswick says:

    Yay! first

  2. sachaxbeswick says:

    great chapter!!! OMG Scarlett was in it!!!!! YaHOOOey!
    You know I love you x

  3. sachaxbeswick says:

    Also, I forgot to say in my haste to get first comment, that the way you portrayed Scarlett was exactly how I imagined her to be. I also like the little changes like her skin and her hair and clothes etc. A proffessional always tweaks their sims to the best!

  4. Eila Mcg says:

    THIRD! Haven’t read it yet, I’ll comment when I have 🙂 I have been looking forward for this for AGES XD Eila x

  5. sachaxbeswick says:

    When is the next update. I can’t wait long!

    Ok, I’m trying not to make this sound greedy or rude or anything, but is scarlett going to be in it again? My Friend Ava also wants to know if Kirk and Scarlett will get together. I’m not sure though ….

  6. Beckey says:

    Another amazing chapter Sarah 🙂 Oooh it’s so hard to decide who should be heir… All five of them are beautiful and will have great stories! 😀 Can’t wait to see who wins 😀 When will we know? x

  7. ATMzie says:

    I voted for Joe. Seems Like I’m not the only one…

    • Beckey says:

      yeah me too! I choose him because I thought he’d have the best story, then I realised he was hot too 😛 x

    • Brennon says:

      It sort of makes sense to me to vote for him. First of all, there aren’t enough heirs like him, the nerdy yet still brave kind and I want a guy heir since there are so few of those. India and Izzy could have good stories but they just won’t go good without one another, and I mean they can’t both be the heir, and Karis and Kirk also could be good heirs with good stories, and would be fine without the other, but Joe is just better.

  8. Great chapter! I spent so long thinking about who should be heir, all of the kids have good stories and it was so difficult to pick a heir.

  9. Alexandra says:

    Oh no, an heir vote already? It’s too soon – I want to know more about the kids’ personalities! Oh well, I guess it can’t be helped.

    I’ve always liked the way you make characters come alive, but for some reason Celeste stands out even more to me!

    I also love to see the dynamics between the children, and you’re fenomenal at making them all stand out in their own special way even when there are so many of them.

    Great chapter!

  10. Anonymous says:

    It would be awesome if Joe won the vote, a male heir even with female competition!

    Vote Joe everyone!

  11. Nightrain17 says:

    Well I’m confused! I have no idea who to vote for! It’s killing me. It’s either going to be Joe, Kirk or Karis because I’m not a big Izzy and India fan. They are a little to bratty for my liking with their taunts and stuff.
    I think I might vote for Joe, he has beautiful eyes and I really like Celeste. Besides not many guys would stand up for a girl who they hardly know.
    Wonderful chapter (as always)
    I hope Kirk isn’t in too much trouble!

  12. OMG! Age isn’t great on Georgia and Luke is back. I voted for Joe. I knew I wanted him to be heir. He sort-of got lost in the shuffle since India and Izzy were twins and Kirk and Karis are twins. Which means they stuck together but Joe was the only only child.

  13. Elisaa says:

    I’m gonna vote for Karis, i think :3
    I like her..
    Wonderful chapter ❤
    (And loveee Tyler's A7x shirt :3)

  14. Amanda says:

    I voted for Joe. I like how he stuck his neck out for a girl he hardly knew. I want to see what happens from that. I think Joe has the best potential for a story line. I love India and Izzy, but like someone else said, they are super bratty. Besides, all the kids will make camos from time to time. If I didnt pick Joe, it woulda been Kirk I think.

  15. zimmya says:

    Thanks soooo much for including Ryan in the chapter! I was giggling away when I saw him. I didn’t recognise him at first, I was like, “Hey! Starsarah stole Ryan’s hair! And colour…and t-shirt?! It’s Ryan!!!”
    Lol, anyway, great chapter, I’m happy to see things going okay with Luke and Georgia x

  16. Glacia says:

    OMG! There are already 47 votes for Joe? Anyways, Sarah how is Kirk averaging in a grade E?
    Great chapter as always! 🙂

  17. Cleo says:

    *votes for Karis*
    EVERYBODY! Quick! Karis needs your help! She can’t reach the little circle by her name, so you better click it and then press ‘VOTE’!

  18. me186 says:

    I really like this chapter. One thing i was wondering, though, is how can Izzy be friendly and mean-spirited? The two traits conflict.

  19. huffletuff says:

    Aww…. everyone is voting for Joe. Personally, I find Joe a bit dull. No offense to you, Sarah. I’m voting for India. I just want to see what happens with her, Izzy, and Mason. I guess the good part that would come from Joe winning is that we’ll get to see more Celeste.

  20. iJewelDOTcom says:

    Am I the only one that REALLY REALLY likes India? Everybody seems to be siding with Joe who i think would be a good heir, but i think their would be a better story to tell if it was between India and Izzy because they have more drama.

  21. Loved the chapter.
    I voted for Joe!! :))

  22. springlegacy says:

    Hi Sarah,
    It’s been a while that I’m following your amazing legacy and I’m addicted to it. It also inspired me for my own legacy. (^_^)
    I do have a question:
    -Did you created the school corridor and the principal office? If yes how and where did you put it in the game?

  23. wellslegacy says:

    Great post, Sarah 🙂

  24. Brennon says:

    I don’t like Georgia’s new hair, vote for Joe!

  25. Minty says:

    Wow this was a lovely post.
    I voted for Kirk because he seems to have an interesting story to him. It’s not that I don’t like Joe or anything it’s just he seems a little boring…

  26. Anonymous says:

    Great Smashing Super!

  27. party says:

    Karis we ❤ u! I voted for her coz she rocks! Yay , my bff Zimmy's Ryan was in it! So weird, i won the time b4 she came joint second! =)

  28. Newoangel says:

    Oh my gosh! Every story sounds awesome! And with so many choices this is going to be the hardest poll ever! Though i think the favorite would be Joe, but i like Izzy too 😀

  29. auryyy says:

    I voted for Joe. 🙂
    The reason why I voted for him was because 1) I think is about time that there was a male heir 2) he has different genes to bring to the next generation and 3) he aspire for something that hasn’t yet been done before by any of the heirs in past legacy or generations.
    If it weren’t for those reason I think I would have voted for Kirk because I think there should be more male heirs in this legacy! 😀
    But besides that great chapter. If Joe doesn’t wins I admit I will be kinda upset because I really like him since he is different from his older and younger siblings but is okay because you always make the heirs very interesting in every generation! 😀

  30. Abbi says:

    Does “E” stand for a failing grade? I figure it does…
    Here we use:
    A (Superior), B, C, D, and F (Fail/Flunk), INC (incomplete) or
    Com (Commendable), S (Sastisfactory), and N (Needs Improvement). Most schools only use this one for certain classes though.
    Anyway, Fantastic chapter! I love all the kids, it’s hard to just pick one…
    Great job as always Sarah! I can’t wait for the next update! 🙂

  31. Carebear728 says:

    I loved seeing all the other kids personalities I’m torn between Karis and Joe

  32. Sianystar says:

    Aww, I wanted Kirk to win but it looks like Joe will. Still, I’ll be happy whoever wins it, they’re all great choices!!

  33. Tawny says:

    I voted Izzy just because she didnt have as many votes as everyone else, Joe’s obviously going to win though(wich is ok). Great chapter, N-E-E-D M-O-R-E D-R-A-M-A!!!! Also where did you get the lockers?!

  34. sims3rocks says:

    Sarah, do you use Twallan’s mod?

  35. Grozkal says:

    This chapter seemed a bit more ‘vulgar’ than other chapters, still great though. I dont think one of the twins would be a good heir as A.I cannot tell them apart and B. In her last legacy, there already was a twin who was voted up, so it would be boring to see it again. Karis seems like it would be okay, Kirk would probaly be boring. He gets his grades up, becomes sports star, sleeps with a bunch of women, gets in a lot of trouble. Joe seems interesting, as Carter from generation 3 was voted over Charlie (Who shares Joe’s traits in some ways)

  36. karalovessims says:

    interesting chapter — i think you evenly spaced out each kid’s stories. (: i voted for izzy because .. uh, well, she’s pretty. ahah. i love them all – it was so hard to choose. so i decided to choose the prettiest one, so the beauty gene would pass on. ;D although i love joe, there’s something going on with his cheekbones there. ha. and georgia’s hair! it’s short now! ha. and she has a few wrinkles! ahh! i liked her long hair, but change is good, no?

  37. Willi says:

    arrr…. Joes winning, no surprise. I understand now how you set up the whole story for most of us to favor the one person who will become the heir, so far there hasnt been 2 ltw’s in a row, and there is always variety from one generation to the next!
    i voted for Karis, you havnt had a gardener yet, but you havnt had an heir in all your legacies of a professional author either, and Joe does have an okay story line. cant wait for the next chapter!

  38. simsmad! says:

    hey Sarah loved this chapter and have voted for the heir but I was wondering if you could maybe name your next character mia because I have a friend who’s name is actually mia starr this would be amazing!

  39. I voted for Joe, I love him.

  40. Leaine says:

    Hi! Just thought I should drop my very first comment and tell you how amazing this story of yours is! I’ve read my way through all three legacys now, as well as your vampire story and can’t wait for more. I can’t decide on a favourite sim either, which is normally quite simple, but they’ve got a good enough story/character (in lack of the right word) for me to like them all! Although of these kids, I must say my mind is curious of how Joe and Karis lives will turn out, and whom with.

    Anyway, great chapter (as always!) and story! I’ll be following ^^,

  41. Here in the Netherlands grades just go from 10, the highest grade you can get, to 1, lol. I find the letters a bit confusing xd.

    Anyways, I just returned from vacation and I especially enjoyed the last three chapters! I can’t really put my finger on it, but I’ve had so much fun reading the last chapters!

    The heir vote is really tough… I would’ve went for India, because I liked how she immediately dumped Mason for her sister. But in this chapter they both seem a bit bitchy. Arghh…. I think I’ll vote Karis, she’s interesting xx

  42. Bubii says:

    Nice chapter! I voted for Izzy, but it’s ok if Joe wins. Scarlett was here! Did you changed her hair color or she was blonde? I loved it!

  43. Jedidiah says:

    Wow all the kids are grown up already??? Wasn’t it just time for Georgia to give birth to her first set of twins??? I voted for Joe because he seems to be the most levelheaded. Although I would have also liked to hear more about Karis’ story. Joe stood up for an underdog, that’s aces in my book. 🙂

  44. Brend@ says:

    Hi! I really like your legacy and I guess I’ve read all of your stories, I realy adored both of your previous legacies (The Shenston Legacy and The Seraphine Legacy) and your vampire story about Carmella was awesome! I never comented in any of them ’cause when I started reading The Shenston Legacy you were already starting this one (Starr) and so I didn’t coment, but now I am up to date on your stories and am glad that now I know your going to read my coment!
    So great chapter! I’m really not sure on who am I going to vote for heir ’cause I like all of the kids, but I’ll figure it out!
    And thanks to your links I was able to install the mod from twallan (The Woohooer) correctly, and I’m thinking of installing The MasterController but there’s a lot of things in it and I’m affraid it might mess up with my game so I’m still thinking on that. I really like all of you’r stories, you’r an awesome writer and and I can’t wait for the next chapter! 🙂

  45. Caz says:

    Oh man, I can’t even decide! They are all great looking sims, and I know no matter who wins the story will be fantastic. You always turn even the most basic storyline into something interesting. For that reason, I normally vote based on appearance. But I’m struggling. That’s 5 good looking sims there. Haha.

    I’m kind of leaning more towards Joe or Karis. (They both have kinda the same look. They look like THEY should be twins! Haha. But it’s their genetics I like the most)
    India and Izzy are absolutely gorgeous. But they seem to be a bit of a package deal. And there can only be one heir..
    And Kirk, he looks so much like Howie. I wasn’t to fussed on Howie’s looks as a teen, but wow! Did he grow up to be one fine looking sim! So I’d assume the same for Kirk…

    Seriously, each time I feel like I’ve made my choice, I go to vote and change my mind. I think I need to sleep on this one. But that’s definitely a testament to your great work 🙂

  46. Hollywood says:

    I voted for Kirk, I think I still nurse a soft spot for Carter and well, Kirk is almost the carbon copy of him! My second choice would be Karis as we’ve not really seen HER story yet. I would pick India or Izzy but they seem to have run their course and shown their colors already, the danger of being the first borns


    • Minty says:

      Aww I loved Carter he was such a nice person. I voted for Kirk but only because I want to see what happens with him because he doesn’t have a storyline.

  47. M&M says:

    Hey can you post a download link for Anna Starr from generaton 3? From the moment i saw her i wanted to download her ❤

  48. Bianca says:

    No matter who wins… DOWNLOADS! This is the most gorgeous and awesome generation yet!

  49. Roxy says:

    I like the drama with the first set of twins but I feel like we’ve the spoiled girl as heir so I went with Izzy. Plus I love Mason and want to see more of him :). Props to whoever made him.
    I don’t really care for Joe, Karis, or Kirk because the storylines just don’t seem that interesting. But since it’s you, Sarah, you’ll probably make it interesting. I just like Izzy best. Cross your fingers for a comeback.

  50. Savannah (AKA: Poodle) says:

    I voted for ummm….man now I cant remember! Either India or Izzy…I can never get those two straight.
    I think it was India….anyway I like her a lot, whoever she is, I hope she wins. She’s not mean like the other one, whos mean spirited, plus shes a party animal like me, and has star quality…I think she should become a famous actress 🙂

  51. Anonymous says:

    Eugh! I just made a massive comment and it deleted it’s self!! 😡 I’m
    Angered! Anyways since I don’t have time to rewrite my views on each heir in detail, I found India and Iizy would have dramatic storylines but I didn’t wanna see them develop without eachother. Joe was a bit dull for me but he’s gonna win which is okay as I could grow on the older Joe and it means we can see more Celeste. Kirk is cool and we shall probs see him in Joe’s storyline but his plot is really predictable despite us not having an athlete yet! Karis is the best and I voted for her because of her amazingness! I love her romance and her personality is perfect! We need a gardener and I just love the fact she loves the outdoors yet has an unpredictable plotline!! :L

    Anyways, great story and this chapter was amazing because we got more of a view on the family! One of my favourite ever!! :L

  52. Hollywood says:

    Carter has always been the favorite of mine, and he probably will always be n.n. I’m okay with Joe being the heir though, as he’s original, you couldn’t really compare him to any Starr heir<33

  53. Hollywood says:

    Carter has always been the favorite of mine, and he probably will always be n.n. I voted for Kirk as he reminds me of Esme as well Carter, with all the thievery and stuff.

  54. seaweedy says:

    I missed the poll but I am glad to here that Joe is the heir, he is a very intriguing character.

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