And the WINNER is…..

WOW that was the toughest casting call yet.  So many good entries – so many good teens to match my Starr teens to.  I have picked a boy and girl overall winner and then a boy and girl runner up who will feature as extras in the story too.

Therefore I proud to announce that the winning girl is…..

Celeste Burray by Meggyreap

The winning boy is…..

Mason Gosnell by Marissa 1997

And the two runners up are…..

Scarlett Stepson by Sachathesim’s and Ryan Gregson by Zimmya

A MASSIVE congratulations to all the winners and runners-up and stay tuned to see them appear in up-coming chapters of the Starr Legacy.


(click on the images above to download)

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50 Responses to And the WINNER is…..

  1. Bianca says:

    YAY!!!! We were on the edges of our seats, Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome sims guys!

  2. ImJimmy says:

    Cooowwwll, good job guys :D!

  3. fridaiinitee says:

    Congrats guys..! I just lovee scarlett 😀
    Soo when’s the next chapter..?
    April x

  4. rissanicole says:

    I’m so happy Mason was picked ! I didn’t think he would win , there was so many great choices.Congrats to the other winner and runner ups as well, you all did great 🙂 Thank you Sarah, that made my week 😀

  5. Bubii says:

    Congratulations winners!! 😀
    I like them all, but Scarlett is soooo cute! I wish she was the winning girl, no offense!
    Good job!

  6. xtremesims says:

    Congratulations everyone. Welcome back Sarah

  7. Becci says:

    Ah Finally YAYYY I love Scarlet but I also love the main chick too. Good choices for sure ♥

  8. karalovessims says:

    Congrats too the winners! 😀
    They’re all beautiful. ❤ and welcome back, Sarah! can't wait for another update. [:

  9. googleyes says:

    Hey sarah.This is the first time iv’e commented.

    Just to say, the entries are cute and I love the winners, but Scarlet is soooo cute!
    Is there any way you could make Scarlett the winner?
    If not, and if you dont want too, will Scarlett still appear in the story, because i think she is cuter than the main girl. ( No offense whoever made her, she’s still gorgeous and a great sim!)

  10. Wooop! Lol this is the first time I’ve entered, so being runner up is amazing! Thanks!!!
    Anyway, well done to MeggyReap, Marissa1997 and Zimmya. You all made beautiful sims!!! You all deserved to win.

    P.S all those who are saying that they like scarlett, thanks!!! Even though i didn’t win, i’m still chuffed!
    I need a chufty badge!

  11. Kawaii :3 says:

    Aww, that two that won are so cute!

  12. zimmya says:

    Oh my goodness, thank-you sooo much Starsarah! Even though I didn’t win, I want to thank you for spending your time looking at all of the people. Congrats to Meggyreap and Marissa 1997! Thanks again for choosing me as the runner up x

  13. Natt says:

    I know a lot of people seem to prefer Scarlett but I personally love Celeste and think she’s adorable, Scarlett is cute too though. I also love both of the boys. Too cute.

  14. Avatar says:

    Celeste is ugly! Scarlett to win!!!!!

    • sachaxbeswick says:

      Thanks Avatar for liking my sim, but seriously, that is kinda rude. Sarah has chosen her winners fair and square, and even though I didn’t win, I’m really happy I got runner up. Yeah, i didn’t win, but so what? There are other times, and I actually amazed I got runner up on my first try. So please keep your rude comments to yourself.

  15. sachaxbeswick says:

    Did you delete the comment from Avatar?
    Yes that was from my sisters boyfriend on my laptop when I went away for a minute. I wondered why it said it was my comment. Lol. I didn’t realise until I posted my other comment.
    Sorry Sarah. He’s really immature, though its nice of him to stick up for me. And Sorry MeggyReap. I dont think that celeste is ugly at all

  16. sachaxbeswick says:

    yes please delete it!
    Yeah Silly boys lol!
    Anyway my boyfriend told me it was him. BTW things are going great with him. We’ve been going out for a month and a half now!

    • StarSarah says:

      WOW that is sooo exciting. Congratulations. Me and my boyfriend broke up last week. Sad but for the best. Onwards an upwards x

      • sachaxbeswick says:

        awww no! Email me and tell me about it. I wouldn’t have mentioned it if I knew! I’m so sorry!
        Hope you are feeling OK and if you ever need to talk, you know my email address 🙂 xxx

      • Amanda says:

        Aww I’m sorry Sarah. Breakups are rough. It must be something in the water cause my boyfriend and I broke up last week too.

        • StarSarah says:

          Aww im sorry to hear that. Hope you are ok? x

          • Amanda says:

            Thanks Sarah. I’m ok. He cheated on me, the breakup wasn’t my choice, but i’ll move on and hopefully find someone else with time. Gonna take a long while to just be single before I go down the relationship road again. lol

  17. Sims3Rocks says:

    I personally think Celeste is really gorgeous. I think a lot of simmers (especially ones who read legacies) get stuck on “Legacy Looks” Kinda the rounder face, plumper lips, round eyes. Not saying its bad but some simmers lean towards that which is why some say Scarlett should’ve won. I think in terms of models, Celeste would be high fashion and Scarlett would be commercial. Both girls are beautiful nonetheless, but there beauty is in different arenas.

    Besides that mini-outlook, I’m glad you’re back Sarah! I’ve missed the Starrs :)! Oh and I had a question. Would you ever do a Berry Sweet Legacy?

    • sachaxbeswick says:

      Nice to hear your opinion sims 3 rocks. Now that you mention it, I do realise what you mean when you say legacy looks. (BTW I’m the maker of Scarlett)

      Celeste is very pretty, and I agree with what you say. I totally understand and Yeah, MeggyReap definetley deserved to win. xxxx

    • StarSarah says:

      i thought about it before i did the Starr legacy and i asked a few readers and they all wanted a normal one. Maybe the next one will be Berry…. x

  18. dorkney says:

    I love Celeste!! She’s so pretty!

  19. Sydney511 says:

    I have Celeste’s hair, it’s my favorite!

    Congratz to the winners.

  20. Savannah (AKA: Poodle) says:

    <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 them…all four they are totally amazing Congrats everyone who wone

  21. Amanda says:

    Congrats to the winners. I really liked Celest. She was really pretty and unique. Although she looked a little sad in that picture. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Its always fun seeing contest winner sims in the stories!

  22. j says:

    Great job winners! Sarah, I had a question. How often do you play? Every day? I’m just curious because I go through spurts where I play nonstop for days straight, and then weeks/months without playing. That’s obviously not the case for you though 🙂 Loving the legacy by the way, although the Seraphine’s will be hard to top!

    • StarSarah says:

      I wish i could play every day. Cause i work so much and have to see friends and family i normally try to play one weekend day and one day during the week. Anymore and i would have no life haha

  23. Congratulations to all of the winners and runner ups! Your sims look awesome! but I am wondering, are the runner ups also going to be romantic interests of Georgia’s kids?

  24. ucy says:

    My sims didnt upload 😦 i hate tech problems

  25. Kelsey says:

    I started reading the whole story yesterday… I’m here now. Good job.

  26. Kerr says:

    congrats winners, and sarah, sorry i couldnt enter. someone just died in our family and i havnt had time to play the sims. fropm the time i did get, i got the nightmare of no cc. well done again winners and runner ups.

  27. meggyreap says:

    I just saw this today and it was such a day brightener! ❤ thanks to all who said they liked her ^__^
    and sachaxbeswick, Scarlett is so adorable it makes me want to hug her!

  28. oliviaaa says:

    I really like the winner but once again gutted I didnt win :/
    Maybe next time 🙂

  29. Nightrain17 says:

    aww they all look pretty/handsome. I can’t wait to see who gets paired up with who!

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