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And the WINNER is…..

Gender: Female Age: 16 Traits: Artistic, Over-emotional, Loves the Outdoors, Photographer’s Eye Lifetime Wish: Visionary Relation to Heir: Daughter

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Chapter 1.8 – A Growing Family

Being pregnant with twins put a great strain on Allie’s petite body.  At seven months pregnant she was put on constant bed rest by her doctor which was not only boring for her but incredibly frustrating. It was difficult to … Continue reading

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Casting Call Winner….

Thank you to everyone who submitted a Director for my Casting Call. There were some amazing submissions and after a difficult deliberation, i would like to present the winner: Perano Barberry by strelitzia19/Kim (The Stone Legacy) (click image to go through to … Continue reading

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Chapter 1.5 – Crossed Wires

The rest of the morning passed by in the blur.  Allie could not focus on her work and instead sat at her desk staring at the photographs of Tom on the wall day dreaming about him. Just after lunchtime she … Continue reading

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Chapter 1.1 – Bridgeport

As Ali’s yellow cab crossed over the bridge, the bright lights of Bridgeport dazzled back at her.  This is where I’m meant to be, she thought to herself as she breathed in the dense fumes of the city and listened … Continue reading

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