Hi guys

Firstly, I am so so sorry for my extended absence.  I don’t want to bore you with the drama that is my life but in a nut shell me and my boyfriend broke up, I’ve had to move and am starting a new job. All of which has resulted in me a) not having any time and b) having no internet for the last couple of weeks!

I am hoping and praying that my internet will start again tomorrow (I am typing this from a friends computer) so I am going to try to play this weekend and update next week.  Although with all the drama I still do not know if I will have the time so it may not be until the week after!

Please be patient with me and I promise I will endeavour to post the next chapter as soon as I can.

Thank you for all your support, you’re the best readers ever!!

Love and kisses

StarSarah xx

UPDATE: Just been reading through your comments and i am so sorry if i scared any of you as i was not around. As i said i just could not get online. But I am totally fine and have not been affected by the riots, even though i did have to flee London early the other day.  Onwards and upwards in life, as you know from my writing, I like a bit of drama. Your all so sweet xxx

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  1. O my Sarah! 😦
    Hope your doing okay!
    Just take the time you need, and we will be there for you!

  2. ImJimmy says:

    Oh my, that’s a lot of stuff to process for you. I hope you’re going to be okay again, take all the time you need, we’ll be waiting. X

  3. xtremesims says:

    Hi Sarah, I am relieved that you are safe. Good luck with everything and take your time getting yourself settled in to your new place and job. We will be here waiting for your update.

  4. Esther says:

    Of course we understand this Sarah! I’m sorry about your boyfriend 😦
    Don’t rush yourself! We’ll all be waiting here for you no matter how long it takes you. Take your time! 😉

  5. karalovessims says:

    aww, i’m sorry about ur boyfriend hon. 😦
    we totally understand that your sims would take a backseat during all this. 😉 take as much time as you need!! (:

  6. Hghsims97 says:

    I agree Sarah, take as much time as you need. We will be patient, and even if you can’t update next week we will understand, hey life is hectic sometimes 🙂 I’m glad that your out of those riots in London.

    Take Care,

  7. You just need time and I’m glad your safe since of the riots in London. It is appalling but as long as you are safe and when your better you could started getting back to Simming.

  8. huffletuff says:

    You shouldn’t be saying sorry, we should. Stirring up drama (in the comments). I hope things work out for you, take all the time you. Whether it be a few days or a few weeks or however long, we’ll be hear whenever you want to come back (and so will sims, it’s not going anywhere).


  9. Amy6 says:

    Take your time dear!

  10. Take your time Sarah, we all understand, and Sims will definitely get pushed to the back of your mind when all of this is going on. I am so relieved that you are safe, and I should be the one saying sorry for causing part of the drama in the comments. My traits somehow have over-emotional and dramatic mixed in somewhere!!!
    I am sorry that this is happening to you, and even though I miss the starrs, you need time to get back on your feet and get everything back in order. Take your time, and really don’t rush yourself to get the new chapter out. We’ll all wait. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a nice… Friday and weekend, because its only Thursday. 😀
    Love From
    Sacha, one of your most obsessed readers!

    P.S, Sorry for the comment being so long and most likely boring to you, and sorry for making the comment even longer by saying this 😀

  11. Minty says:

    I’m so glad you weren’t majorly affected by the riots. It’s understandable why you were away so long, nobody can expect anyone to go through that and then play sims.

  12. obsessedwithsims says:

    It’s okay take your time 🙂 I’m just happy your okay and I hope you get internet back!

  13. victoriaplaysims says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend. This is by far one of the best blogs i read and i think i speak for everyone of your fans when i say we will wait for you, take as much time as you need and stay safe.

    lots of love.

  14. JewelsRule says:

    Oh my goodness! As long as you’re not hurt, that’s OK. Take all the time you need to recover, we don’t mind at all.

  15. OK so I did not just stay up till 3 am reading your legacy *yawn* I love this legacy! It just makes me uber sad that i don’t write legacy’s too, however! (muahahahah) I do write regular fiction….okay take out that one word…yeah that regular word…ok so i write fiction. Anyway, I just wanna say HI and that your work is really good!!!!!!!!……k thnx bai!

    The Writer <———- That's me! xD

  16. Glacia says:

    I competely understand why you didn’t play sims, you should just take your time and relax. There is no rush for the next chapter. I hope your Internet starts back up again tomorrow! 🙂

  17. Kawaii :3 says:

    Hah, I’m visiting London right now.

  18. Newoangel says:

    Whew, i was really starting to worry 🙂 so glad you’re okay.
    So sorry about everything that happened, i hope your move is as painless as possible 🙂
    No need to rush the next chapter if you don’t want to, we’re just happy you’re okay 😀

  19. Jedidiah says:

    Take care of yourself! Be safe out there!

  20. akl1226 says:

    Aww sarah…i hope it all gets better…take all the time u need

  21. Anonymous says:

    And I thought running out of cake was dramatic…..
    Hope you (for want of a better phrase, but how else can I say it?) get well soon

  22. angiebeno says:

    Sorry to hear about your troubles we will all wait patiently knowing you are OK 🙂

  23. don’t listen to the impatient people on your comments, take a week or even a month off if you have to. i am very sorry for what has happened to you and i know how tuff it can be i hope things get much better for you because even though i haven’t spoken to you i have come to like and respect you through your writings.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Take your time Sarah!!

  25. Purpleia3 says:

    Hope you get sorted out soon. Carn’t wait to read the next chapter!

  26. Tinker says:

    Im so very sorry to hear about your ‘drama’! it will all get better soon and you ma’am take as much time as you need to get the story up and going. Sending lots of happy thoughts your way, Tinker 🙂

  27. Sianystar says:

    Thanks for letting us know, glad you’re safe and (physically) okay. Hope you settle into your new home and job well 🙂 xx

  28. bunnypunk says:

    Take your time, I’ll gladly wait for you

  29. By the way, AHHHHHH I’M SO SORRY YOU MUST REALLY NEED A HUG!!!!!!!!!! *hugs till the point of almost killing StarSarah* Hope everything goes well with the move and job….;3

    • StarSarah says:

      Aww thank you. You can give me virtual hug. I have some great girlfriends so they have been great but you guys are just as great too. Your my best virtual friends x

  30. auburn101 says:

    Sorry to hear the news about you and your boyfriend. On a different note, good-luck with your new job. I’ll be waiting for when you come back! Happy simming.


  31. Bianca says:

    Sarah, you have built up an amazing following 😉 We love you as much as we love your stories and we will be here for you no matter what! 😀 We can’t leave this story on a cliffhanger! If you take a week, a month, or even a year we will still check up on you and your blog just to make sure you are doing okay primarily, and to read the story secondarily. ❤

  32. Kerr says:

    No probs Sarah, take all the time you need 😉 Can’t wait for an update! I also started my new legacy earlier today. I’ve not finished playing the first chapter yet, but I will be blogging it. Would you read it once it is ready? I will post the URL on your Legacy Links page.

  33. Laurni says:

    I’m just very happy that you are ok Sarah! Take all the time you need! I will be praying for you.

  34. Milli :) says:

    So glad ur ok! Sorry about your split! Praying 4 u!

  35. oshnapitzriah says:

    Well Sarah, its his loss. Remember that all of us are here for you!

  36. Opalnnn says:

    I’m a silent reader but I hope things look up in your life from now on. 🙂

  37. supergabbyg says:

    what riots in london?
    also, take ur time starsarah! glad ur okay! xx

    • Newoangel says:

      2 riots took place in london from protestors of a shooting death to a local man by police.There was a ton of damage and fires. (This is what i read from a boston newspaper online) found here:

    • MY MOM IS GOING THERE NEXT WEEK!!!! and it’s not just cuz of the one guy the police shot. It’s because the government has no control over the young people. Basically LONDON S BURNING.

    • Minty says:

      As newoangel said it was because of that man. However on the BBC new channel they had some of the rioters on and they said they were doing it for the free stuff and they said the police couldn’t stop them. There were 4 main deaths from what I heard. It was also not because the government had no control over the youths after all most of them were on vacation from what I heard. Plans for the riots were set up on facebook, twitter and blackberry messenger. It also happened in Birmingham, Manchester and Wolverhampton and lasted for 5 days apparently. It’s all died down though.

  38. estonialaxer32 says:

    Sorry about the drama! I’m glad your okay!

  39. Octoberskies says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the relationship problems, Sarah! Everything gets better with time, So take all the time you need!

    We are ALL here for you! I’m just glad you weren’t injured in the riots or a car accident or something along those lines!

    We will be here no matter what!

  40. marissa3 says:

    Your life seems to have almost as much drama as the Starrs!
    Take your time x

  41. rissanicole2 says:

    So glad you’re okay! You had me worried for a minute. Hope everything goes back to normal for you and all goes well . Xoxo

  42. Bubii says:

    Oh Sarah! I feel so sorry for you! We will all be patient, you can take time! I hope you’ll get better with time. 😦

  43. Tawny says:

    Take your time. Real life is way more important than playing The sims. Can’t wait for the next update though

  44. StarSarah, Take as long as you need! We all can wait.. I’m glad you weren’t affected or hurt by the Riots in London. I’m sorry about your boyfriend. Really enjoying your legacy and i don’t want it to end! 😀 🙂 ❤ x

  45. Ohh, And Great Chapter! I’m still puzzled and i can’t work out what will happen ❤ 😀 😀 😀 😀 D

  46. Bella says:

    Oh wow! SO glad to hear you are OK and not affected by the riots! I don’t always comment, but I ALWAYS read! Take your time, life can be hard. 🙂

  47. I feel sorry for you Sarah!
    Just take the time for the next update!

  48. me says:

    Take care of yourself, Sarah… I am sorry about what happened. Take care xxx

  49. jaec52609 says:

    srry 2 hear about tht….take all the time u need
    im sure everything will turn out good in the end….
    take care

  50. Cleo says:

    Hope you get your internet back soon and we’ll be waiting with patience! Sorry bout your break-up, hope you recover!

  51. 14heartgirl says:

    aww I’m sorry about your break up and take all the time you need to get on with the things that are currently going on in your life. Your true fans will wait through sun or rain. 🙂

  52. Hi sarah, how r u doing today??

  53. Beckey says:

    We all feel for you right now Sarah 😦 Updating some virtual game blog should always come second to real life and more important matters… Were all here for you in your time of need 🙂 Even if we are just some “virtual gamers” 😉 Hope your alright xxxxxxxx

  54. Brennon says:

    Take your time, I’m reading your first legacy now, anyways. So I don’t mind a little wait, I don’t want you to rush and it be bad. I can’t wait to see what happens though.

  55. Sarah, we all love you and your writing, so take your time. We can certainly wait for writing as brilliant as yours! Glad to know you’re safe.

  56. Nightrain17 says:

    Aw Sarah, I’m sorry to hear about your boyfriend and everything. 😦
    I hope you’re ok!

  57. Angel says:

    I’m glad you’re alright, Sarah. I’m sorry about the break-up and having to get a new job and everything, but I hope everything works out for you!

  58. Glad to hear your safe! Hope everything gets sorted in good time.


  59. Purpleia3 says:

    Take as long as you like. We’ll be waiting for the next chapter. Hope you get sorted out.

  60. Sydney511 says:

    Can’t wait until next update.

  61. Hi Sarah, how r u doing today :)?

  62. Forest Fairy says:

    Us readers miss you. 🙂 I hope everything goes well.

  63. kittykat1019 says:

    I hope everything works itself out ! Straighten out everything in your own life first, then write again once you are ready ! I look forward to reading the new chapter whenever it comes out !

  64. Me says:

    I hope you’re doing ok, Sarah… Take care xxx

  65. Julia says:

    I know you’re having you’re own issues right now. I am fully aware that we have lives that we have to put first. Can you please just give us another friendly type message to tell us how you’re doing?

  66. rissanicole2 says:

    Haven’t heard from you in awhile . Hope everything is doing well. I really hope you plan on coming back , your such a good writer . Us readers miss you 😦

  67. carolineee says:

    whens the next ch out? (: (: (:

  68. Newoangel says:

    We miss you Sarah! I hope you’re doing well! 😀
    I don’t want to pry, but is everything alright? Sorry, I’m a bit of a worrier… Hope everything’s okay on your side!


  69. sims3master says:

    Does anyone know how to download the create a world tool? If so please tell me were you got it
    Thank You!!!!

  70. zimmya says:

    Is Starsarah dead??? (Lol, I’m copying a comment from another legacy about someone else). She’s sure taking her time, and I hope she’s doing well. It’s been almost a month since we last saw her post! Boo hoo, I miss the Starr Legacy *sob*

  71. Purpleia3 says:

    Yeah. ;(

  72. Mia says:

    sarah, i hope everything’s okay! you’ve been gone pretty long now, and all of us are starting to be really worried! 😦

  73. Kelsey says:

    Yes, I agree with many above posts, I’m rather worried, it’s been over a month with no update. Hope you’re doing fine and the move went well and everything.

  74. simongibbo says:

    Thank Goodness we got some sign from you!! I was gone for a while and expected to be on Generation 6 by the time I got back… Hope everything is alright with you and I know that you’re a stunning woman who’ll get through whatever is put in your way… Take all the time you need and update us (even if it’s just to say your safe) as I’m just a little worried but being honest with your above post I can see that Sims wouldn’t be top of your priority list!!

    Hope alls Good and God Bless,

    Simon! ❤

  75. Sydney511 says:

    Hello starsarah. Just wanted to let you know that I have been checking every day for new updates and that I would never stop reading this blog, and I hope others feel this way too. Take your time.

  76. I’m hoping everything is going well, SS!

    In the meantime, I hope some of you might be interested in voting for my next generation’s heir? Have a click on my name to go to my legacy to do so.

    – Jill

  77. AmbzyBambzy says:

    Just wanted to say I am still following and I wish you the best!

  78. Caz says:

    This is pretty late to the party, but, I’m glad to hear you’re okay. Although a break up, a new job and a move are such huge changes to deal with all at once. I really hope you’re doing alright.

    My thoughts are with you. And take as long a break as you need. Obviously you have bigger things on your plate right now. I only hope that all these changes are positive for you. 🙂

    Take care of yourself. xx

  79. lckygrl1975 says:

    Sorry to hear about your relationship. As for your story I will wait for your update as you are a good writer 🙂

    See you soon xx

  80. tessrobbs23 says:


  81. simmechic12 says:

    Hope your ok sarah, i’ve been checking almost everyday for updates 🙂

  82. ATMzie says:

    I am missing this legacy 😦

    • ijada13 says:

      Me too 😦 I NEED to know what happens next!
      I hope Sarahs ok and just having a well earned rest, rather than something stopping her from posting.
      We miss you Sarah!!!

  83. marissa3 says:

    You need a new chapter Sarah! 😦

  84. rissanicole2 says:

    I’m starting to get the feeling that sarah isn’t planning on coming back. But I won’t give up hope. We miss u Sarah !

    • Octoberskies says:

      I’m having the same feeling…I wish she would tell us whats going on even if its not our business [Just cause we’re all concerned]. I hope everything is going ok with her…

      • rissanicole2 says:

        Yeah. I’d be happy with just another note , but not hearing anything at all makes me worry.

        • Julia says:

          yeah me too! I wanted another note on an update. or at least words from Sarah saying she isn’t planning on coming back. It’s so horrible checking everyday and always seeing the headlines in purple from over clicking

  85. Deanna says:

    We miss you, Sarah! Hope you get to update soon!

    And hope you’re doing well!

  86. AmbzyBambzy says:

    I’m worried now O.O

  87. Greekgodgirl21 says:

    I’m sure she’s not coming back.. But not completely sure!

  88. Sachaxbeswick says:

    Hey Sarah??? just asking, even though you havn’t been on in ages, are you coming back?? I really miss you 😦 i know you’ve had troubles, but please, if you are not coming back at all, will you tell us? just another note so we know you hadn’t disapeared without even telling us 😥
    I keep on hoping!
    From Sacha
    One of your most obsessed readers! (If you carry on writing, that is 😦 )

  89. Newoangel says:

    We miss you StarSarah! Are you going to come back? I don’t want to push you, but if you could at least reply to this comment, maybe? I hope you come back soon! We’re worried about you.


  90. Tawny says:

    I wonder if she has any friends in RL that read this legacy. That would be helpful

  91. ATMzie says:

    You guys are so negative! If she was going to leave forever she would at least tell us… right?

  92. marissa3 says:

    I really don’t think she’s coming back guys.

  93. Glacia says:

    I really feel like she would tell us if she wasn’t coming back though…maybe she just hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

  94. Eila Mcg says:

    Hey Sarah
    I hope you are okay and that you will come back and write more of the legacy once you get everything sorted out. Your true fans have been checking all the time for a new update and we don’t mind if you take months to return, we will be here for you.

    I have one question (if you can read this). Are you coming back to the Starr legacy, or have you given up? Either way, us fans would very much appreciate another announcement to tell us.

    I’m sorry that I wrote so much!!

    Eila x

  95. Tawny says:

    I feel this is the fordlegacy all over again. Lindseypie’s last chapter was on april 6 then a little over a month later she posted that she was busy and she would post a next chapter that week and she hasn’t updated her blog since may 16th. I hope this doesn’t happen with sara and i also wanted to know if and where she posted she wasn’t coming back(says jalice4eva).

  96. Angel says:

    I honestly don’t think Sarah’s the kind to just stop out of nowhere…. I really do just hope that she’s having issues getting the internet hooked up or getting settled or something…..

    We miss you, Sarah!


  97. Cleo says:

    Ummm…coming back soon?? Soon it’ll have been 2 months without a post here!!

  98. auryyy says:

    Hey Sarah. I know you haven’t been on here for a while and I miss your legacy like everyone else but I thought that I should let you know that someone is using your first legacy on facebook. Here is the link.

    I asked if it was you but I haven’t received a response.
    I hope your okay, and everything is going well for you.
    -Aury xx

    • Slushie says:

      I don’t think that’s her. I think someone stole her legacy, writing, and pictures and is pretending it’s their own. I mean, why would she repost her legacy on facebook when she’s already got a lot of views on the original? Plus, the person there kept saying “Chapter so and so is almost done!” and stuff like that when the chapters are obviously already done since she completed that legacy.

      It kind of makes me pissed off that someone would steal Sarah’s work! Anyway, I hope you come back soon Sarah, I really miss your amazing stories and writing! 😦

      • auryyy says:

        Yeah, I realized that. I think I’m going to report her since she basically stole her story with no permission and that’s really messed up. :T

        • ne0cats says:

          i am so angry because they really think what theyre doing is ok! its exact word for word down to sarahs weird spelling errors, even the ‘redone’ ones.

      • AmbzyBambzy says:

        Thats so unfair! And if shes saying she is writing her own storyline but just using those pictures, how is she going to rotate it around plots like cheating and what not..?
        I want to go say this on her page but she does not deserve another like, she doesn’t deserve any likes in fact.

        • Caz says:

          You don’t need to like the page to leave a comment. I left a comment, I didn’t even say anything mean. I was quite polite even though I wasn’t feeling very polite. Lol! But she deleted my comment and blocked me anyway. *shrugs*

          She just blocks people who call her out I think. She refuses to accept she’s doing anything wrong and she keeps saying that Sarah copied her story from someone else – that annoyed me quite a bit.

          I think what she’s doing is pretty rude.

    • Caz says:

      Definitely not Sarah.
      Oh man, that is so infuriating! The nerve of some people! No creativity of their own, so they have to use other people’s work. And no decency to ask if it’s even ok to use it.

      I’d be peeved if it were my story. Hell, I’m already peeved and it’s not even my story! Haha.

      • Tawny says:

        Why would someone do that! They are taking advantage of Sara’s absence and cheating her. This person is not allowed to do this. ANY personal work on the internet is copyrighted whether you have the copyright sign or not. This person is plagiarising, and Im sure anyone can agree with me that Sara did NOT give permission to this person. Ughh! People think they can get away with stuff but believe me this person will get what they deserve. And if you’re reading this comment right now you know who you are, and you are going to get whats coming for you! 😡

    • It’s not her, because when i clicked onto it, i was redirected back to my news feed. They obvouisly deleted the page, so it wasn’t her.

      And I’m really pissed as they stole her work and took credit for it! Some cheek!

  99. sachaxbeswick says:

    I miss you sarah..


  100. Brennon says:

    Wow, I just saw that facebook page of the girl that copied the Shenston Legacy. That’s just so stupid. She does’t think she’s doing anything wrong. Idiot. I hope Sarah comes back.

    • ATMzie says:

      I bet you she’s just doing it because she knows sarahs away

      • Deanna says:


        Stupid uncreative people plagerising other people’s hard work. =p

        I read that she’s changing the plots and everything, but she’s going to continue using Sarah’s pictures.

        The nerve of some people. =P

        • Slushie says:

          Exactly. She acts like she has a right to use the pictures just because she’s changing the writing! She shouldn’t be using any of Sarah’s things at all without permission! I wish she would just stop stealing Sarah’s work or at least credit Sarah! I am so mad about this! I wish Sarah was back so she could get back what belongs rightfully to her!

          • Deanna says:

            It makes me so mad to think they’re taking advantage of Sarah being away so they can take her work. I mean, come on! At least be original and so your own thing! Jeez.

            Reason I hate the internet. Anyone can take anything you post and claim it’s theirs. =p

  101. Neecolaa says:

    “But anyways, I change the plot and everthing, so the only thing I am taking is the pictures and I put as much efort into the plot as much as I do thinking!”

    If you actually skim through the chapters, you can see how the amount of thinking she does may be the problem:
    “Emily and Kyle had their “alone” time while they were at it. Emily wishpered in Kyle’s ear, Get the condoms baby. And there they where touching their bodys. Oh boy had they missed this!”

    At least we know she really is a 13 year old girl?

    Oh, & for comparison’s sake, here’s Sarah’s caption:
    “Sarah and Johnny’s relationship was also going from strengthto strength. Even though they did not have much time for each other, they still managed to sneak a few cheeky romantic moments in here and there”
    They’re so totally different, obviously!

  102. ne0cats says:

    OMG SHES JUST NOT GETTING IT!!!!!!! Its driving me crazy cause the other people on her page (the ones that comments arent deleted) think its ok!! I want sarah back, not so much to know shes ok or post a new chapter, but to let us know if shes ok with this girl taking her work 😦 id hate it if someone was doing this to my pictures and story but who knows how sarah would feel… 😦

    • ne0cats says:

      nevermind, its gone now 😀 Wooo… but who knows for how long…

      • ATMzie says:

        hopefully forever

        • AmbzyBambzy says:

          Well said. (:

          Maby next time she’ll creater her own pictures to inspire her.. 😐

          • Deanna says:

            So the person finally got it and deleted their legacy that they took from Sarah’s stuff?


            • auryyy says:

              I was reading some comments concerning about the girl that was posting the shenston legacy on facebook and now I can’t help but feel bad for her. :/
              Supposedly, she is only 13 and was getting “bullied” on her page. I don’t know if this true because I didn’t get to see it.
              I know that what she did was wrong, using sarah’s legacy and claiming to be hers, but I can’t help but feel bad for her. She is only 13 after all.
              There are some people that actually want her to come back, even though they know she was using starsarah’s legacy photos. I can somewhat understand that. :\

              I just hope the girl is alright. >.<

              And gosh, I also hope Sarah is alright as well. Is almost going to be 2 months since we last heard of her. 😥

              • ATMzie says:

                13 isn’t that young, and its certainly old enough to know better.

                • ne0cats says:

                  i get where you are coming from auryyy but the fact of the matter is was she was breaking a law and age isnt always looked at. if people want to read the story they can google it as they know the name and because sarah owns her wordpress blog it comes up ontop of the list. just give those people the link. i read through her redone chapters and they were TERRIBLE. Thirtneen or not. imagine if it was your story? i cant speak for sarah but i know id be upset if someone took my ideas and photos and changed the words of my story and making it sound pathetic because it was. her excuses were pety such as not having generations – sarah only started using it from gen 5 onwards of this legacy! i feel no sympathy for the girl personally. i think its ashame she couldnt realise what she was doing wrong on her own.

              • Caz says:

                I don’t think being 13 is any sort of excuse. That’s definitely more than old enough to understand right from wrong. And no matter how many times it was explained to her, she still refused to accept it.

                She claimed that because she was only using the pictures and re-writing the story, that made it okay. The story doesn’t need re-writing. It’s absolutely perfect the way Sarah wrote it!
                Not to mention, to begin with, she was tossing about all sorts of accusations about Sarah stealing the pictures and story in the first place. She even had the nerve to ask one of her friends to save the pictures too, and carry on the story if she deleted the page.

                She cried victim a lot, but she & her buddies gave as good as they got.

                Now they’ve even set up some sort of protest page to bring the page

                • AmbzyBambzy says:

                  13 isn’t even young. Well, not too me. At 13 your in your third year of secondry school (comp) and you know better. The whole part of sim storys is telling your sims story..

                  A protest page, really? Only about three people liked it in the first place.

                  • auryyy says:

                    @ATMzie and Ne0cats Well, that is true, I guess. :T
                    I didn’t really read the chapters she re-wrote but I do hope she doesn’t do what she did again, if she decides to come back. If it was my story I would definitely feel upset, probably even pissed off and would had confronted her too.
                    I think the only reason why I felt bad for her is because I read that she was really upset and she felt bullied in some girl’s fan page. But in a sense the girl had it coming for using someone else story and claiming it to be hers.
                    @Caz I didn’t know that, but now I understand better what was going on.
                    I guess is not surprising that she would blame “Sarah for stealing her pictures”. -.-;
                    Thats stupid, especially when the story was created years ago.
                    Now I don’t feel bad for the girl. :I
                    I should have looked more into what was going on. Thank you for informing me. x.x;
                    @AmbzyBa mbzy I agree. And yeah, well yesterday when I checked out the page only 2 people liked it. And there was a girl that was holding a contest editing one of the pictures of the legacy saying to bring back the page… ._.

  103. ne0cats says:

    Ive started my own legacy story now, directly inspired by sarah’s love for sim drama. Anyone want to pass the time check it out and let me know what you think (: Sarah may have vanished but let her sim drama live on!

  104. Hi Sarah,

    i hope your doing okay :(? I still look everyday as the rest, if there is an update.. Please let us know something!!

  105. Deanna says:


    Please let us know something! We haven’t heard from you in almost two months!
    I hope you’re doing alright.

  106. Hayley says:

    Hey Guys!
    I know that sarah’s legacy is amaazing and i could never even compete with that but i have started my own legacy! It only has to chapters atm but i am hoping to get better!!
    So please drop by ————>

    Also i hope everything is alright Sarah! I hope you get back to us soon on whether or not you are going to be continuing the Starr legacy!


  107. Brennon says:

    Is Sarah ever coming back?

  108. ATMzie says:

    Saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaah where aaaaaaaaaaare yoooooooooooou???????

  109. Deanna says:

    Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! D= Please come back!


  111. ATMzie says:

    I’m starting to doubt she will come back… (Seacretly hopes Sarah will pop up and prove us all wrong)

  112. Octoberskies says:

    I kind of agree with Sacha, I’m starting to get upset about this. Stupid i know, but She could give us little updates from a PHONE for god sakes! Its not hard to say, Sorry Still having problems with such and such. I think you’re a amazing writer Sarah and I’m sorry but REALLY? Its been Months now. I check everyday still NOTHING! Its starting to become complete bullshit! Sorry again but FUCK MAN! ITS NOT HARD TO DO EVEN A SENTENCE UPDATE SAYING YOU’RE FINE AND WHEN YOU MIGHT APPROX BE BACK!

    >_< I feel like a bitch now and i really am sorry but I'm sick of writers saying "i'll be back" then dont even say anything for MONTHS!

    • I feel exactly the same way! Half of us are worried out of our minds for her, and she can’t even reply for us? It’s been months with no word.

      • Deanna says:

        Yeah, I’m the same way. I mean, come on! You could at least get a friend to tell us what’s up if you can’t! Dx

        Months and you said that an update would be soon, Sarah. D=

        I HATE when people just leave everyone hanging and people are starting to get really worried and angry and upset.

  113. sachaxbeswick says:

    I keep checking back every day for a sentence, a fucking COMMENT, but no, sarah… you can just promise us you’ll be back and then cant be arsed to say anything 2 1/2 months later…. O.K. Thats nice of you :/

  114. ne0cats says:

    everyone needs to chill out here! sure were all worried about sarah and she promised she’d be back but she doesn’t really owe us anything and being angry/frustrated/worried isn’t going to bring her back. i doubt she’s coming back i doubt she’ll even update. breakups are tough and they can make you not want to do things you used to enjoy (e.g. sims, blogging). I’m sad we’ve lost an excellent writer but lets not be angry here.

    • Becci says:

      Thankyou, I agree! It’s funny how everyone pretends to be her biggest fans and now theyre all practically swearing at her – leave here alone – you can’t judge someone until you know their story so chill out guys, she really doesn’t owe you anything.

      • estonialaxer32 says:

        The thing is…of you are going to say the LATEST you will be back is two weeks from the message posted…you should really live up to that statement or at least send another message giving us an update..

        • Octoberskies says:

          She doesn’t Owe us anything but it would be nice if she at least said Bye or something along those lines so we stop getting our hopes up! I’m also not claiming to be her biggest fan, I’m stating that she in an inspiration to me – nuff said. I’m also not “Judging” her. I also agree with Estonia, That shit is bs. I doubt it all too but the thing is, There is so many ways to get on a computer or Internet for FREE that she could say its too hard right now to even do anything I’m on Hiatus BAII!! That’s it! That’s all she has to do!

          If i had a fallowing like Sarah, I wouldn’t leave my fans in the dust unless i’m dead in a ditch, I’d go down to the Library *Which is free* and explain in less than a min and leave. I’m just saying Its Common Courtesy to all 500+ Fans to at least say Good Bye unless…she is in a ditch…

  115. estonialaxer32 says:

    My opinion is that yes, Sarah can take SOME time, but don’t take advantage of it. She knows she has people here who LOVE these legacies, is making us wait really doing anything? There’s no way at all Sarah lives in a place without access to internet in a 30 minute radius, whether it’s a computer, internet cafe, library or web enabled phone, for gosh sakes! So really, she should at least have written a nice notice on how it’s going and if she’s coming back by now..

    • Deanna says:

      Agreed. Yeah, she doesn’t owe us anything, but there are people that worry or get mad and if she’s not going to update anymore then it would be nice if she would say so. I write stories on one website and if I post and say when I’m going to be back or an approximate time and can’t make it, then I get on at the next convenience and tell my readers what’s going on.

      She probably won’t be coming back, but I think we all that are still speaking here some wish she would.

  116. simmechic12 says:

    Can’t she just tell us if Joe finds out about celeste!!! its driving me insane 😉

    • Hayley says:

      I know that it is kinda annoying for ua having to wait agesss for jusy an update but Sarah will have a life! Her life wont revolve around the Sims!! So I say give her some more time while re-reading her legacy and giving other legacies a chance!

      But please Sarah!!don’t make us wait another two months for an update!!

  117. ne0cats says:

    you people aren’t getting it your saying she doesn’t owe us anything but your expecting an update – that is something! sometimes it is hard to write “I’m not coming back” or anything! i think your all very rude expecting something from sarah and carrying on like children. if she’s gone she’s gone theres no need to spas out about it

    • Octoberskies says:

      Well if shes not coming back why not vent about it? I rather Vent then keep it in. Personally I’m sick of every one of my favorite writers going on Hiatus. I’M RUDE! SUE ME!

      We are WISHING for a response we aren’t BEGGING nor EXPECTING it. I’m not gonna get my hopes up but i WISH she could come back and say Goodbye cause that’s the least she can do with such a LARGE FAN BASE!

      BEING A RUDE “CHILD” FTW! I’m Venting and so are others, if you don’t like it then YOU don’t have to read it! Am i right?

      Sorry but Honestly I rather get mad on a comment then Rant to my Fiancee or family about shit like this. I guess that’s the power of “The freedom of Speech”, Right?

      • ne0cats says:

        I’m just saying with those that are carrying on like this she’s never going to come back and i wouldn’t blame her because I certainly wouldn’t feel like returning after reading some of these comments. Being rude and childish is nothing to be proud of.

        • Octoberskies says:

          I’m proud to be childish – rude is another thing. Recently i’ve been overly emotional [not my time of month dont worry] So i apologize for how rude i was

  118. Brogan says:

    “Please be patient with me and I promise I will endeavour to post the next chapter as soon as I can.”

    …Nek minnit

    Lol kidding. Hope everything is all good!

  119. Erin says:

    What if this whole time people are complaining about her and she is dead?

    • Octoberskies says:

      i know its weird to say this but I thought the same thing, There is no one in UK missing and or that died that looked like Sarah. So she is alive. I feel like a creeper now T_T. But hey at least we all know shes alive somewhere… O_O

  120. Slushie says:

    Sarah, I miss you! I hope you’re okay! I’ll keep checking for updates…

  121. estonialaxer32 says:

    Honestly, It’s been almost three months. Why doesn’t someone TRY or ATTEMPT to recreate similar-looking sims of Sarah’s recent family and write the story their own way? Yes, I realize it won’t be the same…but it’s something.

  122. sachaxbeswick says:

    I apologise for getting overly worked up, but seriously, its not being childish and rude when you are promised something and then it doesn’t happen. Its been 3 months!

  123. ATMzie says:

    I understand why people are upset, but it’s not like it’s her job to write for us. If she needs some more time off she doesn’t exactly owe us an explanation (but I do hope she tells us if she’s definitely not coming back :()

    • ne0cats says:

      Exactly ATMzie! And to Sachaxbeswick it IS childish. If a child doesn’t get something promised they get worked up. An adult is supposed to be more aware that things happen and be understanding.

  124. Octoberskies says:

    How about we all just stfu and move on maybe think of different ways this generation could of ended? Maybe make up our own mini stories with Joe and everyone else in em. That sounds good and fun right? I JUST WANT US ALL TO STOP FIGHTTTINGGGG!

    • simmechic12 says:

      yea why don’t we all just calm down, *deep breaths* thats a good idea about the mini story thing.

      • Octoberskies says:

        I just don’t think Sarah or anyone for that matter would like to come back and see these comments that we’ve all been making. We just need to Move on. Maybe find our own ending to the story – it might cheer some people up who knows. Plus if i was Sarah i’d think it would be a nice thing to come back to! This Fight ends HERE.

        If youre going to bitch then Reply to one of the comments above where we were bitching…Otherwise keep it to yourself.

        Shh dont judge my arrow..
        \ /

  125. Site says:

    Regardless of whether Sarah continues the legacy or not, I hope she’s doing okay. As long as she’s okay, that’s what really matters. If you see this, Sarah, I just hope you’re alright and doing well, no matter what you decide to do or decide not to do.

  126. i miss this legacy so much 😦 i hope your doing well sarah<3

  127. Deanna says:

    Please come back Sarah!

    We miss you!

    • ijada13 says:

      I second that! I really hope she’s ok! :/

      • Deanna says:

        I do, too. It really makes me wonder whether she’s just busy and given up on the legacy or if something really did happen to her or something, y’know? =/

        • ATMzie says:

          I wish she’d just stop by to tell us (assuming shes not dead or something else awful like that, in which case I would feel guilty)

          • Deanna says:

            Agreed. I mean, I’d think she’d know that we’d all worry about her if she didn’t say anything after saying she’d be back in about a week or so and it’s been three months now.

            • ATMzie says:

              This is getting rather sad 😦

              • Deanna says:

                It really does honestly make me wonder if something happened to her. She doesn’t seem to be the kind of person that backs out on what she said and would at the earliest convenience tell us what’s up and what’s going on, so I really do have to wonder if something happened to her. =(

                • Octoberskies says:

                  Shes probably fine…Last time i looked on google *yes this is gonna be like wtf really* She wasn’t ‘Missing’ or murdered by anyone and there was no car accidents with a Sarah. She could be traveling or something??

  128. I emailed Sarah just then. Have no reply, but I emailed her asking where she is, and if she replys i will tell u what she says. :/
    *just reaches for tiny twinkle of hope*

  129. Site says:

    This is worrisome 😦 I hope you get a reply as well.

    Also, I hate to sound like I’m advertising…. but, I recently posted an heir poll for generation three of my rainbow legacy. It’s been up for three weeks (far too long) because I have a tie between two of the potential heirs that needs to be broken. Once again, I don’t mean to advertise my legacy, but if any of you have a livejournal account, would you mind helping me out a little bit? I’d really appreciate it. my legacy is at

  130. zimmya says:

    Stranger things have happened than this. Like once, a girl with a sims 3 series on youtube (Infamous Audrey if any of you have seen it) had I think 3000+ subscribers. She hadn’t updated in ages (like two months or something) then had to cancel the series because she’d been in hospital with a serious medical condition. I really do hope that Starsarah is okay.

  131. Skylar says:

    I don’t know Sarah’s situation so I’m not gonna get mad and start cursing like a lot of other people here. Still . . . it would be nice if she would at least give us an update that she hasn’t died or something. We miss the Starr Legacy, and we miss you.

  132. nadzicle says:

    Really, you guys? Really?
    There have been a few authors having to go MIA for a few months due to real life. They don’t need to give us updates on their life. The author of Raising Chaos (another Sims Legacy) only just came back from about the same amount of time Sarah’s been gone, and was sick for some of it, and busy as well. As long as she posts eventually, we shouldn’t be harassing on the comments section. Or spamming. >_>

    • Caz says:

      I agree.

      Gosh, I can’t believe how nasty some of these comments are.
      Sarah is just trying to get her life back together after some pretty big things have gone on. I’d imagine that playing sims, and putting together a legacy in particular, are VERY low on her priority list.
      In hindsight, it’s ONLY been 3 1/2 months. The things Sarah has been dealing with don’t just fix themselves after a matter of weeks and then things just magically pop back to how they were. It’s a pretty big adjustment.

      She doesn’t owe anyone any explaination as to why she didn’t post in the time frame she said she would. Or why she hasn’t posted since. I don’t think she needs to. It’s more than obvious why she hasn’t updated, isn’t it?

      Just give her time. I’m sure she will eventually come back to atleast say whether or not she will continue. But in the meantime, just have some patience and understanding.

  133. Octoberskies says:

    Yes we established some of the comments we said were harsh and if you haven’t seen. I SAID NO MORE FIGHTING SO STOP BRING THIS UP! WE DON’T NEED ANY MORE ARGUMENTS! If people keep bringing up the whole rude comment situation, People like me [which there are a few of them], Get kind of annoyed. We agreed – So This is it, Don’t bring it up again unless you want us to be “Rude or childish”. She will come back someday – might not be till next spring who knows! I’m sorry I’m just tired of people rehashing the past and bringing it up again. Its like a Bad ex that you would like to forget about, you know? Again I’m sorry – Lets just move on and leave HAPPY comments. Isn’t that what we would like her to come back to? She leaves us happy comments, why don’t we treat her with the same respect.


  134. Octoberskies says:

    Happy Holidays Sarah! Hope you’re Safe and well!! 😀

  135. Octoberskies says:

    Anyone wanna play the “In my pants” game just for the heck of it..Might give Sarah a giggle when she comes on to check comments.

  136. ATMzie says:

    No one say anything negative! Lets just leave Sarah some nice messages saying we hope shes okay and that we love her story and hope to see it back soon 😀

  137. SARAH REPLIED!!!!!!
    this is what she said 🙂 Thank you so much Sarah….. We still love you despite what we’ve said.

    Hi Sacha

    I am so so sorry i have not been updating my Sims. When i broke up with my boyfriend i no longer have a computer so cannot play the game. Ive always been staying with friends since and am hoping moving into my own place soon. Everything has just been crazy and Sims has unfortunately been pushed to the back. I will be back, i promise. I just need a little time. Im sorry to let you all down xx

    so we know she will be back…. THANK YOU SARAH !!!!

  138. ATMzie says:


  139. Newoangel says:

    YAY! SHE’S OKAY!!!!!!!!! So excited!! *HAPPY DANCES BECAUSE I’M HAPPY*

  140. zimmya says:

    *Happy dances because I just joined the happy dance par-tey!*

  141. ATMzie says:

    *Happy dacnces because I started the party and I can dance if I want to!*

  142. zimmya says:

    *Happy dances too much then passes out* Okay, this is way weird. *Attempts to happy dance again but fails*

  143. AmbzyBambzy says:

    *Joins in the happy dance party* xD

  144. sachaxbeswick says:

    Every one stop the bloody well Happy dancing and start…HAPPY DANCING
    *Happy Dances*

  145. ATMzie says:

    *Happy Dances even though I don’t know if anyone else still is*

  146. auburn101 says:

    Just read the news and i’m at it, *happy dancing*

  147. I’m happy aswell, but i will wait on a confirm of sarah her self.

  148. AmbzyBambzy says:

    *Less sure to whether Sarahs coming back*

  149. auryyy says:

    I’m sure Sarah will come back eventually. It might not be very soon but she will and I’m really glad to know that she is at least alive. ^^

  150. ATMzie says:

    I’m sure she’ll come back at some point, either to continue the Starrs or tell us she’s really never coming back and that we shouldn’t just hang around here happy dancing all the time waiting for her. I’m hoping for the former…

  151. Minty says:

    Just read that message so I’m happy to hear that Sarah’s safe. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer or anything but the economic situation in England is kinda bleak at the moment. The number of unemployed people in Britain is around 2.64m and where I live I know the housing situation isn’t any better either (don’t know if that’s the same for where Sarah lives). I just hope Sarah gets everything back to normal soon because we all miss and we’re all desperately waiting for her to tell us whether she’s coming back or not.

  152. zimmya says:

    I was really worried myself that Sarah’s boyfriend might have done something to her, so it’s good to know that she’s okay. I’ll bet you the happy dance party that she’s either crying or extremely happy when she reads all of our comments. WE MISS YOU, SARAH!

  153. Bianca says:

    We ❤ you Sarah!

  154. Just read through all these comments, whew.

    And hope Sarah comes back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please sarah you HAVE 2 understand we miss you!! Ok, im ok. -takes deep breath- Whew. And I wonder what Sarah even looks like. I mean, I’ve read all her legacies and stuff and can pretty much relate to her perfectly, yet i don’t even know what she looks like 😦 oh well, hope you come back sarah!

    • zimmya says:

      Sometimes I wonder that, too. I wonder if she looks like her first legacy’s founder, who’s called Sarah. Maybe she based that character on herself?

      • auryyy says:

        She posted once on a comment a photo of her… I think it was on the Seraphine legacy? I can’t recall exactly where because during that time I was trying to read both her legacies and that was a few months ago.

        • Octoberskies says:

          She looks like Esme if you had to compare her to a sim, She looks like her from what i remember, but had fairer skin.

  155. Deanna says:

    Hope you get to come back soon, Sarah! ❤

  156. Angel says:

    Hey, I’d love it if some of you guys would look at my legacy. =3

    Oh, by the way, this is Deanna. XD

    Come back soon, Sarah! ❤

  157. bunnypunk says:

    August 12 2011, last time Sarah was on this webpage

    *sniff* COME BACK SARAH! *sobs*

  158. ijada13 says:

    Is it sad that I still check this page everyday just in case Sarah or anyone else has updated?
    I miss the Starrs!

  159. Miss the Starrs so much and I’m worried about Sarah too…I hope everything is ok. Take your time hun ❤

  160. Kelsey says:

    Been over a week since anyone has said anything. I’m hoping you are not all giving up hope… I’m starting to…

  161. ijada13 says:

    Does anyone else have anyway to contact Sarah IRL? Or has Sacha heard anymore from her?
    It’s less about the story now and more about just finding out if she’s ok…

  162. i dont want to give up the hope, but i dont think she is comming back 😦 I hope she is fine and save xx

  163. sydney511 says:

    ‘I will be back as soon as I can.’

    It’s not even about the story anymore. We haven’t heard from her for 6 months now. She has a phone, no? She has an email, (and Sacha PROVED it) which means she has access to a computer. I hope she isn’t embarrassed to check all the comments. That’s what happens sometimes; they say they’ll come back, and after a few months they’re scared to check what’s up. We don’t care if you don’t continue the story. Just a sentence every now and then; ‘Hey guys, I’m doing fine’ would be fine, but no.

    • Angel says:

      I agree. I’d rather know that she’s okay more than anything. She has access to a computer clearly, because she’s sent e-mails before. I just wish we knew what was up…..

      I miss the Starrs, but I really wanna know if she’s okay.

  164. Purpleia3 says:

    Anybody had any word from Sarah recently? I hope she’s okay.

  165. Octoberskies says:

    She gave up like many of her readers. She is living her life, Probably moved on from the Sims. So I guess, If sarah ever checks this; You were one of my favorite writers with some of the most beautiful sims i’ve seen. I wish you well and I hope life is treating you good!

    • sydney511 says:

      It would be nice for her to at least say, “Sorry guys, I can’t do this anymore” rather than leaving us hanging, though.

      • Angel says:

        I find it rude for a writer (especially one where so many people read) to just up and leave and not say any kind of farewell. There are so many people here that were worried when she didn’t come back. I wish we knew if she’s okay or if something bad happened.

        And maybe she is around and hasn’t said anything or something. I don’t know, but I do know that she allowed my comments from this account, because I used to not have a wordpress and it said it was waiting for my comments to be moderated before, so she has been on before. I think.

  166. Carebear728 says:

    I hope you’re okay Sarah. If you do check this I just wanted to let you know I have always loved your stories and I hope you’re okay.

  167. antsims3 says:

    Hey guys! My new legacy blog is up and running! Please read my first chapter and tell me what you think! 😀

  168. Kelsey says:

    It’s been almost a year, I don’t think she is coming back. What’s weird is that she said (when she posted this announcement) that hopefully she would be back “next week”. I don’t know it strikes me and weird and a little rude that she hasn’t bothered to check in or at least tell us straight up that she won’t be coming back. Maybe she doesn’t have the means to but it’s worrying.

    • Angel says:

      Yeah, it really is worrying. I wish that we at least knew if she was alright, because I agree. She said she’d hopefully have the next chapter up by next week and it’s been nearly a year now. I keep hoping she’ll come back, but there’s not much hope that she actually will.

      • Indeed it is scary.. i’m still watching every week.. while im still hoping there is a blog post about she is okay and stuff 😦 it’s not about the story anymore…

        • Angel says:

          Yeah, I just wanna know that she’s alive and okay. If she comes back and does the blog and we find out she’s alive then great, but I just wanna know that she’s alright. I would have loved if she could have read the story blog I started because I was inspired by her. Sure it took me forever to get it started, but I started doing my story because I read hers.

  169. Wow I just read all the comments again just for some hope 😥 I miss the Starrs so much. We love you Sarah and hope you’re doing well ❤

  170. Angel says:

    Hey, something I just noticed today because I was re-reading the legacy.

    Sarah’s Gravatar image is different. It used to be of Georgia. Anybody know why that is?

    Sarah, if you’re reading this please let us know you’re alright!


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