Table of Contents

Chapter 1.1 – Bridgeport
Chapter 1.2 – Practice Practice Practice
Chapter 1.3 – Mr Bigshot
Chapter 1.4 – Falling
Chapter 1.5 – Crossed Wires
Chapter 1.6 – The Role of a Lifetime
Chapter 1.7 – The Surprise
Chapter 1.8 – A Growing Family
Chapter 1.9 – Growing Pains
Chapter 1.10 – Hopes and Dreams
1st Generation Family Overview

Chapter 2.1 – Four Seasons
Chapter 2.2 – The Trip
Chapter 2.3 – Valentines
Chapter 2.4 – Stay or Go?
Chapter 2.5 – Too Late?
Chapter 2.6 – No Smoke Without Fire
Chapter 2.7 – Live
Chapter 2.8 – Mischief
Chapter 2.9 – The Plan
Chapter 2.10 – Opposites
2nd Generation Family Overview

Chapter 3.1 – The Juice Bar
Chapter 3.2 – The Lady in Red
Chapter 3.3 – Duplicity
Chapter 3.4 – Life Changing
Chapter 3.5 – Smiling
Chapter 3.6 – Second Chances
Chapter 3.7 – Perfect Family
Chapter 3.8 – Birthday Girl
Chapter 3.9 – Lies
Chapter 3.10 – The Stand-Off
3rd Generation Family Overview 

Chapter 4.1 – Sneaky
Chapter 4.2 – A Rush
Chapter 4.3 – Thief in Training
Chapter 4.4 – Institutionalised
Chapter 4.5 – A Friend in Need
Chapter 4.6 – The Heist
Chapter 4.7 – Esme’s Defence
Chapter 4.8 – The Rescue
Chapter 4.9 – Seperated
Chapter 4.10 – Aspirations
Chapter 4.11 – Talents
Chapter 4.12 – Trouble Ahead!
4th Generation Family Overview

Chapter 5.1 – Fate
Chapter 5.2 – Loss
Chapter 5.3 – Denial
Chapter 5.4 – Clearing the Dust
Chapter 5.5 – A Reunion of Sorts
Chapter 5.6 – Defences
Chapter 5.7 – The Universe
Chapter 5.8 – The Family Girl
Chapter 5.9 – Seed of Doubt
Chapter 5.10 – Paranoia
Chapter 5.11 – Breaking Apart
Chapter 5.12 – The kids are alright
5th Generation Family Overview

20 Responses to Table of Contents

  1. nadzicle says:

    I love your legacy. I honestly have no idea how you can do it, though! I mean, I started a legacy story but got sick of it on the first draft! I tend to ramble, and the story wasn’t going anywhere. Lol. So I gave up. Am still doing a Legacy, just no story. Naw.

    I am impressed with how much time and effort you obviously put into your legacy stories. =]

  2. Poodle says:


  3. snapcarolina says:

    Love this legacy so much! My friends and I spend ages reading it. We recently reread the Seraphins! Actually, one thing I noticed is that my new legacy founder for the Sebastian legacy ( has the same hair style as Lily Seraphin! :]
    x Carolina

  4. maike0090 says:

    i wanna updatee ❤

  5. Naz says:

    Pleaseeee update!!!!!! ❤ it!!!! plz get charlie back in the picture somehow the babies would be megaaaa cute and he is so nice!

  6. singer14 says:

    Up. Date.

  7. xcin100x says:

    Hey! I was wondering if you had twitter?
    If yes, u can follow me @xcin100x
    Can u please follow me, I ALWAYS follow back ❤ (:
    PS I added a new chapter to my blog that reveals the next heir, and I added an exclusive chapter with detailed pics of the gernation 5 home!
    Can you please comment on it? Thanks! (:

  8. amujune says:

    How do you do links to chapters? Because every time I click the add link button nothing happens! Thanks x

  9. kittykat1019 says:

    i posted my sim, Emmet Long, on the discussion board on the sims 3 website, but figured id throw him on up here, just incase anyone wants to download him and isnt looking at the board for wtv reason.

  10. gabbyg says:

    i noticed that every generation so far, the 7th chapter always has the heir having a kid and that every generation stops at chapter 10.
    love the legacy!

  11. Simpotato says:

    I LOVE your legacy. It’s amazing. 😀

  12. marissa3 says:

    How did you get your table of contents laid out like this? I cant seem to get the links to be next to the pictures, only beneath them! x

  13. I love this Legacy! Could you check out my Legacy?

  14. Don’t forget to add Georgia up there! Btw, this is an awesome blog that was just recently created:

  15. kittykat1019 says:

    Sarah, how did you get Georgia pregnant? Can I have a link for the mod ?

  16. amujune says:

    How do you get the links to say the name of the chapter and not the URL? x

  17. 14heartgirl says:

    I love your legacey and I only allow myself to read a few at a time. Your’s is amazing,interesting and so realistic. Again I love your legacy.

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