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Dear Sim readers I owe you all a massive apology for totally disappearing!  As you may know last year i had a big upheaval in my life which led to me losing my boyfriend, home and job all in one go.  … Continue reading

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Hi guys Firstly, I am so so sorry for my extended absence.  I don’t want to bore you with the drama that is my life but in a nut shell me and my boyfriend broke up, I’ve had to move … Continue reading

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Chapter 6.1 – In The Drivers Seat

“You ready for your driving lesson Joe?” “Huh?” “I said are you ready for your driving lesson?” Joe lifted his head and looked at his mum.  “If he doesn’t want it I’ll take the lesson,” Kirk chimed in. “No its … Continue reading

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5th Generation Family Overview

Gender: Female Age:41 Traits: Artistic, Family Oriented, Perfectionist. Hopeless Romantic, Charismatic Lifetime Wish: Fashion Phenomenon Gender: Male Age:43 Traits: Athletic, Handy, Childish, Ambitious, Great Kisser Lifetime Wish: Astronaut Relation to Heir: Husband Gender: Female Age:25 Traits: Absent minded, Friendly, Rebellious, … Continue reading

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And the WINNER is……

Gender: Male Age:16 Traits: Bookworm, Excitable, Clumsy, Brave Lifetime Wish: Professional Author Relation to Heir: Son

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Chapter 5.12 – The kids are alright

It was a Thursday when Joe first noticed Celeste Burray.  She walked out in the lunch yard during his lunch hour, head bent and tucked into her books.  He had seen her around before but had never taken any notice … Continue reading

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Chapter 5.11 – Breaking Apart

As Georgia pulled up to the address Nigel had given her over the phone her mind was busy turning tricks.  She felt sick inside. What was she about to uncover?  She pulled up to the curb and dragged herself out … Continue reading

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