Chapter 5.5 – A Reunion of Sorts

Georgia had been sitting staring at the crumpled piece of paper on the table in front of her for hours.  Scratched across the front of it in black ink was Luke’s phone that Amy had given her earlier that day after they had looked him up in the phone book.  555798.  It was different to the one he had had when they were at school which meant that he had not gone back to live with his parents.  Then why was he already back from the army?

Amy had been no good helping her with her questions.  She had just claimed to have bumped into him at the Diner the week before. They had not said much to each other except hi and bye.  Even when Georgia probed Amy for more information Amy could not help.  “I was not paying any attention,” she admitted.  “I was in such a rush and just said hi and bye in one breath.” 

“How did he look,” Georgia asked. 

“The same but different,” Amy replied.  “Older and thinner but he was still Luke.”

Amy had left almost four hours ago.  Since then Georgia had put the girls to bed and then sat at the table since wondering what to do.  Would he reject her?  Would he reject his daughters?  Would he ever forgive her for not letting him know about the girls?  He had missed out on two years of their lives; Georgia did not know if she could forgive such a thing!

She fingered the piece of paper and then decided to take the plunge. Pulling out her phone she tapped in the numbers.  Then she hung up. “Arrrhhhh,” she screamed to herself.  Come on Georgia. She picked up the phone again and dialled and the put the receiver to her ear. 

It rung once. Then again.  She told herself she would hang up on the sixth ring, it would be a sign. But after the fifth ring the phone made a low clicking sound and a man’s voice answered.  “Hello.”

“Erm hello is Luke there please?”  Georgia was whispering. 


“Sorry.  Luke,” she said louder. “Is Luke there?” 

“Luke speaking.”  Georgia’s mouth went dry.  “Hello,” Luke said thinking she had disappeared?

“I’m here.  It’s me.  Err.. Georgia.” 

Now it was Luke’s turn to go silent.  “Georgia,” he eventually said like he was trying her name out for size.  “WOW.  How are you?” 

“I’m ok.  How are you? When did you get back from overseas?” 

“About four months ago. Where you?  You still around?” 

“Yes I still live at home.” 

“And how’s your folks.” 

“They’re good,” Georgia replied. But she did not want to talk about them. “Listen Luke, can we meet?” 

“Err yeah sure.  I guess.” 

“Great.  How about tomorrow at the Butterfly Garden?” 

“Ok.  What time?” 

“Ten o’clock ok with you.” 



“Great.” There was an awkward silence and Georgia hung up the phone. She did not even say goodbye.

Georgia tossed and turned all night long. Her dreams were filled with Luke. Luke as a monster.  Luke trying to steal India and Izzy. And Luke, holding her like he had done the night they conceived the twins.  In her dreams she could feel him, smell him, even taste him. 

Waking up she still had the familiar sense of him all over her.  But like most dreams the feeling wore off pretty quickly and she was suddenly desperate to see him, regain the sensation of him once again.

Amy had agreed to come over and help Esme care for the twins while Georgia met with Luke.  Esme had been very apprehensive about the whole thing.  “I don’t like it,” she kept saying.  “I just don’t like it.”  She wanted to go with Georgia but Georgia kept reminding her that this was something she needed to do herself.  

“Mum please understand.  Luke needs to know. This cannot go on anymore.” 

“But don’t you think you are rushing things. You only found out he is back in town last night.  If you hold on a bit I can take you to see him and his parents together.” 

“Mum I’m not a kid anymore. I don’t need you to hold my hand.” She knew her mother was just being over-protective but she could not think of anything worse than having her mother around when she saw Luke. She needed him all to herself even if it was just for a few minutes.

Her hands were wet and clammy on the steering wheel as she drove down through the Bridgeport Hills and into the city. She hung onto it tightly feeling like if she let go of the wheel she would fall.  Fall where?  She was not sure.

She arrived at the Butterfly Park at ten minutes to ten.  Though she was early she knew Luke would already be there.  She spotted him instantly sitting on a lowly bench all on his own in the middle of the gardens, butterflies fluttering around his face like they were dancing with him.

As she walked towards him he turned his face to her and smiled.  Amy was right, he did look the same but different. His once long afro locks were now cut short against his head and he was thin.  Very thin in fact.  Even from this distance, Georgia noticed the hollow of his cheeks and bones of his ribs jutting out. But he was still handsome, there was no denying it.  Maybe even handsomer than ever. 

She drifted over to him in a daze and as she got nearer he rose from his seat to greet her.  And then that’s when she saw it, the walking stick.  Luke was using it to pull himself from the bench and then he staggered forwards towards her, limping with his left foot.

Georgia’s immediate reaction was to gasp.  “What happened to you,” she gulped. 

Luke looked from her to his leg and back up again. “Old war injury,” he chuckled.  “Nothing to worry about.  Won’t ever be able to run a marathon again but hey, that’s life.” 

Georgia could not help herself.  She flung herself into Luke’s arms.  “Hey hey there,” he said stroking the back of her head.  “It’s ok.  It’s just a leg.” 

“It’s not just that,” she whimpered.  “I’ve missed you.  I’ve missed you so much.” 

“Me too kid,” Luke sighed.

They stood holding each other for a while and then Georgia helped him back onto the bench.  “Does it hurt,” she asked. 

“Not anymore. But let’s not talk about me.  How are you?”

 “I’m ok.”  Georgia took a deep breath. “Listen Luke I’m sorry for never returning any of your letters. I was in a dark place for a while.  A really dark place.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.  How are you now?”

“Better.  I am so much better.  I tried to find you. About a year ago I contacted the military school and they told me you were overseas and were un-contactable.” 

“Yeah they sent me to war,” Luke said squeezing his eyes shut like it was a memory he did not want to recall.  “I’m sorry you could not get hold of me.”

“No I’m sorry,” Georgia shrieked.  “I’m so sorry.” 

“It’s ok,” Luke replied.  “Calm down.  It’s really ok.”

“But its not. You don’t understand.” She took another deep breath and knew it was now or never.  “The reason I was in such a dark place was because I was pregnant.” 

“What,” Luke whispered glaring at Georgia.

“I refused to accept it for a long time.  Too long!  I delivered the babies….” 

“Babies,” Luke interrupted?

“Yes twin girls.  I delivered them on my own at school and then I left them at the hospital.  You have to understand I was not in my right mind.  It was like I was asleep.” 

“What happened,” Luke asked.  “What happened to the babies?”

“My parents found out the very next day and we bought the babies home.  I am a mum Luke to the two most amazing little girls in the world.  I would love you to meet them.”

Luke blew out a breath.  “Are they mine?” 


“Jesus Georgia.”  She could tell he was struggling to take all this in.

“I know and I am so sorry for not telling you sooner. But I did not even understand it myself until a year ago.”

Silence fell over the Butterfly garden.  Georgia willed Luke to speak but he just sat still looking at his hands.  Eventually he broke the silence.  “I’m a father,” he asked.  It was like he needed to check again. Then double check. Triple check if he had to.

“Yes Luke.  You’re a daddy.”   

“I would like to see them if that’s ok please Georgia?” 

“Of course Luke.  Of course you can see them. Tell you what why don’t I go home and get them and meet you in the children’s park in an hour?” 

“Yes please,” Luke replied. 

Georgia jumped up and ran across the gardens. She glanced back once to see Luke still in the same position, head bent like he was crying.  She wanted to go back and wrap her body around his but first, it was time her babies met their father.

Esme had not been happy about Georgia rushing in and grabbing the girls.  “There’s plenty of time for him to meet them,” she called after her. But to Georgia there was not a moment to waste.

When she arrived at the park, like always, Luke was already waiting. His eyes lit up when he saw Georgia and Amy approach with the girls like they were delivering him a million dollars.

“Hi Luke,” Amy said. But Luke did not even look at her, he was transfixed by the twins.

“Would you like to hold them,” Georgia asked.  Luke nodded his head and pulled himself up from the bench with his stick, balancing his body on the corner of the bench so it could use both hands. As Georgia passed India to him, he took the child like she was a delicate flower he was scared to crush.  India pulled at his nose, then his eye lids and for the first time in so long, Georgia heard Luke laugh. 

“This is your daddy India,” Georgia said. 

“Dada,” India repeated making everyone laugh. 

They all settled in the corner of the park where Luke could spend time with both girls.  Georgia and Amy sat on a bench nearby watching the exchange between father and daughters. 

“They look beautiful together,” Amy whispered. 

“They do,” Georgia replied not tearing her eyes away.  “This should have happened a long time ago.” 

“Better late than never.” 

“It sure is.” 

“Do you love him again,” Amy asked. 

“I never stopped,” Georgia answered.  She left Amy on the bench and went and sat down with Luke and the girls joining in on the sing song game they were playing.

By the time the sun was setting, the girls were all played out and were falling asleep in Georgia’s arms.  “So where do we go from here,” Georgia asked Luke not wanting the day to end.

“I don’t know,” Luke replied.  “But what I do know is that those girls are mine.  I can see it in their eyes.  I want to be in their lives. NO! I need to be in their lives.” 

“They need you too Luke.” 

“I’m glad to hear you say that.  How about I have them again tomorrow?” 

“Great shall we meet back here again?” 

“Yes please. You can just drop them off if you have other things to do.”

“No its ok, I will would like to stay with you guys.”  Georgia reached out and brushed her fingers across Luke’s – the electricity charged through her body into his and he pulled his hand back like he had received a shock from it.

“Err, I had better go,” he said looking awkwardly back at her then hobbling off into the distance.

Georgia watched him go and then turned around to walk the two miles home with a sleeping toddler on her arm. She wished she had bought the car now!

“So what now,” Amy asked trailing behind.

“I guess we will plan a rota based on when Luke can see them. He seems quite open,” Georgia replied, Luke’s negative reaction to her touch echoing in her head.

“No I meant what about you and him now?” 

“Nothing,” Georgia replied.  “He doesn’t want me.  I screwed up my chances years ago.  Now it’s all about the girls and nothing else.” 

“We’ll see,” Amy replied a mischievous look on her face.

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55 Responses to Chapter 5.5 – A Reunion of Sorts

  1. Emy says:

    Aww, I’m glad Luke is happy about the children. And I’m hoping he and Georgia make up, but if it’s meant to be it will be. 🙂

  2. callierose says:

    Hahaha yep, we’ll see indeed ^_^ aww those two are perfect for each other! It’s terrible that he’s been injured in war, but at least nothing worse happened. I still cannot get over how cute the twins are!! The picture of Luke holding Izzy is adorable!!!
    Your writing in this chapter was brilliant btw. I just want to read more and more!! x

  3. FruHurricane says:

    Wonderful chapter but I have a sense that Luke has already got himself a new girlfriend. I just hope he won’t kidnap the babies or something.

    Jeez, I’m awful, I should be happy that he is happy about them, but I’m just scared to what will happen next!

  4. Evelien says:

    This chapter is amazing! I’m so glad Georgia and Luke finally met after all these years, and that Luke react so good on the news he’s a father.
    And sometimes a chapter with no drama is great too (well, except for Luke’s injured leg..)
    And I totally agree with callierose, I want to keep reading! Can’t wait for the next chapter! 🙂

  5. Amanda says:

    I’m happy Luke got to meet his babies. Although, I have a feeling more drama is ahead. He acted caring in the butterfly house, he hugged Georgia and comforted her, then seemed to shy away from her at the childrens park. What is he hiding? A new girlfriend? Or some kind of mental trauma from the war. I hope he doesn’t kidnap the girls.

  6. ♥mmia says:

    Omg, Luke is back! hehehe, but aw, he seems like hes moved on. I hope he hasn’t, Georgia and Luke are so beautiful together, especially with their babies, perfect family. I hope Amy has a awesome plan to get him back haha! Loved it! xxx

  7. Bianca says:

    ❤ Luke! I hope he stays around, if nothing else, to be there for the girls.

    Also I saw two typos: You called India "Indian" at the beginning of the chapter, and when Amy and Georgia are talking after luke leaves, you said "rota on" but I was thinking that should be rotation? But I wasn't sure.

  8. Wow. Luke does look very different! And now that I see Izzy and Luke together I know she totally takes after him. I’m not sure about India though. But I remembered in your last chapter you said something about them being identical twins, so are they? (because if they are then India looks like Luke too.) And if they are how do you get identical twins by birth?

  9. sachaxbeswick says:


  10. Glacia says:

    : ) Luke is hiding a secret, I can tell! I hope Georgia and Luke get back together!

  11. thesearestories says:

    Is the cane part of generations or is it a mod?

  12. Esther says:

    Hey Sarah!

    Wonderful chapter once again! I wonder how Luke and Georgia’s relationship develops! :)I have one question though; you said that Luke was holding Izzy, but he’s holding a baby with a beauty spot. I thought India was the one with the beauty spot? Not sure though.

  13. I guess I am happy that Luke got to meet his babies, even though for some weird reason, I never liked him. But I have to say that he looks better minus the afro. Good chapter anyways, I can’t wait for the next one!

  14. Nightrain17 says:

    I’m a little worried about what’s going to happen. I didn’t like Luke’s ‘They’re my girls’ thing. I’m worried that he’s going to try and steal them away from Georgia, and what was with his reaction to Georgia’s touch? I’m not sure if I like him or not…

  15. zimmya says:

    That is an awsome chapter! I was hoping for Luke’s hair to be the same, but he looks even better! I hope Georgia and Luke get back together, but then Amy will feel left out…
    OMG, I just had an idea! First, Georgia should ask Amy to be the godmother, then invite her to the house atleast twice a week. Then, Georgia should make a move with Luke, taking it slow, but then it will work. Finally, get them married, and voila, perfect master plan Lol x

  16. SarahToo says:

    Wow. That’s all I can say, and, I WANT MORE! Hahahaha that was wonderful, how do you come up with such interesting storylines? The twins are gorgeous like Georgia and Luke looks wonderful too! I’m jealous! Keep writing!

  17. kama674 says:

    Great chapter, I really like it! Both the girls are so cute and am glad that they’ve finally met their dad. Loved the Georgia/Luke reunion and I feel really bad for Luke ’cause of his injury. Hope that he and Georgia will get together soon and everything will be alright. Update soon 🙂

  18. simongibbo says:

    ‘Ello Sara! Simon here! 

    I just got a WordPress account and this is my first comment (so feel privileged)! xD

    Anyways, just had to say I’m a massive sim player and your legacies are acc amazing!!! :O I love them and your photography is unreal! You now hold position for my joint favourite sims blog story alongside Cadence Sierra’s 100 Baby Challenge!

    I started reading about a week ago and read a few chapters a day! It feels so weird waiting now! xD Anyways my fave generation so far has to be Bella! She was amazing!! As was her story line! But I love them all:

    Allie – Such an amazing founder! Her story with Tom was cute and she was an amazing mother! I loved all her kids!! xD

    Bella – Her storyline with Charlie was pure genius!!! I acc just loved Bella she was an amazing sim in all aspects! 

    Carter – He made me wish mixology was an in career game! I also loved Anna and she is one of my 3 fave sims who wasn’t an heir (Others were Kitty-Boo and Millie – The Housekeeper/Waitress)

    Esme – My best friend was called Esme and I Miss her so much so this was one of the best storylines ever! So mch drama! <333

    Georgia – Was so scared for her when she got preggers but she is gonna be a great mum with her adorable kids! I am so happy Amy and her are friends again! Oh and I'm acc happy with Luke now! xD Loved this Chapter! They're keeping my genes!! xD
    (I'm Ginger)

    Anwyays this was great and I wait with impatience fot the next post! So until then it's time to go read the Seraphine Legacy and I'm entering this generations Casting Call for Sure!

    Sorry this post was so long but you needs to know how amazing you were! So….
    Thanks a lot an will see you later! 

    Oh and bdw are there certain days of the weeks updates occur??

  19. Caz says:

    Aww, great chapter! I was actually feeling the anticipation of Georgia’s meeting with Luke myself!
    It seems as though perhaps Luke has a girlfriend/fiance/wife though… Spose we’ll just have to wait and see! 🙂

    Howie aged up really nicely! And Georgia’s stunning (But I always thought that. Haha) Boy, Esme & Alfie bred gorgeous kids! I can’t wait to see how the twins turn out! I hope they remain identical as they age 🙂

    Look forward to the next update!

  20. Dreamy Underwood says:

    How long to the time of love. Will it be a wedding.

  21. Wow. Luke reacted to the twins better than I thought he would! I’m just worried that he’s going to break Georgia’s heart… =/

    – Jill

  22. your sims are always so beautiful! I do hope that luke and georgia will get back together they’re so cute.

  23. Minty says:

    Wow Luke really bonded with the twins. I think there’s something fishy about Luke though I don’t think Georgia should trust him…yet

  24. Em says:

    Yay that’s great that he knows about the girls and is happy about it! Hope we will see what is making him hesitate with Georgia

  25. dorkney says:

    I think he moved on…

  26. Tawny says:

    Wow Luke is HOT! Could you upload him please? Can’t wait till the next chapter!

  27. Bubii says:

    You’re great as always!
    Luke looks better now!


  28. Alexandra says:

    One of the best chapters yet (although it felt a bit short?)! I was on the edge of my seat, dieing to know what would happen! I think Luke has a new girl, he’s acting very friendly with Georgia and seems careful not to give any hints to anything more than that. Too bad, he’s a hunk!

  29. Jedidiah says:

    I was really shocked to see Luke now. SO changed. You making him look so different really made his story line so real and believable. I’m so relieved though that he wants to be involved in his girls’ lives. Maybe Georgia blew her chance but I think they will work things out. Awesome chapter.

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  31. marissa3 says:

    I feel bad for Luke and his war wound, but it’s great he gets a chance to be a father, and the girls can grow up with a daddy!
    Hope him and Georgia get back together… I’m betting they will! x

  32. ATMzie says:

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  33. malinahona says:

    Your sims always look different, like they’re not the same as the ones I play. Anyway, I was wondering, to you, what would be an average amount of pictures per chapter to you?

    • StarSarah says:

      I normally take aroudn 300-400 screenshots per chapter. Then I delete a load down to 150. Then i write the chapter which is normally always around 2,000 words and slip in the screenshots in as needed x

  34. Hayley :) says:

    OMG I just love your blog!!! I cannot wait until the next chapter! You are an amaazing writer! X

  35. Roxy says:

    Hey Sarah, just wanted to comment and tell you today is my birthday and because of that I’m starting my new blog: . The first post will be up later today. And, because I have to leave early for school there will probably be two or three chapters a day 😛
    By the way, I like this chapter. I can feel the drama building.

  36. Pfaffers97 says:

    Awww, StarSarah, ur legacies just get better and better as i read them. I hope all turns out well for Georgia Luke and the twins… but like everything in the Starr family, nothing is ever easy is it?……

    Thanks for another great chapter


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    I absolutely love this Legacy! It is well written and I love the story development. Georgia may have made mistakes in her life, but I’m glad that she is living up to her responsibilities. I read your other legacies as well and enjoyed them too. You are a great writer and can’t wait until India and Izzy become children.

    Again, Amazing Job! Can’t wait for more!

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    Wow, this is awesome! Would you check out my baby legacy?

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    I’m glad Luke finally got to meet the girls though I wonder what he is holding back

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